Unmasking Yet Another Right-Wing Anti-Trans Fraudmeister

Courtesy of Cristan Williams and TransAdvocate, who allow you to:

Eavesdrop on a right wing anti-trans training camp: teaching fear mongering and lies



Recently, an equality effort in Florida was defeated by appealing to the ‘trans people = rape’ meme. As it turned out, the appeal to this meme was very deliberate and is, in fact, part of a curriculum currently being taught to anti-LGBT activists. The TransAdvocate has obtained audio from one of these training sessions given by the Christian Family Association (CFC). The training took place October 5th, shortly after their successful defeat of a Florida equality measure that included trans people.

It is most certainly worth a listen.

Doesn’t He Ever Read The John, The Bil or The Joe?

Alec Baldwin ended his short-lived cable news career with a bang on Tuesday, slamming what he described as “fundamentalist” gay activists for the end of his MSNBC show.

Speaking to Gothamist, Baldwin was scathing:

I dispute half the comment I made… if I called him ‘c–ksucking maggot’ or a ‘c–ksucking motherf–ker’… ‘faggot’ is not the word that came out of my mouth. That I know. But you’ve got the fundamentalist wing of gay advocacy–Rich Ferraro and Andrew Sullivan–they’re out there, they’ve got you. Rich Ferraro, this is probably one of his greatest triumphs. They killed my show. And I have to take some responsibility for that myself.”

If he did, he’d know (1) that he’s never, ever, ever supposed to accept any – not even “some” – personal responsibility for anything, and (2) that the magic spell in Gay, Inc.-land – the one to absolve all sins – is to blame all that ails ya on ‘trans activists.’

Bakeries are Public Accommodations

From The New Civil Rights Movement, yet another example of the type of discrimination that Gay Marriage Inc. of Massachusetts thinks is okay for trans people to put up with but that is unthinkable for the homosexually pure to endure.

Of course, this example occurred in Virginia, where LGBs and Ts are still equal.


A Washington, D.C. woman ordered an anniversary cake from a local bakery in nearby Arlington, Virginia, and when she opened the box she found a big, anti-gay surprise. The woman, who wants to be identified only as “Sarah,” had ordered the cake from a template, and asked the bakery to not include the balloons that were in the catalog.

The message, as you can see above, reads, “Lesbian Anniv., No Balloons.”

Now, of course your first thought would be that perhaps a new employee read the order ticket wrong and made a mistake. Sadly, you’d be the one making the mistake.

The bakery indeed, according to a report by The Advocate‘s Sunnivie Brydum, intended the anti-gay message, and refuses to apologize for it.

It is a message as clear as leaving trans people out of civil rights legislation, lying about intending to go back and add trans people, moving on to gay marriage, and then claiming to have rectified the original transhobic law while only actually passing a law that gives employers the power to prohibit trans people from entering premises to apply for employment (as well as any employer that might be a bakery to do something like the above to any customer who the bakery even suspects of being trans.)

But I won’t mention Massachusetts by name.

We Know Who Thinks Barack Obama is Actually a Man and Who Doesn’t

Remember this?

This is where grace and accommodation get you with power-hungry politicians—disrespect for the office and the Constitution, unwarranted demands and dilatory delays. Senate Democrats are once again “urging” President Bush to “share” his constitutional nomination authority with them under threat of filibustering his nominee.

Given the fact that the President met with 70 or more senators to give them the courtesy of listening to their “suggestions” before naming John Roberts to the first Supreme Court vacancy, some are once again acting as if it’s an obligation.

It’s a cheap power grab, Mr. President. Push ’em back—push ’em back—way back to the Constitution.

Mr. President, Americans appreciate and continue to expect you to fulfill your promise to them to name judges who clearly demonstrate their commitment to the Constitution and know that it, and not they, are the supreme law of the land.

Name the best-qualified and proven “constitutionalist” to replace O’Connor as soon as Judge Roberts is confirmed, regardless of sex, race or ethnicity. Let the American people decide the consequences of partisan political hacks who try to intimidate you into surrendering your constitutional duty.

The title of this piece was “Mr. President, You’re the Man.”

It was unusual for a piece emanating from the so-called Concerned Women for America in that it was actually written by (or at least had a byline from) a woman.  (That author if you’re keeping score?  Jan LaRue.  The reason fo no link?  It no longer appears to be on CWFA’s website and I have no intention of linking to the one site I was able find its text; I don’t link to bugs and I don’t link to freepers – not that there is really any difference.)

The context, of course, was right-wing christianists whining about the anemic filibusters that Democrats engaged in against some of Dubya’s federal court appointees.

Right-wing christianists – in the viewLaRue – had no obligation whatsoever to respect any objection by any members of the minority party in the Senate (then the Dems) because…

wait for it…

Dubya was “the Man” who the Constitution gave the authority – the sole authority – to inject people into the federal judiciary.

We’ve seen, of course, that as of Jan. 20, 2009, the christianist party ceased viewing the nation’s chief executive as a man.

So, of course, they are whining about Harry Reid becoming a vertebrate today.

Much Like the Marketing Industry…

…there is nothing that the police can’t make worse via their involvement therein.

The investigation into whether Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston sexually assaulted a female student in 2012 took a vicious turn Wednesday, when the accuser’s family refuted earlier statements from police that the original investigation was halted because the alleged victim did not want to press charges.

[T]he report came Monday that it was the accuser who “changed her mind” about the investigation. Those emails and claims cited in that report, according to a statement provided to the Tampa Bay Times today, are false.

The two-page statement maintains that the victim “immediately reported” the incident “to law enforcement and cooperated completely with all requests made of her.” After she identified Winston, the statement says, the victim and her family “grew concerned that she would be targeted on campus” and “requested assistance from an attorney friend to interact with law enforcement on the victim’s behalf.”

That’s when the family says the cooperation from the Tallahassee Police Department changed. According to the family, Tallahassee detective Scott Angulo warned the victim’s attorney “that Tallahassee was a big football town and the victim needs to think long and hard before proceeding against (Winston).” Should she proceed, the family says Angulo said, “she will be raked over the coals and her life will be made miserable.”

Rape is a crime – but the most criminalistic act here that thus far we know for certain to have been committed was done by the police. They’ve completely corrupted the entire judicial process and have ensured that no matter what the outcome is there will be a victim who has been denied justice.

If the woman’s story is accurate and if Winston is convicted, she will have been denied swift justice and, at least for a while, put in fear of what the authorities would do to her (anyone who thinks that, in such an eventuality, she’ll actually have any relevant recourse against anyone involved with the attempt to muscle her into permanent silence has been indulging in too much of everything – legal and illegal – that one can indulge in) rather than her rapist.

If the woman’s story is accurate and if Winston is not convicted, then she is Trayvon Martin: TNG (and her reward for pressing charges will be waiting until next October to see what the racist assholes who made the Trayvon ‘costumes’ this year come up with regarding a costume representation of her.)

If the woman is lying about the circumstances of what we now know to have been some form of sexual encounter, then the interference of the police in attempting to squash the investigation will ensure that even if Winston is fully and completely exonerated in court, he will possibly have been screwed out of a Heisman Trophy – and the public will always and forever view an innocent human being as being guilty or rape.

Today’s History Lesson: No Tornado Ever Hit Illinois Until it Stopped Persecuting Teh Gay

From Right Wing Watch:

America Needs Fatima, a project of the right-wing American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property, is linking the tornadoes that hit Illinois this weekend to the state’s recent approval of a marriage equality bill.

So, certainly, that should mean that no tornado ever hit Illinois until it repealed its sodomy law in 1961 (or, perhaps, until 1955, when it enacted the nation’s first transsexual birth certificate statute), right?

…Because it Isn’t Just the Christianists Who Want Us Dead


Remember Who REALLY Wants the ‘Special Rights’

From August 7, 1980 (which, for the mathematically and/or chronologically challenged, was 13 years, two months and change after Loving v. Virginia.)

So, in turn…

always remember why ENDA does not need any special rights for christianists (or radphlegms – though we know now that there is really no difference between the two.)

Yes, There is No Daylight Between the Christianist Fraudmeisters and the Radphlegm Trans-Exterminationists

Now, the time has come for Gay, Inc. to prove whether its true position on trans existence is any different.


The answer will come in the form of diverted gay marriage money, time and energy…

The Pacific Justice Institute is the ex-gay organization that bullied a trans kid to the brink of suicide and is one of the major players in the
effort to repeal protections for California’s trans children.

The time has come to bring the fight to their doorstep.

The protest will take place at:

Christian Legal Aid Society
2200 North Grand Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92711

Michael Peffer serves as Senior Counsel for Pacific Justice Institute and is officed at the “Christian Legal Aid Society.” So, we’re going to go to his office, wish him a good morning and ask him why he supports bullying and child abuse.

The staging area is at the Starbucks at 2525 North Grand Ave. at 9:30 AM.

You can RSVP on FaceBook or, if you’d like to remain anonymous, you’re welcome to simply show up.

For those of you who don’t do RSVPing on FaceBook, the date is Tuesday, November 19.

or no diverted gay marriage money, time and energy.

On twitter: #JD4PJI

Christianists: They Want to Keep Kids Away From LGBT People but Have no Problem With Plughead Impersonators


Where do I begin?

Christian Speaker Tells High School Girls To ‘Shut Up’ To Be Dateable; Texas Teens Fight Back


This is a real human being who is giving our teens DATING advice.

Today in “things that made my eyes roll into the back of my head,” we present motivational speaker and former juvenile probation officer Justin Lookadoo (ouch), who regularly speaks to public high schoolers across Texas and other parts of the South.

Lookadoo’s “Dateable” presentation, which he takes on tour to public and private schools and to churches, ostensibly coaches high schoolers on love and relationships. His message? Girls should “shut up,” be passive, and let the guys take control. Also, cover yourself and don’t be a slut.

He’s a real human being who feels he’s qualified to tell anyone – female, male or anything in between – about dateability whilst impersonating: