Fake Repeal

Legislators and Gov. Roy Cooper hailed Thursday’s HB2 repeal bill as a compromise. In fact, it is nothing of the kind.

HB142 is not a repeal of HB2.

It is merely a renaming of it.  Christianists, TERFs and Milo the Pedo continue to have everything they desire from North Carolina law (short of a literal license to kill trans people on sight.)

Well That About Wraps it Up for the ACLU


Questions for the ACLU:

Did you ask LGBTs in Alabama for their input on that?

Who the f*#% wrote it?  Barney “We had three items and there was only room for two” Frank?

If the ACLU is making this a zero-sum game, then its time to close up the constitutional shop and let #DonTheCon put his implants in our brains.

A REAL (read: non-gerrymandered-Republican-fake-majority) Congress would have the time and energy to deal with anti-LGBT and anti-Muslim concerns.  THIS Congress would like to see all members of both groups up against the wall.  Hell, thus far the only time the current Congress has had anything close to an inclination to do anything other than kneel before #DonTheCon with an open mouth has been standing up to the Puzder nomination.


Memo to the Washington Blade

DOJ nixes request to halt order against trans student protections

The time has come to officially retract the (even-in-2012-nonsensical) position espoused in:

Trans Americans enjoy robust bias protections

If you want to regain some credibility, you’ll allow me to write the retraction op-ed.

And the Withdrawal Will be Robust!

Due to “Administration-Related Changes,” the EEOC May Withdraw From a Trans Rights Case

What say you, Caitlyn?


I Hereby Declare the Death of ‘Incremental Progress’

Gov. Pat McCrory concedes defeat to Roy Cooper….

And so, now it can be officially stated: The same North Carolina electorate which said yes to racist, misogynist, treasonmeister Donald Trump, said said no to HB2-mongering transphobe Pat McCrory.

And those who can’t acknowledge what that juxtaposition actually means must be officially and forever shunned.

The only real positive to emerge from the election of November 8, 2016 came not in spite of trans rights being included alongside LGB right but because of it.  Had the city of Charlotte buckled under to Pat McCrory and either not included trans rights along with LGB rights – or not enacted any civil rights ordinance at all – HB2 would not have happened and neither would the backlash to it, meaning that the slimy, Art Pope-owned Pat McCrory would have ridden Pepe the Frog to a second term as North Carolina’s governor where, even if there were no bits of anti-LGBT legislation for him to sign, he would have been able to continue to allow the destruction of the state’s water supply.

But the city of Charlotte didn’t listen to the Shannon Gilreaths of the world.

The city of Charlotte did what was right.

The city of Charlotte enacted a legitimately robust civil rights ordinance.

And, in response, La Cosa Nostra Carolina ramrodded through HB2 – which #OneTermPat (the prophecy of the hashtag now proven, of course) signed in hopes of being able to use as a bloody shirt for his re-election campaign.

At this point, one has to wonder if McCrory’s counterpart to Kellyanne Conway was a TERF who believes her own tweets.

We all now know that the reaction to HB2 demonstrated that the pro-trans sentiment embodied by United ENDA in 2007 was not a fluke.  Not only did McCrory’s HB2 turn North Carolina into a laughing stock, it more concretely cost the state major sporting events, corporate investments and jobs.

And now it cost McCrory his job (well, his current one; I’m sure a new one awaits in the Trump Administration) in an election cycle in which Democrats, overall, seemed more eager to perpetuate the legacy of Michael Dukakis than that of Barack Obama.

The next Gay, Inc.-ers or apologists for Gay, Inc. who assert even imply that trans rights are the problem must be immediately fired from any and all paid positions of employment that said Gay, Inc.-ers or apologists for Gay, Inc. currently have.  They must also be forever banned from all media forums.

The gay willingness to cave on trans rights has never been the solution.

It and the purveyors of ‘incremental progress’ have always been the problem.

#OneTermPat is the proof.


End of story.

When the History of What Was the United States of America is written, the Final Chapter Will Read:

While they slept – either comatose from the L-Tryptofan of Iraq War (profiteering) engorgement and the oxycontin of trickle-down christianist sham economics that harmed the very disenfranchised white supremacists it had been sold to as a cure for all ills, or latently anencephalous via ‘reality’ television tales of fake lives grounded in substanceless nonachievement – the bear that Ronald Reagan had warned them about entered their homes and devoured them all. But it was not a communist bear; instead, aided by the most diseased monster that multiple American immoralities could cobble together into one clown, it was a bear amped up on the very capitalistic economic steroid that Reagan died believing saved the world by selling…

to a Russian bear.

Chuck Schumer is Running for Re-Election This Year

So, c’mom HRC

Its not too late to endorse Al D’Amato.

You know…

for old time’s sake.