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The Next “Silenced” TERF Academic Will Be The First

If your trans-exterminationistic cries of having been “silenced” are emanating from a tenured position in academia that equally- and/or better-qualified trans women were never even considered for, then you just might be an over-privileged bigot.

It Is Easy To Break Bread With Racists, Homophobes, Transphobes, Misogynists and Anti-Semites if You’re a White, Straight, Cis, Male Gentile Because They Only Want to Break Your Bread, Not Your Neck

Jim Carrey yearns for a day when we can all get together. He brags about being able to break bread with any Trump voter because he can find something in common with them.

Okay, I wanted to be nice to Carrey for this appearance this week on Real Time with Bill Maher, but I don’t think I can be. (And that is in spite of a description of Donald Trump that he offered up – one that I hope can become the universal, safe-for-work description of him: Trump is essentially a used-car salesman. He didn’t make America great again; he merely rolled back the odometer.)

I’m sure I have some things in common with many Trump voters.

I’m guessing many of us do.

I know that some of my bestest friends here, on Twitter and on FB don’t like the other FB – that being foo-baw. But, based on my observations thru the years, more do than don’t.

And guess what? That likely gives us something in common with most of the Trump voters.

But guess what – again? That’s not an issue of life or death (however much certain followers of certain teams think it is.)

What the old, grey white christianist men who will occupy two stolen U.S. Supreme Court seats do while in those seats is a matter of life and death to me…

to all trans people (not named Jenner)…

to all women (who lack rich Republican men to buy a la carte freedom in certain unnamed jurisdictions for them when the rhythm method fails)…

to all non-christians (except the occasional useful kapo)…

to all non-whites (except the occasional useful media-friendly kapo)…

and to all immigrants – except the ones who can easily pass for born-here WASPs…

you know…

such as Jim Carrey.

Now, I like to be fair.

I can live without Dumb and Dumber, but Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was and is one of the best movies ever made.

I like seeing Jim Carrey’s artwork appear in my Twitter feed (seriously – he’s damn good.)

I’m sure I could break bread with him.

But, if that occurred at his home, we probably would not get to the main course, because I would feel the need to tell him how clueless his privilege makes him sound even when he’s conveying a message that I would like to agree with.

You Can’t Believe In So-Called ‘Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria’ Without Also Believing In ‘Rapid Onset Homosexuality’

From the Hartford Courant, Feb. 18, 1976:


We wouldn’t want no schools to have no ‘homosexuality whisperers,’ now would we?

Conservatives Are Really, Really, Really Upset That People Have Noticed That Lisa Littman’s Anti-Trans Propaganda Is Just The Latest Generation of Trans-Exterminationist Junk Science

From Think Progress:

Opponents of LGBTQ equality are in a tizzy this week, claiming Brown University is “censoring” a study about transgender kids. That research, however, is pure junk science designed to make parents feel justified in rejecting their children’s gender identity.

There is nothing that distinguishes ROGD [rapid onset gender dysphoria, so-called] from the diagnostic criteria that already exists for gender dysphoria in children except parents’ perception that it has come about quite suddenly. Not coincidentally, it is only parents who wish to disabuse their children of the possibility that they are transgender who have observed ROGD and insist upon its validity.

One might think that a researcher looking to understand or substantiate ROGD would actually find ways to work directly with the children who supposedly experienced it to document their experiences. Or perhaps one could simply reach out to a large swath of families with transgender kids to try to assess what distinguished supposed cases of ROGD from others. But [Lisa] Littman did none of that. All she did was anonymously survey parents from the exact same anti-trans online parent groups that invented the concept (4thwavenow.com, Transgendertrend.com, and Youth YouthTransCriticalProfessionals.org), codifying their totally bogus myth in the guise of a scientific study.

Doubtlessly, TERFs, Alice Dreger and Michael Bailey (as if there is any real daylight between all of them and other right-wing conservatives) are in a tizzy as well.

And lets not forget the neo-Bailey herself:

PLOS One and Brown have backed away from her study, [but] Littman has stood by it. She has insisted that it’s a “descriptive study” consistent with other such studies that are “a first description of a new condition or population.”

I guess “descriptive study” is the latest euphemism that will allow someone clothed in the raiments of academic tenure that trans women are never considered for no matter our qualifications to get away with describing a handful of anecdotes derived from a few trips to Chicago-area drag bars as “The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism.”

Lisa Littman: The Woman Who Would be Michael Bailey.

Not as Unwell as You, Ann


He hasn’t started to rot yet.