Bakeries are Public Accommodations

From The New Civil Rights Movement, yet another example of the type of discrimination that Gay Marriage Inc. of Massachusetts thinks is okay for trans people to put up with but that is unthinkable for the homosexually pure to endure.

Of course, this example occurred in Virginia, where LGBs and Ts are still equal.


A Washington, D.C. woman ordered an anniversary cake from a local bakery in nearby Arlington, Virginia, and when she opened the box she found a big, anti-gay surprise. The woman, who wants to be identified only as “Sarah,” had ordered the cake from a template, and asked the bakery to not include the balloons that were in the catalog.

The message, as you can see above, reads, “Lesbian Anniv., No Balloons.”

Now, of course your first thought would be that perhaps a new employee read the order ticket wrong and made a mistake. Sadly, you’d be the one making the mistake.

The bakery indeed, according to a report by The Advocate‘s Sunnivie Brydum, intended the anti-gay message, and refuses to apologize for it.

It is a message as clear as leaving trans people out of civil rights legislation, lying about intending to go back and add trans people, moving on to gay marriage, and then claiming to have rectified the original transhobic law while only actually passing a law that gives employers the power to prohibit trans people from entering premises to apply for employment (as well as any employer that might be a bakery to do something like the above to any customer who the bakery even suspects of being trans.)

But I won’t mention Massachusetts by name.

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