Twelve Years Later….



Looks like 2002 may actually have been.

But what’s twelve years between (still unequal under the law) friends, eh?

Of course, always remember and never forget…


what was always intended to be the ‘next item on the agenda,’ even before the ink on SONDA was dry.


Perhaps What Used to be the Advocate’s Treatment of the EEOC Nomination Was a Signal from Gay, Inc.

First there was this.

Now there’s this – from Queer Channel Media:

A number of LGBT groups have come out in support of nominees for a federal agency charged with enforcing civil rights law amid opposition from Republicans and discontent from an anti-gay group.

Both nominees were nominated by President Obama to serve on the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. P. David Lopez was named in July to serve for another term as the agency’s general counsel and Charlotte Burrows, a former staffer for the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, was named in September to serve as commissioner for the agency.

The nation’s largest LGBT group, the Human Rights Campaign, remains silent on the [Lopez] nomination. The organization didn’t respond to multiple requests from the Washington Blade to comment on the nominees, nor to say whether it will include the confirmation votes as part of its congressional scorecard.

HRC is what HRC always was and HRC always was what HRC will always be.

That sound you hear is high-level negotiations between HRC and the as-yet-undeclared Rand Paul campaign for a ‘see how nonpartisan we are’ 2016 presidential endorsement.

Did You Hear the One About the Trans Woman Who Walked Into the Website of What Used to be the Advocate?

So what used to be the Advocate has an item up right now about a right-wing hate group opposing an EEOC nominee over his pro-trans legal interpretation of Title VII – and here’s a screen snap of it:


Nothing problematic, right?

Well, upon first coming to the item’s URL, one must endure an annoyance advertising video.

Okay, just capitalism, right?

It could have been – but when I visited the page, I was hit with an ad for Orbitz.

The good news is that it wasn’t one of the ones with the obnoxious British woman with the gleaming teeth.

The bad news, however, was that for an item about a right-wing hate group lying about the effect of the pro-trans interpretation of Title VII on businesses, the ad was this:


Who says David Goodstein is dead?

Co-Opting is Erasure is Extermination


I wonder how many people involved with converting Transgender Day of Remembrance – remembrance of murdered trans people – into LGBT Day of Remembrance for Victims of Bullying and Harassment at some point opposed trans inclusion in ENDA?

I wonder how many people involved with converting Transgender Day of Remembrance – remembrance of murdered trans people – into LGBT Day of Remembrance for Victims of Bullying and Harassment never lifted a finger or raised a voice against Gay, Inc.’s history of transphobic hiring practices?

FYI: Her LEGAL Name Was Jennifer


And Speaking of Idaho….

Idaho GOP Hires Larry ‘Wide Stance’ Craig



For Trans Women, Being Dead Doesn’t End the Risk of Being Murdered

Eons ago there was a great – but critically panned – satire of 1970s cop shows, entitled Murder Can Hurt You.  It was just a TV movie and production values could have been better, but it was funny as hell…

at least if you’d wasted far too much time watching network cop shows of the 1970s with equally dubious production values.

Victor Buono as Ironbottom…

Buck Owens as MacSkye…

You get the idea.

Classic – but forgotten.

Unfortunately, the title can now be appropriated for a very non-comedic documentary: Murder Can Hurt You Even if You’re Already Dead – If You’re a Trans Woman.

Jennifer Gable (her legal name) died suddenly of natural causes – and then her relatives murdered her.

Jennifer Gable, an Idaho customer service coordinator for Wells Fargo, died suddenly Oct. 9 on the job at age 32. An aneurysm, according to stunned friends.

Just as shocking, they say, when they went to Gable’s funeral in Twin Falls, Idaho, and saw her in an open casket — hair cut short, dressed in a suit and presented as a man.

“I am disgusted,” Stacy Dee Hudson posted on Facebook.

As everyone should be.

Nancy Pelosi Has Got to Go


The discontent with Nancy Pelosi is breaking out in the open.

Democrats in the House have quietly grumbled about Pelosi since suffering devastating losses on Election Day, but there is a growing number of members willing to go public on their party leaders.

Rank-and-file Democrats are complaining loudly that the party’s message operation failed during the election cycle. Members of the [Congressional Black Caucus] are angry over the defeat of Nevada Rep. Steven Horsford. And nasty fights over ranking member spots have broken out all over the place — including another tug of war between Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer over the top Democratic post on the Energy and Commerce Committee.

A routine internal debate over proxy voting for the ranking member posts — it hasn’t been allowed in decades — turned into national news because Illinois Rep. Tammy Duckworth, a disabled war veteran expecting her first child soon, won’t be allowed to cast her vote since she can’t travel back to Capitol Hill.

Sticking with a barely-animated leader who is now (rightly) more associated with incompetence and multiple losing election cycles than she will ever be associated with via history for the 2006 takeover (which, lets face it, was more the work of Howard Dean than of corporate Dems such as Pelosi) is the kind of crap that culturally and politically neutralizes the obscenity of House Republicans having a set of committee chairs that is again 100% male but now even whiter going into 2015 than 2013. (How? Unprosecuted criminal Darrell Issa, who is of Lebanese descent, is no longer going to be a committee chair.)  Stated differently: It gives Republican talking heads some ammunition to be somewhat truthful when they go into their ‘both sides do it’ yammering, because defying 21st century reality and logic by sticking with a decrepit, incompetent leader isn’t really anything to be proud of even if the decrepit, incompetent leader happens to be a woman.  (And lets face it, Republicans have long been cultivating a crop of young, self-loathing christianist barbie candidates to appeal to angry white males who vote with their hormones.)

Here’s a thought, stick with a woman leader, but do so by stealing the ‘defense’ meme from Republicans who are going to con as many people as they can with what Joni Ernst is claiming that her life story is.

In short…

Tammy Duckworth for Minority Leader.

The time is now.

The Latest Bil Pill


Here are some facts: Not that this alters my animosity toward the pushers of Marriage Derangement Syndrome, but Charles Manson does have more marriage equality than those who live under DOMA laws – just as New York, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Massachusetts LGBs have more basic civil rights than I do as a trans woman.  And Charles Manson is 80, an age that plenty of LGBs and Ts of his generation (and others, of course) were violently prevented from even sniffing.  (And do you want me to mention AIDS?)

The fact that he’s in prison for violently preventing Sharon Tate and several other people from sniffing any birthday that they might have encountered after the summer of 1969 doesn’t change any of that.

But when someone uses the phrase “Oppression Olympics,” you can be sure that one or more of several things is afoot: (1) The person is a minority of some sort running for office as a Republican, (2) the person is gay and is gearing up to fling rationalizations for excluding trans people from ENDA or some other civil rights proposal, (3) the person is trans and is defending Gay, Inc.’s anti-trans-woman hiring practices, or (4) the person is desperate for website traffic.


You be the judge.

I Wonder if the Trans Tokens O’ HRC Who Sat on the Sidelines During the Last Decade of Last Century and the First Decade of This One Even Know Who Leslie Feinberg Was?

I can’t say that I agreed with everything Feinberg wrote, but no worthwhile collection of 1990s trans scholarship can be without Transgender Warriors.


And at Feinberg’s death, no website of any worthwhile LGB(T) organization should lack at least a mention of said death.

I guess hawking prayer towels water bottles to LGBTs who need employment discrimination protections more than marriage and telling trans women who were blacklisted for not sitting on the sidelines to not sit on the sidelines takes so much Wall Street money and soul-selling that, well…, priorities, yadda yadda yadda….


Yes, HRC added something – but that screensnap is still that screensnap.