LBJ’s “Daisy Girl” Is Alive And Well…

…and she wants everyone to stay that way.

I Dare Call This Treason

“As a matter of constitutional law, the Senate is fully within its powers to let the Supreme Court die out, literally,” wrote the Cato Institute’s Ilya Shapiro in a column Wednesday on The Federalist.

Any questions?

Chuck Schumer is Running for Re-Election This Year

So, c’mom HRC

Its not too late to endorse Al D’Amato.

You know…

for old time’s sake.

I Did Not Think I Could Hate the Human Right Scampaign More Than I Already Did

“I had forgotten that your parents came all the way from Thailand to serve George Washington,” [Sen. Mark] Kirk said, mocking Duckworth’s biracial heritage.

But, unlike the Scampaign, I’m more than willing to admit when I’m wrong.

“Mark Kirk’s comments were wrong and inappropriate,” HRC told The New Civil Rights Movement via email. “HRC endorsed Senator Kirk based on the strength of his record on LGBTQ equality, and while that remains unchanged, we believe he should rescind his comments immediately.”

So, here’s where we’re at…

The Scampaign endorsed a closet-case Republican white male with a lower score on the Scampaign’s own rating system than his Democratic oppenent who also happens to be a decorated biracial female military veteran.

Oh yeh…

And we now know  the closet-case Republican white male is a racist on top of it all…

and the Scampaign expects the racist closet-case Republican white male to rescind his comment, but the Scampaign has no intention of rescinding its endorsement of the racist closet-case Republican white male who made the comment.

The Sound of Silent Non-Elaboration




The Silence of The Quisling

From the Facebook page of The Quisling…



…as of a few minutes ago.

The 2016 Election Has Not Even Happened Yet, But 2017 Is Already 2007: The Next Generation

For in 2017, Gay, Inc. will have its trans Robert Traynham:

“Incrementalism is how policy gets done while other people are whining about incrementalism,” she told BuzzFeed News. “We have made it an have made an article faith over the past few years that if a bill lacks public accommodations, it’s useless. That’s not true.”

Actually, given the degree to which “she” is saying something isn’t true that all functioning brains know to be true, it looks more like Gay, Inc. will have its own Kellyanne Conway and trans Robert Traynham all rolled up into one.

Who is “she”?

Who can sell out her community in a single soundbite?

Who can act commit apologism for Gay, Inc’s genocidal anti-trans woman hiring policies with a single e-mail?

But one of the country’s leading transgender advocates, Mara Keisling, the executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, says that if they want to help transgender people in Pennsylvania, they need to embrace the protections transgender people can get in housing and employment.

But you already knew that, right?

In the Immortal Words of Brigadier General Taylor…


THAT’S funny!

GOP: The ‘G’ is for ‘Gaslight’


Fun Lawsuit Time!

Here’s a suggestion: Students at Liberty ‘University’ should sue Jerry Falwell, Jr., et. al, on a breach of contract theory.

Jerry Falwell, Jr., et. al, represent the ‘University’ as christian…


…in turn implying that graduation therefrom will allow graduates to have a degree from a ‘christian university,’ thereby signifying a ‘christian education.’

Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s embrace of sexual assault via #MrRapey should allow a reasonable finder of fact to conclude that the Liberty ‘University’ brand, whatever it may truly be (Champion for Trump, er…., Christ), has been sufficiently tarnished so as to deprive all who have shelled out money for tuition at the ‘University’ of their reasonable expectation of being able to go out into the world to represent themselves as graduates of a ‘christian university.’