A Tale of Two HRCs

HRC professes to care about trans women living in North Carolina under HB2.


The internal assessment about how HRC treats its own employees (the ‘Pipeline Report’) suggests that maybe it should be getting its own house in order before telling anyone else how to do anything.


Trans people – including all of us who were blacklisted throughout the civil rights arena by HRC – are still waiting for Chad Griffin to list specific HRC transgressions (“mistakes” is as abstract as Picasso and “underrepresented or unrepresented” doesn’t begin to detail how) that he was apologizing to the trans community for.

If Only…

At this point, the national gay rights behemoth known as the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), in particular, has presided over perhaps the biggest missed opportunity in our modern-day movement—failing to parlay the momentum of the marriage equality win at the Supreme Court into further equality successes in legislatures across the nation.

HRC had, instead of spending two decades blacklisting the best and brightest trans legal and political minds on the market, been hiring the best and brightest trans legal and political minds on the market to actually do education not just in Congress but in the state legislatures….

But Chad Griffin continues to get his paycheck, so all must be well (for all who count.)

Remember when Griffin specified what he apologized to the trans community for at Southern Comfort?

Neither do I.

She Keeps Using That Word



I do not think it means what she thinks it means.

But I am sure that it does not mean “conclusively disproving an immoral defense of a fraudulent hunk of pseudoscience that an LGB(T) ‘literary’ clique attempted to bestow an award upon, either without reading or without caring about the indefensibility thereof.’

Brought to You By Queer Channel Media (With a Little Amnesia on the Side)


While much attention is being focused on Baltimore’s mayoral and City Council contests, another important race is taking place that impacts the city’s LGBT community. Six sitting judges on the Circuit Court, running as a slate, are seeking election for a term of 15 years. Their names will be on the ballot on April 26. They preside over the different cases that come to Circuit Court, including criminal, civil, family (divorce, child custody, adoptions) and juvenile.

Two of these judges are out lesbians: Shannon E. Avery and Audrey J.S. Carrión. The other four — Michael DiPietro, Karen C. Friedman, Wanda Keyes Heard and Cynthia H. Jones — have also demonstrated fairness toward LGBT Marylanders.

And, fifteen years ago:


And, almost fifteen years ago:


I wonder how many trans people in Maryland did not have a home to go to in 2001.

‘Nuff Said

From the New Republic:

The Human Rights Campaign Is Proving Bernie Right

By endorsing a Republican senator, the LGBT advocacy group has stirred deep resentment even among its supporters.

Might that Republican be this guy?


Of course not.

That’s so 1998.

And its also so ‘HRC is willing and able to learn from its endless list of mistakes….NOT!’

Remember When…

…HRC spent an amount of money equal to a gay marriage battle to battle the North Carolina trans-extermination bill?

Me either.

But everything will be okay.

Chad Griffin is still pulling down a half mil’ per year.

Other than Marriage Derangement Syndrome, that’s all that matters.

Reality’s Middle Finger

Just now posted on Facebook by Andrea James:

Via Lambda Literary:

“After thoughtful, serious, and full consideration, Lambda Literary has rescinded the nomination of Galileo’s Middle Finger: Heretics, Activists, and the Search for Justice in Science from the LGBT Nonfiction category of the 2016 Lammys.

The nomination process did not include full vetting of all works to be certain that each work is consistent with the mission of affirming LGBTQ lives.

Lambda Literary will strive to improve the nomination process and work to maintain the highest standards in the awards nominations, recognizing literature that contributes to the preservation and affirmation of LGBTQ culture, and which honors LGBTQ lives.”


As if there was ever a distinction between the two, let it be clear: There no longer is one.

As Autumn Sandeen summarizes:

The religious right and TERFs are cooperating again towards morally legislating trans people out of existence.

I have no intention of linking to the website of the ‘family’ organization involved, but pay attention to who is being plugged in the video – and thereafter fumigate your computer.


Wisconsin ‘Justice’


From One Wisconsin Now:

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley wrote a series of hateful and venomous attacks on gay people and people living with HIV, according to articles obtained by One Wisconsin Now. The hate speech in the articles disqualifies Bradley from continuing to hold office and should result in her immediate resignation from the state Supreme Court, according to One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross, who released the records at a news conference this morning with a representative of national civil rights group People For the American Way.

The New Civil Rights Movement notes:

The Journal Sentinel reports “Bradley said Monday she was embarrassed about the columns,” which she wrote “‘as a very young student, upset about the outcome of that presidential election.'”

“To those offended by comments I made as a young college student, I apologize, and assure you that those comments are not reflective of my worldview,” Bradley said in a statement. “These comments have nothing to do with who I am as a person or a jurist, and they have nothing to do with the issues facing the voters of this state.”

Bradley is currently up for election on April 5.

Have any journalists asked Bradley if she would feel the same way about a ‘justice’ who had said the same things about christians?




I’ll Be Watching Space:1999 Reruns This Evening. Won’t You All Join Me?

After all…

The premise and special effects of Space:1999 are far more realistic than anything anyone will ever see on I Am Cait.