We Know Who Thinks Barack Obama is Actually a Man and Who Doesn’t

Remember this?

This is where grace and accommodation get you with power-hungry politicians—disrespect for the office and the Constitution, unwarranted demands and dilatory delays. Senate Democrats are once again “urging” President Bush to “share” his constitutional nomination authority with them under threat of filibustering his nominee.

Given the fact that the President met with 70 or more senators to give them the courtesy of listening to their “suggestions” before naming John Roberts to the first Supreme Court vacancy, some are once again acting as if it’s an obligation.

It’s a cheap power grab, Mr. President. Push ’em back—push ’em back—way back to the Constitution.

Mr. President, Americans appreciate and continue to expect you to fulfill your promise to them to name judges who clearly demonstrate their commitment to the Constitution and know that it, and not they, are the supreme law of the land.

Name the best-qualified and proven “constitutionalist” to replace O’Connor as soon as Judge Roberts is confirmed, regardless of sex, race or ethnicity. Let the American people decide the consequences of partisan political hacks who try to intimidate you into surrendering your constitutional duty.

The title of this piece was “Mr. President, You’re the Man.”

It was unusual for a piece emanating from the so-called Concerned Women for America in that it was actually written by (or at least had a byline from) a woman.  (That author if you’re keeping score?  Jan LaRue.  The reason fo no link?  It no longer appears to be on CWFA’s website and I have no intention of linking to the one site I was able find its text; I don’t link to bugs and I don’t link to freepers – not that there is really any difference.)

The context, of course, was right-wing christianists whining about the anemic filibusters that Democrats engaged in against some of Dubya’s federal court appointees.

Right-wing christianists – in the viewLaRue – had no obligation whatsoever to respect any objection by any members of the minority party in the Senate (then the Dems) because…

wait for it…

Dubya was “the Man” who the Constitution gave the authority – the sole authority – to inject people into the federal judiciary.

We’ve seen, of course, that as of Jan. 20, 2009, the christianist party ceased viewing the nation’s chief executive as a man.

So, of course, they are whining about Harry Reid becoming a vertebrate today.

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