Why is it That When I See This I Think of the X-Files Episode With the Demonic Creatures Who Hide in Plain Sight and Whose True Form Can Only be Seen in the Shadows?

Time for Clint to Paint His Wagon…in an Alzheimer’s Ward

I talk to the trees,
But they never listen to me.

Perhaps Clint should have stuck to talking to trees – because most humans certainly did hear the ‘unscripted’ (why, of course there’s always an empty chair conveniently on the state of national political conventions; how dare you ask otherwise?), ummmm…., speech?

Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics tweeted:

“I’d feel better if I knew for sure that Clint doesn’t see anyone in the chair. :)”

I’m sure that CNN had to cut all mics other than Clint’s for fear of catching Wall Street Barbie Burnett having an orgasm at the mere thought of being in the same building as Clint’s, ummm…, Smith & Wesson.

Crooks & Liars noticed someone not having an orgasm, however:

It was truly bizarre and cameras caught Paul Ryan cringing in the audience, a reaction shared by many of us watching.

I talk to the chair….

…because it makes more sense than I do.

Aunt Toms on Parade in Tampa

If You’re the Party of Christofascist Con Artists Whose Elites Make Money No Matter How the War Turns Out, Then….Yes!

From Daily Kos:

Is it normal for political parties to honor people responsible for such spectacular national fuckups as was Condoleeza Rice?

Oh yes…

and then there was Paul Eddie Ryan Munster, Jr.

Fifteen seconds of the Janseville Jerkoff’s speech and I was ready to launch a glob of that red stuff from the most recent Star Trek movie straight down to the core of earth and just get it all over with.


I know that there has to be a sad story behind this and that the man had a family – and that there’s probably no other way to have a headline about this.


Could it get worse? 

Yes – and not just for the dead mayor.

Try to imaging being that couple and having a very serious matter (read the story; I hope the couple (1) isn’t making it up and (2) if they’re not, then suing the airline into extinction) end up being paired with donkey homicide

[I]t’s up to the family to decide what to do with the donkey.


I got nothin’ (except, perhaps, for the category I put this item in.)

Monica, Understated

Monica Roberts on corporate media’s decision to not publicize just how racist the Tampaberg Rally actually is:

If your presidential campaign is predicated on not talking about the merits of your candidate, but blowing racist dog whistle comments to stir up the bigot base of your party because you refuse to compete for the votes of non-white American citizens, you actively work to suppress their votes,  and you have openly disrespected the first African-American president since he took the oath of office in 2009, don’t be surprised when your fellow Republicans and the people your campaign tactics validate and appeal to feel empowered to unleash their inner Klansman and their bigotry at inopportune moments.

David Shuster tweeted about an incident that occurred at the Republican convention Klan meeting now taking place in Tampa in which an African-American CNN camerawoman had peanuts thrown at her yesterday by a GOP convention attendee followed by the comment “this is how we feed animals’.

CNN posted a written statement saying, “CNN can confirm there was an incident directed at an employee inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum earlier this afternoon. CNN worked with convention officials to address this matter and will have no further comment.”

No further comment?  You’re joking, right?

[I]f it barks like a GOP racist and growls like a GOP racist,  it IS a GOP racist and your votes and donations to the party enable that racist behavior.

The barking I hear from Tampa is radioactive, viral distemper.

I think it should be the job of legitimate media to hunt down Wall Street Barbie Burnett, Anderson Goober, Sneers Morgan and Wolf Bullshit and force them to state on the record what they think about not just a clorox-drenched Lost Cause media circlejerk that would foster that sort of treatment of one of their (non-star) colleagues but also the sort of racism appeasement embodied by a CNN management decision to not say anything about what happened.

Or is CNN’s stellar stable of Wall Street scriveners ‘journalists’ just sitting around trying to figure out how they too can start calling Mitt Romney a ‘self made man’?

Will The John Call Her ‘Rep. Part-Time Gay’?

From what used to be The Advocate:

Former Arizona state lawmaker Kyrsten Sinema has won her Democratic primary for the U.S. House of Representatives, pushing her one step closer to becoming the first openly bisexual member of Congress.

From what likely still is The John:

Bisexuals, who were only part-time gays….

I’m just remindin’….

Rich Girl Who’s Never Worked a Day in Her Life Tells Working-Class America What it Needs

Countdown to the Republicans Spinning This by Saying ‘See! The Fact That We Threw the Person PROVES We’re not Racist or Sexist’ in 3…2…1….



And the Media Still Allows the ‘Romney is a Legitimate Candidate’ Narrative to Persist…WHY?!?!?

From The Atlantic:

“We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers,” said Neil Newhouse, a Romney pollster.

Fox ‘News”s work here is done – especially in a world where whoever and who all might happen to bother to mention a certain quote from a certain post-Depression-era German figure regarding repetition of a lie will be chastised for engaging in hyperbole.

Yes, Fox ‘News”s work here is done.