2007: Ten Years Ago, Ten Years After

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Has the Future Already Been Forgotten

The full text of this article is not yet available on the website of the William & Mary Journal of Women and the Law.  However, I will link to it when it becomes available.

Ten Years Ago Tomorrow: H.R. 2015


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Remind Me Again of How ‘Incremental Progress’ Helped Trans People in Wisconsin?

WI State Detransitioning Trans Employees

But, Wisconsin has statutory sexual orientation anti-discrimination protections and Wisconsin has same-sex marriage via Obergefell v. Hodges, so all is well…

for all who matter.

Just Remember: Before There Was Milo, There Was Citizen Goodstein

HB2 – and laws substantively similar to it – happen not merely because christianists have gerrymandered democracy into oblivion but because a certain element of the gay male population has succeeded in averting negative public gaze away from themselves and onto the nonexistent ‘threat’ of trans women.


A few months after the above was published, its author, David Goodstein, took control of the Advocate, turning it from a progressive (albeit still skewed toward men) publication that had a history of taking trans concerns seriously to a style rag for rich gay Republican men who had trouble deciding who to fantasize about while watching the debates between Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley.

A few months after Goodstein took control, his Advocate’s reaction to trans people standing up to  revealed ‘incremental progress’ wisdom of Minnesota LGBs who would benefit from gay-now-trans-whenever (whose chief lobbyist went on to found the Human Right Scampaign) was a childish editorial, written as a fairy tale, slamming all of those who didn’t accept the revealed ‘incremental progress’ wisdom of Minnesota LGBs who would benefit from gay-now-trans-whenever.

Constrictive homocon thought was being championed by a gay man who thought that 12-year-olds should be able to consent to sex with adults…

three years before Anita Bryant felt compelled to ‘save our children.’

Yet somehow not trans women are the problem.

Lets be honest here – and by that I mean answer this question while hooked up to a lie detector: Which are you less comfortable with – trans women in the women’s restroom or Milo Yiannopolous in the men’s room?

In your heart, you know what the answer is.


Fake Voter Fraud and Fake Bathroom Predators – Brought to You by the Fake Patriots Who Benefit from Fake News

See a pattern?

The author of the so-called bathroom bill said she is working on potential changes after listening to people “from all walks of life,” emphasizing that her measure is aimed not at the transgender people it would affect but at men who might assert a right to go into women’srestrooms for perhaps nefarious purposes.

“It’s really not about the transgender.[“]

Memo to Senator Kolkhorst: If you want people to believe your christianist anti-trans BS, you might want to avoid using St. Barney Syntax.


I Hereby Declare the Death of ‘Incremental Progress’

Gov. Pat McCrory concedes defeat to Roy Cooper….

And so, now it can be officially stated: The same North Carolina electorate which said yes to racist, misogynist, treasonmeister Donald Trump, said said no to HB2-mongering transphobe Pat McCrory.

And those who can’t acknowledge what that juxtaposition actually means must be officially and forever shunned.

The only real positive to emerge from the election of November 8, 2016 came not in spite of trans rights being included alongside LGB right but because of it.  Had the city of Charlotte buckled under to Pat McCrory and either not included trans rights along with LGB rights – or not enacted any civil rights ordinance at all – HB2 would not have happened and neither would the backlash to it, meaning that the slimy, Art Pope-owned Pat McCrory would have ridden Pepe the Frog to a second term as North Carolina’s governor where, even if there were no bits of anti-LGBT legislation for him to sign, he would have been able to continue to allow the destruction of the state’s water supply.

But the city of Charlotte didn’t listen to the Shannon Gilreaths of the world.

The city of Charlotte did what was right.

The city of Charlotte enacted a legitimately robust civil rights ordinance.

And, in response, La Cosa Nostra Carolina ramrodded through HB2 – which #OneTermPat (the prophecy of the hashtag now proven, of course) signed in hopes of being able to use as a bloody shirt for his re-election campaign.

At this point, one has to wonder if McCrory’s counterpart to Kellyanne Conway was a TERF who believes her own tweets.

We all now know that the reaction to HB2 demonstrated that the pro-trans sentiment embodied by United ENDA in 2007 was not a fluke.  Not only did McCrory’s HB2 turn North Carolina into a laughing stock, it more concretely cost the state major sporting events, corporate investments and jobs.

And now it cost McCrory his job (well, his current one; I’m sure a new one awaits in the Trump Administration) in an election cycle in which Democrats, overall, seemed more eager to perpetuate the legacy of Michael Dukakis than that of Barack Obama.

The next Gay, Inc.-ers or apologists for Gay, Inc. who assert even imply that trans rights are the problem must be immediately fired from any and all paid positions of employment that said Gay, Inc.-ers or apologists for Gay, Inc. currently have.  They must also be forever banned from all media forums.

The gay willingness to cave on trans rights has never been the solution.

It and the purveyors of ‘incremental progress’ have always been the problem.

#OneTermPat is the proof.


End of story.

The 2016 Election Has Not Even Happened Yet, But 2017 Is Already 2007: The Next Generation

For in 2017, Gay, Inc. will have its trans Robert Traynham:

“Incrementalism is how policy gets done while other people are whining about incrementalism,” she told BuzzFeed News. “We have made it an have made an article faith over the past few years that if a bill lacks public accommodations, it’s useless. That’s not true.”

Actually, given the degree to which “she” is saying something isn’t true that all functioning brains know to be true, it looks more like Gay, Inc. will have its own Kellyanne Conway and trans Robert Traynham all rolled up into one.

Who is “she”?

Who can sell out her community in a single soundbite?

Who can act commit apologism for Gay, Inc’s genocidal anti-trans woman hiring policies with a single e-mail?

But one of the country’s leading transgender advocates, Mara Keisling, the executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, says that if they want to help transgender people in Pennsylvania, they need to embrace the protections transgender people can get in housing and employment.

But you already knew that, right?