…Because There is Still a Legal Necessity

The ‘about’ page for the original ENDABlog focused on the context of that blog’s creation.   That, of course, was Barney Frank’s betrayal of showing what he really thinks of trans people back in 2007 by relying on a likely non-existent whip count of House members to justify pulling that year’s H.R. 2015 – a legitimate (read: trans-inclusive) ENDA – in favor of the type of ENDA that we all know that he really wants: one that has no taint of icky trans-anything. 

And don’t forget the other key aspect of that context: The Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool (sometimes – albeit incorrectly – referred to as the Human Rights Campaign) showing the world what it really thinks of trans people by sending its executroid, Joe Solmonese, to speak lie to that year’s Southern Comfort conference.  Yes, this was the legendary speech in which he declared that his organization would not support a non-inclusive ENDA – even though his organization almost immediately did just that (and, as circumstances – including a bizarre ‘poll’ that was so FOX-esque that even the Washington Blade questioned the validity of it even while being an apologist for exclusion – strongly suggest, had always planned on doing even before Solmonese spoke lied to Southern Comfort.)


I forgot…

There was one other key aspect of the 2007 betrayal: George W. Bush still occupied the White House and was being allowed to exercise the powers of the presidency – meaning that no ENDA would have become law even if it had passed both houses of Congress.

But the Barney-HRC betrayal of 2007 only bought Gay, Inc. a slim victory in the House for their sanitized, illegitimate ENDA.

Well, it also bought undying distrust of the Cesspool, St. Barney and their apologists by all trans people – excepting a small group of quislings and tokens who can afford not to have to worry about whether a trans-inclusive ENDA happens because they either have guaranteed employment or, in the immediate aftermath of the 2007 debacle, were magically blessed with appearances-only jobs designed to con trans people into believing that the Cesspool, St. Barney and their apologists actualy give a damn about whether trans people as a group live or die.

The 2007-08 session of Congress gave way to the 2009-10 session – which was not hampered by a Republican (alleged) president, but was nevertheless hampered by gay wants (read: DADT repeal.)  After the 2007 debacle, St. Barney claimed that with 15-20 more Democrats in the House, a trans-inclusive ENDA would be do-able – and, interestingly, that’s about how many more Dems came in via the 2008 election.

That even inspired me to make it to D.C. for an ENDA hearing during the 2009-10 session

and that November 2009 hearing would, for all practical purposes, be the end of ENDA until, well…

even now.

We all know what happened with the 2010 elections.

And some of us have been paying attention to trans surrogates for the gay-only ENDA crowd – you know, the ones wink-winking and nudge-nudging that the EEOC decision in Mia Macy’s Title VII case is all that trans people really need.  (Is that why Gay, Inc., couldn’t/wouldn’t provide a trans witness for the remind-me-agan-why-it-even-happened 2012 Senate ENDA hearing whose story of discrimination actually happened this century?)

An ultimate legal landscape of the Title VII administrative ruling and a gay-only ENDA would be much like a gay-only ENDA by itself: trans people would be under the bus – only with a slight variation on the theme.

Instead of the bus rolling over us and leaving tire tracks, we actually would be left standing – but underneath a Bus of Damocles, waiting for the rope to be cut in the form of any future majority of EEOC commissioners and/or Supreme Court justices who decide to undo what the current EEOC did. 


and that’s in addition to the separate-and-unequal state of affairs that would result in ‘know your rights’ posters blaring to all prospective employers that its illegal to refuse to employ LGBs but saying nothing about that Title VII ruling.

…because we all know how easy it is to prevail in a failure-to-hire suit, eh?

A trans-centered ‘Title VII ruling is all that trans people need’ mentality emanates from the same ski chalet of insanity that has generated trans support for public accommodations-free trans rights bills – whose legal regime, in practice, will be no different than no rights law at all.

At ENDABlog 2.0, feel free to agree with that, disagree with it (or anything else you might happen to run across here), critique it (or anything else you might happen to run across here), ignore it or whatever…

Discussions are good.

Disagreements are fine.

The only real rule here?

Don’t be a troll.


  1. Uh, Katrina?

    “Laws are primarily tools for education, not punishment.” — Dana Beyer

    I’m wondering whether it’s possible to sue you for any incremental brain damage I suffer if I actually read the articles you link?

    Like, isn’t that something like contributory, oh hell, something or other?

    … but I suppose that would be an imposture on my part, considering the rather sad State of The Noggin here after the umpteen 99 & 44/100% INSANE posts I’ve read on “Those Other Blogs”.

    … “you know who you are” … but not really.

    Whatever: I’m very happy to see your blog reincarnated as ENDABlog 2.0… even though I’m going to miss feeding the trolls.

    Yours Truly:

    bonze anne blayk
    Ogress-Mage Aspirant

    • Re: those trolls…

      “I’ll say goodbye to you and your hate blog.”
      – “Vic” (in a post in which “he” is whining about my not approving his comments here)

      “Hey shims!”
      – “Vic” (in a post, referenced above, that I did let through at EB1)

      • “Life is not fair.” — Cathy Brennan

        But hey, I’m pretty sure Vicky can find “Some Other Blogs” that fancy his droll style of commentary?

        But maybe they only need one. ?

        Maybe V-icky could go troll plasticgirrrl… the concept is amusing; like a Matryoshka doll of trolls within trolls…

        Could it be that the fabled Substance-D has hit the streets, at last?

        – bonzie anne

        PS: Even though I’m still basically a libertarian, and distrust the statist trend inherent in such anti-discrimination legislation, I tend to agree that legislative action on inclusive ENDA is required… without that, the existing statutes have the invidious effect of creating “protected classes”… and all without its boundaries are correspondingly marked “outcaste”, and fair game.

        I’m reminded of President Truman drawing the line around the “Protected Zone of Liberty”… and leaving out South Korea.

      • Class act! Then complains about decorum.

        She’s reincarnated as Ruth H. Soria at transadvocate. Funny – this need to identify with something other than the boring, entitled, corporatist wasp she is. She’s really a secret punk, an Italian dude and now a Latina.

        I blame society for leading her to this sorry end.

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