The Donald Trump Story


Little Known Fact

The LGBTs in Mississippi, Kansas, North Dakota and Alabama who will be eighteen years old on Jan. 20, 2017 and in need of a federal ENDA far more than they will be in need of gay marriage were ten years old when Joe Solmonese told LGBTs to wait until Jan. 20, 2017 to judge the Obama presidency.

What will Joe Solmonese have to say to those eighteen-year-olds on Jan. 20, 2017?

My prediction: He’ll tell those LGBs to join the military if they want anti-discrimination protections – and he’ll continue to pretend that Ts don’t exist.

Eight Years Ago (Give or Take Four Months)

I simply don’t understand how any of us can look at all these positive and collaborative advancements and focus on speculation that people and institutions who are NOW proving their solidarity over and over again are quietly, or even secretly, planning to exclude us.

I just don’t get it.
A certain Quisling, on May 24, 2007, either lying to her own people in defense of HRC or demonstrating Nobel Prize-worthy naiveté.

Well, those of us who weren’t sitting comfortably whilst looking toward a personal future which has proven (was known then?) to include hundreds of thousands of dollars of mystery-salary certainly got it in 2007.

Exactly how many hundreds of thousands of dollars has a certain Quisling raked in since then?

Inquiring minds who know that they’re not going to be covered by ENDA (or the Equality Act) come Jan. 20, 2017, want to know.

Ask a Trans Woman Lawyer Who Came Out in 1998…

How impressed should we be with celebrities like Miley Cyrus who risk nothing by coming out?

…and she’ll give you a copy of her latest book: Fifty Shades of ‘Not at All’

Well, That Just About Wraps it Up for Chad Griffin


Ted Cruz is smiling because he did win.

You’re smiling because you can mass e-mail crap like this and know that the worst thing that’s going to happen to you in the next year is collecting a half-million dollars.

I’d guess you’re “just getting started” with learning how to spend all of your truly unearned income.

Yesterday, I said this:

Chad Griffin?  You are Joe Solmonese.

You are Elizabeth Birch.

You are all the rest.

I’m sure HRC’s young, cute Kool-Aid drinkers and Kool-Aid pushers – the ones who sat on the sidelines while Elizabeth Birch and Joe Solmonese were actively blacklisting the generation of trans activists that said young, cute Kool-Aid drinkers and Kool-Aid pushers claim to give a damn about but really don’t – already have Chad-approved, substanceless responses to all who point out the obvious all ready to be e-unleashed.

Such be the perks of having sold out your own people, I reckon.  (What do you get?  Three HRC water bottles instead of the standard one that $35/year membership Kool-Aid-drinkers get?)

But at 10:53 am yesterday, my old AOL e-mail account received irrefutable proof that Chad Griffin is Joe Solmonese is Elizabeth Birch.


Momentum?  That was an HRC(F) chunk o’ nonthingspeak twenty-five years ago!!  You know, even before Queen Elizabeth III started her decade o’ gay money hoovering.


Everything that’s gold is spew again.


No, Chad.

No one should send HRC a penny.

YOU and your organization are the ones who should be tearing out your pockets TO the community – and not just the reparations HRC owes to the trans people that your predecessors-in-interest substantively harmed, but to everyone who your organization has lied to and continues to lie to.

1.5 million members

C’mon, Chad.

Joe had to admit that 600,ooo was a lie almost decade ago (even while lying further by claiming that t-shirt sales didn’t create fake HRC memberships.)

[W]e do count as members individuals who contribute a dollar or more to HRC

And you want people to believe its actually 1.5 million now?

There isn’t that much Kool-Aid in the world, Chad.

Or, maybe there is.

Prowl around Facebook and one can find not just the rich, over-privileged ‘don’t need and probably don’t want ENDA’-class Stepin’ Trans-its cranking out nonsense that can only make thinking people envision them as having faces fully covered in Chad Griffin’s shoe polish (or something of similar hue.)

That’s momentum alright…


…toward 1995.

The fact that the current Joelizabeth is going to allow a few trans women to line their pockets by lying to their own people doesn’t change a thing.

We’ve seen how this works out.

Yes we have.


The only question is: Are we willing to acknowledge what’s really happening or have we already OD’d on Chad-flavored Kool-Aid?

What Used to be The Advocate: Still a Joke

From a splotch of non-journalism begging for a wittew bit of sympathy for The Knotthead:

If Karl Knott raises a bigot for a daughter, what are the policies he enforces in Chalfont Borough, Pa.? Karl Knott is the kind of person who makes you realize why so many minorities have no faith in the police to protect and serve fairly.

That’s a reasonable observation.

Quite reasonable, in fact.  But…

The unspoken feeling that [Kathryn] Knott has betrayed us, gay men, is evident. Her actions feel more egregious than those of her two hateful, privileged male friends, since most of us expect that, if we’re heckled or bashed, it will be by straight men (or men who pretend to be straight), not women. For the most part, women didn’t push us into lockers. They didn’t tie Matthew Shepard to a fence. Women may not always be gay men’s allies, but they’re rarely our enemies. It’s sexist to think that women are nurturing, not nihilistic, but we still do tend to believe that. Unfairly or not, she’s being held to a higher standard.

Knott’s repellent behavior stings because women are supposed to know what it’s like to be oppressed.

Yet another example of What Used to be The Advocate engaging in de facto erasure of the issue of the terroristic rhetoric of exterminationism that a group of cis women directs at trans women every day.  Clearly, the only thing that matters in the overly-privileged world of What Used to be The Advocate is Will and/or Jack having their feelings hurt if Grace turns out to actually be Maggie Gallagher.  The reality that there are still women in positions to make employment decisions who have the mentality of Janice Raymond, Bev Jo Von Dohre, Kim Mills, and a certain disreputable cis female Maryland lawyer isn’t worth What Used to be The Advocate’s time and energy.

His Allowing of Gay Marriage Want to Trump the GENDA Need Is Number Four

From The Week:

Andrew Cuomo is the worst kind of backstabbing, triangulating “centrist” in the wretched No Labels mold. Better for liberals to beat him now, or at least make his victory as unimpressive as possible, before we have to beat him in a presidential primary down the line.

The reasoning:

There are three major reasons to ditch Cuomo.

First, Cuomo has a history of advancing nakedly conservative goals. He gave his leave to GOP-gerrymandered state districts. When state Democrats won the 2012 election anyway, he didn’t lift a finger to stop two state Democrats from switching sides. And as the Bridgegate investigation has showed, he works hand-in-glove with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on some highly suspect stuff. He just loves cutting deals with Republicans to bolster his bipartisan credentials, even if the outcomes of those deals are awful and anti-liberal.

Second, Cuomo has consistently obstructed Mayor Bill de Blasio’s agenda. Six months in, the de Blasio mayoralty looks to be off to a decent start. But the truth is that the mayor of New York simply doesn’t have that much power to institute major policy in the face of opposition from Albany, and getting Cuomo to go along has been like pulling teeth. Instead of raising taxes on the rich, Cuomo wants to cut them. He blocked rental subsidies for the homeless. Worst of all is Cuomo’s atrocious urban policy, particularly on public transportation, whose coffers he wants to raid to alleviate costs for drivers. De Blasio seems to get that New York City is absolutely dependent on its subways and buses, but like most rich people Cuomo is a driving partisan to the bone.

Third is corruption. Obviously, the Times investigation is the major mark against him here, though his campaign has also admitted to rounding up fake protesters to harass Zephyr Teachout while she is campaigning.

A walk through the sea of Cuomo’s “deep commitment to protect the rights of all New Yorkers, including those in the transgendered community” would get no one’s feet wet.

The Corporate Media Substanceless Hack Shuffle

From Crooks and Liars:

NBC will name Chuck Todd the new host of “Meet the Press” as soon as Thursday afternoon, according to people with direct knowledge of the network’s plans.

And to discuss the selection, this Sunday Meet the Press will have on John McCain for the entire hour – because America just doesn’t get to hear enough of the philosophy of the man it refused to elect president.

Joni Ernst: The Little Empty Head on the Prairie

From TPM:

Iowa state Sen. Joni Ernst (R) argued that Congress should not be passing laws “that the states would consider nullifying.”

Ernst, the Republican nominee for Senate in Iowa, made the comments at a forum at the 2013 Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition and were flagged by The Daily Beast on Monday.

“You know we have talked about this at the state legislature before, nullification. But, bottom line is, as U.S. Senator, why should we pass laws that the states are considering nullifying? Bottom line: our legislators at the federal level should not be passing those laws,” Ernst said. “We’re right…we’ve gone 200-plus years of federal legislators going against the Tenth Amendment’s states’ rights. We are way overstepping bounds as federal legislators. So, bottom line, no we should not be passing laws as federal legislators —as senators or congressmen— that the states would even consider nullifying. Bottom line.”

Of course, as the Daily Beast pointed out, states can’t nullify federal laws.

Looks like the Sarah Palin Channel has its first second anchormoron.

Or, maybe the John C. Calhoun Channel needs its own pig-castrator.

Rick Scott’s Seamus

Looks like Gov. Fire Marshal Bill had no other use for his dog Reagan than as a prop.

Shortly after winning the GOP nomination in 2010, Rick Scott announced to the world through Facebook that his family had rescued a Labrador retriever.

And, with help from his Facebook friends, Scott gave it a name: Reagan.

Asked last week what had happened to the dog, Scott’s current and former communications directors refused to answer.

On Monday, the Times asked the governor to clear up the mystery.

“He was a rescue dog,” Scott said, “and he couldn’t be around anybody that was carrying anything, and so he wouldn’t get better.”

I guess prop is better than poop – but a lying scumbag is a lying scumbag, meaning that, even though that proffered excuse one that some people have had to give after a shelter pet proved to be more than they could handle (it does happen), if you believe Rick Scott then you probably also believed Mitt the Flip when he said that Seamus enjoyed being in his car-rooftop dog cage.