Better a Thick Accent than a Thick Head

From Mediaite:

Lots of people, even many many conservatives, loved the patriotism that came from the mouth of Khizr Khan at the DNC tonight, but not Ann Coulter.

That was her big takeaway from a speech from the father of a deceased soldier. “Angry Muslim with a thick accent.”

At some point, Coultergeist – a childless, never-married, 54-year-old pusher of the political party that desires government to enforce certain christians’ notion of ‘traditional family values’ against the entirety of the populace with the power of the sword – is going to belch out something that will actually justify all of the transphobic slurs that get hurled at her.

I don’t think this is yet it – but the distance between her and that point can now be measured only in microns.

Clearly, Donald Trump Has Passed Some Time by Playing a Little Solitaire

Wake up people! I’ve been dead for 40 years and even I can see that Donald Trump is the real Manchurian Candidate. Some people felt sorry for Raymond Shaw. Trump? He’s Mrs. Johnny Iselin – without the warmth.
– The Ghost of Laurence Harvey

We Should Thank #CrookedMelania For Her Plagiarism

After all…

It has given people who perhaps heretofore haven’t been paying attention the opportunity to see how the Practitioners of Trump-ism are and will be no different than any other strain of Modern Republican Party Disease in that no rules will ever be permitted to apply to them.

Little known fact: There is no ‘convention speech’ exception to “Thou Shalt Not Steal.”

Point that out to the next christianist you see who supports Trump – and then pay close attention to their reaction.



Make America South Korea Again



…portions of it resembling portions of the South Korea flag is not the biggest problem with the Chump-Farthing campaign logo.




Whoever came up with the logo should be thankful for the (attempted) coup in Turkey tonight – otherwise every cable channel would be, umm…., wall-to-wall with, umm…, TP.

Do its E-Mail Addresses End in “”?

‘Gays for Trump’ campaign comes out against transgender rights

And, in other news, water is wet.

Happy 4th of July, America!

This, apparently, is what we’ve been fighting for over the last quarter-millennium:

America’s Martyr: NO Race Mixing
Racist Christianist Child Killer

Friends, I invite you to ponder the image above.  The beautiful woman is Christy Sheats.  The Texas wife and mother who is being vilified in the media for shooting and killing her teenage daughters.  It makes for a great headline in mainstream media but what goes unsaid is even more powerful.

A devout Republican and gun rights advocate, she no doubt discovered that both of her daughters had been promiscuous and were sleeping with black boys and she took it upon herself to put an end to that cycle.  She was brave enough to stand up and say ENOUGH!  Not in MY house! And she should be lauded.

Here is the how the defender of Ms. (White) Sheats (if ONLY Bill Hicks was still around to talk about THAT irony) tops her blog:

Defender of a Racist Christianist Child Killer

And people wonder why I’m so negative.

The Race to Become the First Christianist Police State

North Carolina to win?  Texas to place?  Tennessee to show?

The idea of a rumored transgender state registry is something that has some transgender and LGBT people worried.

Among rumored ideas in discussions to rework House Bill 2, is a certification program for people who undergo sex reassignment surgery, requiring them to register with the state to be able to use the public restrooms of their choice, according to State Rep. Chris Sgro, D-Guilford.

There has not been any confirmation of such a registry by leaders in the General Assembly.

Little known fact: The Wannsee Conference didn’t get much advance attention on Facebook.

NC Enabling Act 1 NC Enabling Act 2 NC Enabling Act 3 NC Enabling Act 4 NC Enabling Act 5 NC Enabling Act 6

Go figure.