Perhaps She Should Have Called Herself Rosa Parks, III

Maybe then HRC would have been less inclined to make the 2014 Maine senate race into the 1998 New York senate race: The Next Generation.

Or not.

From Crooks and Liars:

They say that no good deed goes unpunished and nothing illustrates the truth of that old trope more vividly that the Human Rights Campaign endorsing Maine Senator Susan Collins over her Democratic opponent, the stalwart defender of human rights and civil liberties, Shenna Bellows. It wasn’t the first time Republicans have been unjustly rewarded with endorsements from national liberal organizations, unfortunately. But there are few Republicans who have been more lauded by people for whom she has consistently done so little than the bucket of lukewarm water known as Susan Collins.

This endorsement was particularly galling. Shenna Bellows is not just another Democrat who supports marriage equality. She has devoted her life to expanding civil rights and civil liberties.

Hey Shenna!

Want to really see what sort of scumbags the permanently-employed mushrooms of the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspoop really are?  Submit your resume to HRC and say – or even imply – that you’re a trans woman. (If you try this, call a bookie and see if you can get odds onjust how quickly your resume will find its way into the garbage can.)

In her capacity as the Director of the Maine ACLU she helped lead the way for marriage equality in Maine and was instrumental in getting the Maine Human Rights Act passed.

See, there’s your other problem Shenna.  You helped enact a trans-inclusive state civil rights law that did not need ‘incremental progress’ to come into being.

Pic of the Day: June 24, 2014 (Special ‘Fruit of the Loom Was Never Like This’ Edition)

20140624 - 01

Beyond the right field foul line at Smith’s Ballpark, Salt Lake City, Utah, during the game between the Salt Lake Bees and the Memphis Redbirds last Friday.

Countdown to Fox ‘News’ Still Finding a Way to Blame the Oregon Shooting on Gay Marriage in 3…2…1….

From Raw Story:

The diary of the 15-year-old Oregon high schooler who shot and killed a classmate and injured a teacher before turning the gun on himself revealed that the teen was a religious fundamentalist who was out to kill “sinners.”

According to the New York Daily News, freshman Jared Padgett was known at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Gresham, OR as being quiet, but was “highly regarded for his spirituality” by church elders.

Christianist Psychopath Louie Gohmert Demonstrates Why ALL People Need Protection from ‘Christians’

From The New Civil Rights Movement:

Rep. Louie Gohmert yesterday conducted an interrogation, insisting that non-Christians are “going to hell” but can be saved by the “good news” of Jesus Christ. The comments came during the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice hearing titledThe State Of Religious Liberty In The United States

“I personally do not believe that people go to hell because they do not believe in a certain set of ideas in Christianity,” Rev. [Barry] Lynn [of Americans United for Separation of Church and State] explained.

“No, not a set of ideas,” Gohmert interrupted, his finger waving in the air. “Either you believe as a Christian that Jesus is the way, the truth, or life or you don’t. And there’s nothing wrong in our country with that — there’s no crime, there’s no shame.”

My responses to the Pile of Gohmert:

First Amendment scoreboard.

Fourteenth Amendment scoreboard.

Now get your religion out of OUR government.

Who Benefits from the Dana Beyer ‘Campaign’? (Part 3)

According to Jenna Fischetti at TransMaryland, the truth certainly is no beneficiary:

Beyer is spending historic amounts of money for a statewide senate race. The money she spent could fund a transgender economic empowerment initiative helping community member find gainful employment. It would fund hundreds of jobs, not just one. So much for the economic justice candidate.

Instead Beyer fashioned herself a ‘lobbyist”. No “relationship” GRMD thinks they built could have any impact without the threat of the work that MCTE was doing. They sought to usurp the efforts of MCTE by co opting the months of tremendous planning for dozens of contingencies in MCTEs legislative plan.

Beyer is far afield from the truth. There are scores of advocates in and out of Annapolis, who actually participated in the successful legislative campaign who can speak truth to fantasy.

Beyer chose NOT to invest in the legitimate campaign to pass the bill, but merely take credit for it and instead invest in a campaign to defeat the champion of the Fairness for All Marylanders Act. Meanwhile the trans community still struggles with homicides, homelessness, unemployment and under-representation in organizations.

Beyer has usurped upon, bullied, co opted, and harassed our communities long enough. Come June 25th when she loses, she should do the right thing, leave Maryland politics and trans advocacy to those capable of empowering and elevating others for the good of us all.

Methinks Rhode Island Avenue (and wacky ol’ ‘retired‘ Doc Beyer’s real ‘campaign’?) awaits.  Bullying, co-opting and harassing have always seemed to be the ingredients of transforming a mealy-mouthed fifth column into a ‘made’ trans in the HRCrime Family.

Maybe Gramma Frumpp has reached her expiration date – and maybe Rosa Parks, Jr. is looking to install his own mysteriously-funded trans political underminer to replace Queen Elizabeth III’s.


Who benefits from the Dana Beyer ‘campaign’?

Probably just wacky ol’ ‘retired‘ Doc Beyer.

But it damn sure isn’t any trans person other than wacky ol’ ‘retired‘ Doc Beyer.

Con Artist, Bigot, Perjurer and Exterminationist Mat Staver Demonstrates Why LGBT People Need Legal Protection from ‘Christians’

From HuffPo:

One of the difficulties that religious advocates have is that many seem to think the ideas and beliefs that they hold most dear are somehow different or exceptional compared with the base tenets of others.

Actually, I thought that that was essentially the definition of “religion” (well, that coupled with the inability to differentiate fairy tales from facts.)

On Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee held yet another sham hearing designed to use taxpayer money to generate soundbites for Republican campaign ads.  This one was dubbed: “The State Of Religious Liberty In The United States.”

You know where this is going, right?

[T]he advocates called before the panel were loath to admit that religion had been used in the past to justify slavery, with people often citing the Bible.

Remember what I said about the inability to differentiate fairy tales from facts?

“Actually, I’ve heard that argument made a lot, and it’s something I’m trying to look into on my own,” said Kim Colby, a lawyer with the Christian Legal Society. She credited Quakers and then evangelical Christians with leading the abolition movement.

All of which means nothing given that there were even more christians were pro-slavery and used religion to justify it.

But, no christianist has ever met a proven fact that he or she couldn’t ignore.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) sought to find out why requiring insurers to cover contraception or abortion, which the Christian advocates opposed, was any more of a restriction on religious liberty than requiring insurers to cover blood transfusions, which some other religions oppose.

“It could be similar, but I think it’s also fundamentally different,” said Staver, coming about as close as he could to admitting the cases were parallel. The difference, he said, is in the fundamental beliefs of many Christians when it comes to the “creation or destruction of innocent human life.”

He did not admit that other religions were entitled to protection of their fundamental beliefs.

Similarly, he refused to see any equivalence in a photographer who refuses to photograph the weddings of gay and lesbian couples on religious grounds, and one who says their religion forbids them from celebrating the marriages of Jews or African-Americans. The first was adhering to a religious belief, while the later would break civil rights laws, Staver said.

Again, no christianist has ever met a proven fact that he or she couldn’t ignore.

[H]e later dodged on whether he supported Russia’s anti-gay laws, telling Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.), “I don’t know what you’ve read; I haven’t spoken on the Russian law anywhere.” You can hear Staver speak about his support for the law here, however.


He lied to Congress.

Why isn’t he being indicted for perjury?

Think it Through

From Queer Channel Media:


To represent the whole state of Nevada?

If elected, Scott could be the first openly transgender person to serve in a state legislature in U.S. history. However, she may compete for that distinction with Dana Beyer….

Not likely.

The Question All Legitimate Media Should Ask David Brat…

Brat, an economics professor at Randolph-Macon college, has an especially radical theology to support his right-wing politics. Brat’s CV lists him as a graduate of Hope College, a Christian school in Michigan, and Princeton Theological Seminary, a Presbyterian Church U.S.A. seminary in New Jersey. He claims to be a “fairly orthodox Calvinist,” but several of his published writings expose a unsettling core theology that is centered around lifting up unregulated, free-market capitalism as a morally righteous system that churches should embrace—or else.

and continue to ask until he actually answers: Which do you believe in – christianity or the free market?

But, of course, spineless corporate ‘Democrats’ (the difference between them and Republicans is…..what?) are signaling that they’re A-OK with Brat being de facto unopposed in the general election.

 The Democratic Party is already signaling that they won’t be solidly backing Jack Trammell, the Democratic candidate for Eric Cantor’s old seat after Cantor announced that he won’t run as a write-in candidate.

[T]he DNC immediately began raising money off of Cantor’s defeat, but not for the Virginia race.

Worthless Wall Street shills.

With them as the alternative, christofascism seems….



Who Benefits from the Dana Beyer ‘Campaign’? (Part 2)

It still isn’t trans people.

Surprisingly not from The Onion:

Beyer insists her decision to challenge Madaleno is not just about the trans rights bill that O’Malley signed.

She told the Blade she will focus on economic issues, the environment and other progressive issues if voters elect her.

“I’m not running to be the trans senator,” said Beyer. “I’m running to be the senator from District 18 who happens to be a woman, a civil rights leader, trans, intersex, a physician, a surgeon, a writer. I am many, many things and in many respects certainly with respect to being an elected representative, being trans is the least of it.”

Retired‘ Doc Beyer is running to discredit the political viability of all trans people.  The question is: On whose behalf?

In the past I’ve done plenty of questioning of the intentions of the legislative arm of Maryland’s Gay, Inc. – including Madaleno rather recently.  But, the fact is that he came through in 2014 – and there is no rational reason to immediately dump the guy in favor of anyone, much less wacky ol’ ‘retired‘ Doc Beyer.

No, I’m not suggesting lifetime political immunity for Madaleno.  When next he comes up for re-election – in 2018 or whenever – judge him in that context.  The guy could eventually do something worthy of being tossed.  But, if wacky ol’ ‘retired‘ Doc Beyer is on the ballot then, wacky ol’ ‘retired‘ Doc Beyer will still have to come up with a reason that anyone other than wacky ol’ ‘retired‘ Doc Beyer should vote for wacky ol’ ‘retired‘ Doc Beyer.

I haven’t heard one yet – and I doubt seriously if I or anyone ever will.

Madaleno compared Beyer to U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) during a May 29 debate that aired on Montgomery Municipal Cable’s “Political Pulse.” The two also clashed during a District 18 Democratic Breakfast Club forum on Monday.

“She wants to be the person that just makes the big statement that gets attention, but actually spends little time in making the hard decisions about governing,” Madaleno told the Washington Blade in an interview on Tuesday.

I can think of a number of trans people in Maryland whose intelligence and expertise the state’s legislature could benefit from (and one who the state’s judiciary should already be benefiting from.)

But wacky ol’ ‘retired‘ Doc Beyer is none of them.

Ann “We Just Want Jews to be Perfected” Coulter Called in by Fox ‘News’ as ‘Expert’ on Eric Cantor’s Defeat

Jewish Eric Cantor’s defeat.

During Bill O’Reilly’s show, which is the highest rated on their network, Fox News made the correct call of cutting away from The Factor to cover the breaking news that Eric Cantor lost his primary election to a Tea Party nobody. Megyn Kelly came on and hosted Bret Baier, Brit Hume, Carl Cameron and Chris Stirewalt, all considered to be their big guns when it comes to election results. While they were in the middle of the discussion and right after Bret Baier discussed the trouble that’s ahead for the Chamber of Commerce after Cantor’s historic loss, Megyn Kelly cut in and made a history breaking announcement all of her own.

Kelly: You have to stand by because I get to say something now that I’ve never…I, I…nare I say no anchor has ever said in the history of anchoring television which is Bret Baier, Chris Stirewalt, Brit Hume, Carl Cameron because I want to go to a phoner with Ann Coulter.

Three of them laughed it off, but Brit Hume was really not amused.