Gay, Inc. as ‘Honest Broker’

HRC shill May-gun Stay-bluh apparently thinks its okay to speak out against Gay, Inc. when she thinks its okay to speak out against Gay, Inc.

Stabler noticed that OutServe-SLDN opened the stock market on Friday morning sans Allyson Robinson, raising new concerns about the status of her situation within the organization that is in apparent crisis.

She posted the photograph to her Facebook wall with a note expressing grave concerns about the status of Robinson and the perceived maltreatment of a highly visible transgender person.

What does it signal, when a respected organization, beloved by so many, stoops to the lows that it is at now?

Most trans people not named May-gun Stay-bluh have known the answer to  that for a long time.

The difference is that we’ve never been stupid enough to view Gay, Inc. – any aspect of it – as having earned our respect.

Its Called Christian Reconstructionism

And there is no daylight between it and the current Republican Party.

[W]hat David Lane wants even more than Rand Paul in the White House is for Christians to rise up against this country and ‘return’ it to the values he holds dear:

Lane called in his essay for Christians to “Wage war to restore a Christian America.” The depth and ferocity of Lane’s vision is so remarkable that it cannot be explained away by the pundits of pooh pooh. Perhaps that is why it has gone unmentioned in the mainstream press. But Lane’s words taken together; in the context of the politics of the moment as he understands it; and in set in the series of epochal historical and biblical moments he invokes — his meaning is unambiguous.

He opens by quoting Christian Reconstructionist author Peter J. Leithart:

“Throughout Scripture, the only power that can overcome the seemingly invincible omnipotence of a Babel or a Beast is the power of martyrdom, the power of the witness to King Jesus to the point of loss and death.”

Lane goes on, still quoting Leithart, to denounce American Christianity for failing to produce martyrs and for substituting a “heretical Americanism for Christian orthodoxy.” He insists that to put things right “Christians must risk martyrdom” to force people to either “acknowledge Jesus [as] an imperator and the church as God’s imperium or to begin drinking holy blood.”

As Crooks and Liars points out, advocating war against America isn’t faith.  It is “treason.”

David Lane is very influential amongst the Christian Right politicos. He’s advised Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry. Currently, he’s helping Rand Paul lay the groundwork for his 2016 presidential run….

Perhaps it’s a good idea to ask Rand Paul why he has an insurrectionist on staff.

Andrew Cuomo: Disingenuous Transphobic Con Artist

From the man who is sniffing the White House like my dogs sniff each others butts:

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the launch of a new “I Love NY LGBT” website, a one-stop tourism portal into all that New York State has to offer LGBT travelers. The website’s launch comes on the heels of the Governor’s pledge to grow tourism and jobs in New York State, including the launch of a new “I Love NY LGBT” initiative. The niche LGBT tourism segment accounts for approximately $70 billion in tourism spending in the U.S. every year.

The new website provides information and suggestions to help LGBT travelers plan their New York vacations.

Gee, Andy…

YOU could have helped T travelers plan their New York vacations by putting even an ounce of muscle behind GENDA, so that those Ts who set foot in your damn state have some recourse against discrimination.

But you didn’t, did you?

You love NY LGBT?


You love yourself and you REALLY love the thought of slithering into the White House.

The Reality of Gay, Inc. Employment Policy

I can’t say that I’m a big fan – or any level of fan – of Maryland insta-activist Sharon Brackett.

However, when she says something worthwhile…

Allyson [Robinson] was the first trans director of any national LGBT organization and previously was, to my knowledge, the only trans staffer at the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Imagine my surprise when I learned this morning (6/23/13) that she had been canned after only 9 months of service.

I really cannot comment on the reasoning but I can comment on the “optics”.

A lot of hubbub was made about Allyson’s appointment last fall, as is often made with the first trans person to do this or that, like my new friend Kristin [Beck, former Navy SEAL]. But I suspect that many in traditional LGB(T) organizations are less than enamored when those persons actually do something, other than mark a news headline about how progressive they are by hiring them in the first place.

To my knowledge, organizations like HRC and NGLTF have no male-to-female trans staffers and very few board members. And even when openings do appear they seem to be populated quickly, using little or no process, with cis-gender (non-trans) persons.

You mean like purported trans organization NCTE hiring the non-trans Lisa Mottet while numerous better-qualified trans people are on the market?  And like her former employer, NGLTF, for all practical not even acknowleding one particular well-qualified trans woman’s application to be considered for the position she vacated (a position that, to the best of my knowledge, no trans person had ever been considered for in the first instance a dozen years ago despite numerous better-qualified trans people being on the market at the time and seeking employment in Gay, Inc.)?

I venture to say that OutServe-SLDN’s optics problem is pervasive in the LGBT Non-Profit Industrial Complex (NPIC). Perhaps this can change, but I have my doubts.


Try mandatory.

“‘Rising Star?’ More Like a Rising Boil”

Now, in a week in which the U.S. Supreme Court illegitimately eviscerated the Voting Rights Act but legitimately eviscerated the Defense of Marriage Act, who could that have been a comment about?

Following in the footsteps of his malignant father, he gives “Bought Bitch Mitch” McConnell serious competition for the title of Kentuckian most likely to be certified insane.  He has demonstrated, once again, that my opinion of him is correct.


Why Rand ‘Aqua Buddah’ Paul, of course.

[I]t’s difficult to reconcile the media adulation and Rand Paul’s occasional crackpot tendencies.Earlier today, for example, the senator appeared on Glenn Beck’s show to discuss, among other things, the Supreme Court’s ruling striking down the Defense of Marriage Act. The host suggested the ruling could lead to polygamy: “If you change one variable — man and a woman to man and man, and woman and woman — you cannot then tell me that you can’t logically tell me you can’t change the other variable — one man, three women. Uh, one woman, four men…. If I’m a devout Muslim and I come over here and I have three wives, who are you to say if I’m an American citizen, that I can’t have multiple marriages.”

For Paul, this seemed perfectly sensible. In fact, the senator went even further than Beck. Here’s the entirety of Rand Paul’s response, in which the senator said he’s “kind of with” the unhinged host.

I think this is the conundrum and gets back to what you were saying in the opening — whether or not churches should decide this. But it is difficult because if we have no laws on this people take it to one extension further. Does it have to be humans?

What gets me is that, as a radical, unhinged, sell-the-sidewalks, the-Civil-Rights-Act-of-1964-is-unconstitutional libertarian, why isn’t he on the side of Muslim multiple marriages? I mean, after all, he’s perfectly fine with government having no power to stop corporations from keeping women (and men) in slavery – so why shouldn’t some of the Muslim oligarchs who control some of the most most powerful corporations in the world be able to reap the benefits of libertarian fascism via marriage(s)?


I could act like a Republican and lie, making the allegation that Idiot should know, being a product of breeding with animals himself, but that would be a grave injustice.  I have far too much respect for animals to believe that one would mate with Ron Paul.  Animals have better taste than that!


PGN’s Mark Segal Gives Remarks To the Gay Community on His Paper’s Continuing Embrace of Victoria Brownworth

And just remember: the louder the opposition screams, the more we know we’re doing something right.

Philadelphia Gay News: Everything About Trans Existence Not Only Can be Questioned but Must be Questioned

That’s the reality of the position taken by PGN in defending its indefensible decision to continue to legitimize trans-exterminationist Victoria Brownworth.

[I]t has been also been argued that this particular writer has made comments in the past that suggested anti-transgender viewpoints.

How many Republican lawyers helped write this apologia?

It has been DEMONSTRATED as FACT that Victoria Brownworth has authored trans-misogynistic pieces IN YOUR OWN PUBLICATION!

Transsexuals in the Lesbian Community: The Ultimate in Male Power-Tripping?

There is no suggestion that this is trans-exterminationism 101. The very title of it is a pastiche of Janice Raymond’s 1977 “Transsexualism: The Ultimate Homage to Sex-Role Power.”

Perhaps most importantly, nowhere does this FOX-esque defense of Brownworth indicate that she has ever explicitly apologized for her explicit transphobia. Nowhere does this FOX-esque defense of Brownworth indicate that she has ever even acknowledged that she participated in the legitimizing of the exclusion of trans people (particularly trans women) from the gay rights movement – an exclusion that trans women of my generation have sacrificed our professional well-being to undo.

No one has argued against the content of this series.

Looks like I owe an apology to Republican lawyers. Clearly, PGN let Brownworth herself pen this editorial as this line sounds suspiciously like most of the irrelevant responses she left to historically-substantive comments made by rightfully-horrified members of the trans community in the comments section to her piece last week.

Differences, however, should not close the door to discussions.

Translation of this money shot: Nothing about gay existence can be questioned, but everything about trans existence must be – and trans people who speak out against this status quo are persecuting the po’ pitiful put-upon transphobes who have made their living for decades by enacting and defending the trans-exclusionistic policy priorities that have contributed to the persistent presence of an inordinate number of trans street kids even while Chad Griffin has a direct cell phone line to the president of the United States.

Way to go, PGN.

You took a disgusting mistake that you should have immediately rectified and, instead, found the one way in which you could shit on trans people even more than you did by continuing to legitimize Brownworth in the first place.

Radphlegms Tell Us This Never Happens

Bystanders cheer as women attack, beat D.C. drag performer

A male drag performer was punched, kicked, and dragged by his hair on the floor at the Manny & Olga’s pizzeria on 14th Street, N.W., about 2 a.m. Sunday by two female attackers in an incident that was captured on video taken by a bystander who cheered the attackers.

Miles DeNiro, 24, who had just performed under his drag name Heidi Glum at the nearby Black Cat nightclub, said he suffered cuts and bruises to his head and upper body and had clumps of hair pulled from his head in an encounter he described as horrifying and traumatic.

“I had ordered some food and was waiting and one girl approached me and she started touching my face, telling me I needed to blend my makeup,” DeNiro told the Washington Blade.

DeNiro, who said he identifies as a gay man, said he was dressed in drag after just having completed a performance at the Black Cat.

He said he asked the woman not to touch him and to “please back off” when another woman approached him and began calling him a “tranny” and “shouted insults at me saying I was a man and a faggot.” He said he shouted back as the name-calling escalated and one of the women slapped him in the face twice.


I guess these two must be men.

Or will the radphlegms offer up a rationalization defense that is even more racist than the remarks DeNiro unfortunately tweeted in the immediate aftermath of the aggravated assault hate crime (and, if posts I’ve seen on Facebook are accurate, has posted in other contexts about other people as well so as to likely qualify DeNiro as a racist)?

BS From BW

BS – and not just as to trans people and those LGBs who haven’t surrendered to the Gay Marriage, Inc. Borg.

Yesterday meant federal equality for those states that have (or will have) gay marriage.

And – just for those disingenuous unethical transphobes (and not just those from Maryland) who love quote trans people out of context and/or just make shit up about trans people – yesterday was a good day because  of it.


Gay couples in Wisconsin? They’re still just as fucked as trans people in that state have been since 1982.

But, leave it to Bay Windows to participate in the Gay Marriage, Inc. Borg’s goal of limiting the term “equality” to “gay marriage.”

Ultimately, I actually expected nothing less.

Do Gay Papers Make Any Effort Whatsoever to Look for Irony in Their Layouts?