“Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement”


I Fully Expect…

…all of the conservative, pro-smoker’s rights people out there who complain about any and all government regulation of smoking to speak out in defense of Sandra Bland refusing a cop’s extra-legal request to put out a cigarette whilst in her own car.

After all, I can only think of one reason why they wouldn’t.

Sandra Bland

Greg Abbott should not be allowed to appear in front of a camera without addressing her murder by the kriminal kops of Waller County, Texas.

Because Gay Marriage Solves Everything

Transgender woman Deairra Michelle Venable was arrested Monday while recording the Baltimore riots. Venable was first jailed with other woman but when the police learned of her transgender status they moved her, despite her having legal documents showing that she is female. They took her bra leaving only a flimsy top for modesty and put her into a cell with 12 men.


I Do Not Think the Word “Harsh” Means What You Think it Means

This is currently on the front page of the Houston Chronk’s website:


What might the “harsh punishment” be?

Life in a Texas prison?

Or even a day in a Texas prison?

Or, as we find when clicking the link…


And why, might you ask, did the cop taze the man?

A South Texas police officer who used a stun gun on a 76-year-old man during a traffic stop for an expired inspection sticker has been fired.

After Pete Vasquez was pulled over, he pointed out to [now-former Officer Nathanial] Robinson the dealer tags on the back of the car, making it exempt from an inspection. As Robinson proceeded to arrest Vasquez, a scuffle ensued and Robinson used the stun gun.

And yet, if Mr. Vasquez turns his back when next he’s at a parade in Victoria and members of the city’s police march by, take a wild guess as to who will be vilified.

Why Doesn’t Iowa’s Conservative Media Ask Republican Governor Terry Branstad What He Thinks of Kriminal Kops Like This?

From Addicting Info:

An Iowa cop told a driver that he had a right to search his car for drugs because “everyone who plays Frisbee golf smokes pot.” When the driver refused to answer whether he had “never smoked weed,” the cop said that counted as admitting he had.

After getting pulled over for a minor traffic violation, an Ankeny, Iowa police officer appears to at first want to make small talk with the driver. He casually asks the man, who had at this point begun filming the encounter, whether he played Frisbee golf. The man replied “I do a lot actually. I play out at Heritage park.” The conversation then takes a bizarre turn as the cop awkwardly asks the man about his drug use based on that hobby.

When the officer asks him if he has a problem with his car being searched, the man responds “I actually would, because just because I have a disc golf bag with me does not mean that every disc golfer does have weed.”

To which the officer responds: “So you do have weed in the car. Is that what you are saying?”

There’s actually far more to the encounter – which no one would know about (and certainly no mainstream media outlet would have ever paid attention to) but for the victim of this terrorism-by-cop making a video of the disgusting incident.

No – They’d Never Treat a Dog That Badly

From Raw Story:

[V]ideo, which was posted online by the Washington Post, shows white attorney Jody Westby coming to the aid of black handyman Dennis Stucky, who has been stopped by two officers and is sitting on a curb in the upscale Foxhall Crescent neighborhood.

Westby asks the officers – one standing near the curb and another sitting in a patrol car — why Stucky has been stopped, and they tell her he’s suspected in a burglary.

Check the story and the accompanying video to see exactly what (BS) justification the cops were giving for terrorizing an innocent black man.

“It was very interesting, in the sense of getting a picture of how black cops treat black people, and how humiliating it was for him,” Westby told the Washington Post. “They were treating him just like a dog.”

Unless one of the cops was a moonlighting Michael Vick, there’s no way any of them would treat a dog that badly.


Some cops actually wonder why real people hate them