Just a Few Hours ‘Til Jan. 20, 2017

It’s not January 19, 2017.

Well, Joe.  Now it is.

Two men posted disturbing video of themselves on Facebook beating a trans woman while shouting “Shoot that bitch.”

The footage shows two men in New Orleans using transphobic slurs and looking for victims. Towards the end of the video, one of the men appears to be beating a woman while holding a gun.

Noire wrote when she posted the video: “so these two ‘straight’ guys ‘volunteered’ their time to ride around their city targeting gay and trans people on the streets of (NO, Louisiana).”

Would ENDA have stopped this attack from happening?


Would the victim in this attack have ever benefited from ENDA?

I have my thoughts, but I don’t know the woman so, for the time being, I’ll offer up what I do know: The federal hate crime law did not do squat to prevent that attack – or any attack on anyone anywhere ever – from happening.

Remind us again, Joe….

How much money  did you ‘earn’ at HRC just during the Obama years?

2 Days ‘Til Jan. 20, 2017


If ENDA doesn’t pass by then, will Joe Solmonese give back all any of the money he raked in as head of HRC?

Did Winning Marriage Equality Solve This Problem?


Whatever Happened To….


…you know?

The Needs of the Many LGBTs…


…were outweighed by the specific career desires of the few.



8 Days ‘Til Jan. 20, 2017

“We had three items and there was only room for two.”