Who Benefits From the Dana Beyer ‘Campaign’?

Hint: It isn’t trans people.

Carrie Evans, executive director of Equality Maryland, the state’s largest LGBT advocacy group, questioned Beyer’s intentions, as the battle to pass Madaleno’s antidiscrimination bill rages on. “We really are questioning the timing of her announcement,” Evans said in a statement to the The Baltimore Sun. “We need to all be focused on getting this bill passed.”

Granted, I will – and all trans people should – always question the intentions of the former Free State Just Us.  But, this passage – from what used to be the Advocate – begs two questions:

(1) If Evans actually can be taken at her word about the former Free State Just Us’s desire to actually see the Maryland political hate crime of 2001 rectified in 2014, then what does this say about Beyer’s state of mind (on any number of levels)?

(2) Even if the former Free State Just Us is still just the same old Free State Just Us and the ‘push’ to rectify the Maryland political hate crime of 2001 in 2014 is just a scam, then can Beyer actually be delusional enough to believe that she can knock off someone of Madaleno’s political heft who the same old Free State Just Us is going to be behind?

As I’ve stated earlier, even if I was in Maryland, I wouldn’t necessarily be in Madaleno’s corner – but as with all of the occasional threats (never carried out) to run a trans person against St. Barney in the Massachusetts 4th….

well, unlike St. Barney, I actually do know what Oz looks like.

Translated: Even if I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Madaleno, I wouldn’t be placing a bet against him.

The Dana Beyer ‘campaign’ doesn’t seem to be Oz.

The only yellow-hued bricks I see aren’t painted; they’re urinated-upon….

and they’re surrounded by purple bricks.

Jenna Fischetti poses a third begged question:

Seems exceptionally problematic. Why does one go against the lead sponsor of the trans bill 4 days before the hearing?

Might one have an interest in perpetuating one of most damaging stereotypes of trans women?

One that, like the St. Barney/Toronto/Colorado/yadda yadda yadda penis parade, also doesn’t exist but which Gay, Inc. – and its bought-and-paid-for subsidiary that claims to be trans organization – uses with great effectiveness to discredit all politically-minded trans people who don’t abide by the Gay, Inc. script?

Herding cats…

Screaming trannies…

Whisper, whisper, whisper, whisper….

As Vanessa Edwards Foster wrote a few years ago – after a decade of being a pin-whisper cushion:

While I’ve never given much belief in vampirism, it’s certainly coincidental that the trans community with all its initial energy and talent typically ends up burning out quickly, leaving us with husks of former leaders.  While many gay and lesbian leaders have long, productive careers and lives, typically only the rare trans individual manages to survive similarly.

Forget the never even being considered for employment that would allow one to do one’s activism as a full-time job – instead of in addition to a full-time job.  The precursor is the institutionalized, defamatory discreditation of trans activism in general – and in particular the trans activists who not only dare to look behind the purple-n-yellow curtain but have the audacity to tell all of those who are being lied to, LGB and T alike, what is going on behind it – by Gay, Inc.

But now…

Madaleno, who is gay, reported to state campaign officials on Jan. 13 he has more than $36,000 on hand. Beyer on the same day reported her campaign has roughly $364 in the bank.


I wouldn’t attempt a round-trip drive across Iowa with only $364 in the bank.

Has Gay, Inc., found a lesser class of clown who is willing – or who is too moronic to understand that she’s volunteering – to be a real-life embodiment of every ‘those people are too unreasonable to deal with’ slander that more than a few in HRC’s inner circle have made a living by disseminating?

I don’t know.

But I seriously believe that more people need to be willing to ask who stands to benefit from such a ‘campaign.’

The Toronto Star Quadruples Down

Kathy English, “Public Editor” at the Toronto Star claims that the letter received by Ken Gallinger was real – as is the 70-year-old woman who wrote it.

I cannot tell you with absolute certainty that a letter published recently in the Star’s “Ethically Speaking” column from a “senior” woman recounting the inappropriate sexual behaviour of a transgender woman in a Y change room is not a hoax concocted for political purposes.

I can tell you I have telephoned and talked to the North York woman whose name is on the email sent to Star ethics columnist Ken Gallinger in October. I have also confirmed that the YMCA of Greater Toronto received a similar letter from a former member in late fall. Last week, an executive of the organization contacted the same North York woman I talked with.

If this woman’s letter was a hoax perpetuated by organized forces opposed to transgender rights, as many in the transgender community through North America and beyond have declared with all certainty, then it is indeed a grand and elaborate one played on both the Star and the YMCA.

Lets look closer, shall we?

The woman would not agree to come forward publicly for this column.  She spoke confidentially to me, in line with her expectation of confidentiality in the ethics column.

So the Toronto Star doesn’t want to practice Caleb Hannan-esque journalism on the poor woman?

She spoke confidentially to me, in line with her expectation of confidentiality in the ethics column.

I think we’ve already seen where the Toronto Star’s readers’ expectations that letters presented to them by Ken Gallinger are legitimate rank in the Star’s pantheon of ethical concerns, so I’ll just move on with examining what Editor Kathy has to say.

She told me she is 70. She said the incident she described in her letter to Gallinger in which a naked “man” claiming to be a transgender woman behaved inappropriately happened “a couple of years ago” in the late afternoon in the women’s locker room of the Toronto Y on Sheppard Ave.

The plot thickens…

you know…

like blood that has congealed after oozing from the corpse of a murdered trans woman.

This woman is aware of accusations her letter is a hoax. To that she said: “I have no agenda, just an incident. Why would anyone lie?”

Please note that as I write this – around noon CST on Jan. 19, 2014 – Janice Raymond is 70 years old.



And I mention that not to suggest that she’s lurking along Highway 401 in the Toronto suburbs in her retirement and firing off transphobic e-mails from her i-Phone to the Toronto Star.

I do, however, mention it to state as fact that exterminationist radphlegms of Janice Raymond’s generation are 70-ish now.

I also mention it to state as fact that not all 70-ish women are the kindly, innocent, heterosexual grandmother type that Editor Kathy seemingly expects everyone to presume the woman in question to be.

I also mention to suggest that Editor Kathy might want to inquire as to whether some exterminationist second-wave transphobe not named Janice Raymond might have cocooned in North York, Ontario in the years since this appeared in Sister:


…and in the years since the now-70 Janice Raymond parlayed her hatred of trans women into the sort of tenured position in academia that she and her cohorts were long able to use to prevent trans women from ever obtaining any positions in academia.

Now, here is where Editor Kathy’s piece looks like it might recover:

This is where things get political. Stoking fear about transgender persons in bathrooms is a key nasty ploy of conservative groups opposed to human rights for trans people. As well, conservative media organizations in the U.S. have been called out for reporting fake stories about transgender persons harassing people in washrooms.

Throw in some fear of the documented practice of what’s called “astroturfing” in which organized lobby groups use letters to the editor, online comments and social media to make it appear that grassroots “real people” are aligned with their cause and it’s not all that surprising that some trans advocates questioned the veracity of the letter published in the Star’s ethics column.

That actually sounds like a real journalist…

But read back over it – as well as her entire piece.

Editor Kathy is willing – to her credit – to accept the reality that a major corporate-behemoth ‘news’ organization in America (read: Fox ‘News’) pushes fake stories about this very topic…

…yet she is not willing to believe that one – perhaps two – individuals from the Toronto suburbs might have that same anti-trans agenda and express it by writing e-mails to one of Canada’s largest news entities pushing the exact same sort of story that Fox ‘News’ has pushed…

and then lying about whether or not they have an agenda.

That, apparently, would have to be “a grand and elaborate” hoax.

Having talked several times to the woman, it’s a stretch for me to think the letter was some sort of hoax.

Having far more familiarity with transphobic radphlegms than you apparently do Editor Kathy, its a stretch for me to believe that you haven’t been had.

The Toronto Transphobia Triple-Down

The mayor of Toronto is no longer the scummiest person in Canada’s largest city.


I had, and have, no reason to doubt the claims of the reader who sent the letter — but I can’t prove it, and those who claim it was a hoax can’t prove that, either. All I know is that I stand by the answer offered.

I regret, and deeply resent, that my column has been so egregiously misused.

Yes, with that, infamous Chris Farley impersonator Rob Ford was dethroned by Ken Gallinger.

those who claim it was a hoax can’t prove that, either.


Cristan Williams did.

Quite conclusively.

Since Gallinger wasn’t willing to fact check any of these claims, I contacted every Toronto YMCA with a pool and guess what?

No complaint or even rumor of anything like this exists in Toronto area YMCAs. Every Toronto area YMCA was shocked to learn that an unsubstantiated claim like this was propagated by the Toronto Star. Every Toronto area YMCA confirmed that nobody had made any complaint concerning anything even remotely similar to the claim made in the Toronto Star.

The claim is a hoax.


Who are we to believe?

A trans woman who goes to the trouble researching into whether the anonymous claim about an unidentified trans woman – a claim which smells of ‘cut and paste’ from both christianist and radphlegm anti-trans scripts – has even the slightest grounding in reality?  Or a guy who perpetrates an ‘ethics’ column and inflicts it upon readers who are expected to believe that “All questions come from real readers” even though the same ‘ethics’ columnist follows that pronouncement with the caveat, “Seven years ago, when we started this adventure, I had to “prime the pump” with made-up queries”?

The woman who who has not admitted to perpetrating a fraud because she has not perpetrated a fraud?  Or the ‘ethics’ columnist who has admitted that he has perpetrated a fraud but really, really, really, really, really wants everyone to believe that he now no longer does such things?

I even received a note from a Toronto police officer asking, very politely it must be said, to know the “when, where and who” of the incident. As someone who pays speeding tickets 10 days before due, I experience such a request, even politely proffered, as mildly threatening.

Wanna know how scummy Ken Gallinger is?  He’s forcing me to do something that I never do: defend a cop.

Yes, there has never, ever, ever, ever been a proven case of what Gallinger’s fake complainer complained of, but cops do have a job – you know, being cops.  If they get such a complaint, it isn’t unreasonable for them to at least lift a finger to see if the complaint is legit – if for no other reason than to investigate as to whether the complaint is fraudulent.

An ‘ethics’ columnist unleashes a story upon the world via the pages of the newspaper which allows him to claim to be qualified to author an ‘ethics’ column…

A story which, if true as described, could constitute a crime…

And a cop who gets wind of the alleged fact pattern asks about the alleged facts…

And does so politely?

And the po’ pi’ful ‘ethics’ columnist feels threatened?

Memo to Ken: Why don’t you ask CeCe McDonald about what it feels like to actually be threatened?

Failing that, why don’t you hang out with Rob Ford and do crack with him?

That would be stupid, obnoxious, unhealthy, yadda yadda yadda….

But it would be far more ethical than what you’re doing in the pages of the Toronto Star.

Toronto’s Scar

Cristan Williams at TransAdvocate, detailing how the Toronto Star is doing the work of right-wing radphlegms for them by employing the American gay male blog ‘its not my job’ mindset when it comes to giving a damn about whether the transphobic defamation it spews has even the slightest grounding in reality:

I want to introduce a debate tactic well-known to the Internet, but perhaps not so well known to print media: Strawman Sockpuppetry. That’s when one inserts an inept voice into a debate to argue against one’s own position. This false flag tactic creates the illusion that the debate position held by one’s opponent is ridiculous.

After Gallinger’s problematic story was printed, those who stand against trans equality came out of the woodwork to publicly gnash their teeth at the supposed absurdity of trans equality… With the help of the Star’s own editorial staff. After the Star was notified that Gallinger’s story was predicated upon a hoax, the Star nevertheless published a letter to the editor decrying the absurdity of trans equality as evidenced by Gallinger’s story. The Star editorial staff made no mention that the entire story was fake. Instead, they printed a letter titled “Trans rights trump women’s rights” using the original title of Gallinger’s article:



Gee – where have I heard that term before?

Oh yeh…


Meanwhile, back at the Canadian ranch:

The Toronto Star has published this claim – without noting that the claim is a hoax, or at the very least is an anonymous and unverified claim – twice now. Twice the editorial staff saw fit to proffer – as plausible – the highly questionable, anonymous, unsubstantiated and contested claim that sex crimes are taking place at the YMCA. In what other context would such editorial behavior be tolerated? In what way does this behavior resemble the professional standard the Star publicly professes?

Does the Toronto Star have a bug infestation?

And, if so, does the Star even realize it?

Life is So Easy For Self-Declared ‘Ethicists’

No responsibilities and…

well, lets just stick with that: No responsibility, no responsibility at all.

From Cristan Williams at TransAdvocate who, apparently, with a handful of phone calls, does more actual journalism than the Toronto Star does in, well, who knows how long:

On Saturday, the Toronto Star’s “ethics” journalist, Ken Gallinger, unquestioningly published the incredible claim that an elderly Toronto women was hit on in the YMCA women’s locker room by a male-bodied individual who was walking around the women’s locker room fully nude, replete with erection.

The claim is a hoax. We can add this fake incident to the growing list of other fake incidents:

How do we know that the Toronto ‘incident’ didn’t happen?


When Autumn Sandeen wrote Gallinger about the article, Gallinger claimed no journalistic duty to fact check any claim saying, “It is, of course, not possible for me to substantiate most of the stories I’m told, and frankly I don’t try — my general policy is to deal with issues as they are presented…” To seemingly make the case that he wasn’t entirely derelict in his journalistic duties, Gallinger claimed that he did at least check to make sure “that the e-mail address from which it came was valid.” What Gallinger utterly failed to do, was pick up the phone and simply call the YMCA to verify any aspect of this anonymous story.

No journalistic duty to fact check any claim?

Who does Gallinger think he is?  The JohnThe Bil?

Clearly he’s not Cristan, because…

Since Gallinger wasn’t willing to fact check any of these claims, I contacted every Toronto YMCA with a pool and guess what?

No complaint or even rumor of anything like this exists in Toronto area YMCAs. Every Toronto area YMCA was shocked to learn that an unsubstantiated claim like this was propagated by the Toronto Star. Every Toronto area YMCA confirmed that nobody had made any complaint concerning anything even remotely similar to the claim made in the Toronto Star.

Cristan has posted audio and transcripts thereof.

Forward to your favorite christianist-lovin’ TERFs (Or is it TERF-lovin’ christianists?  Its so hard to tell these days), so they can get their stories straight (pun intended) next time they decide to commit group libel against trans people.