“Anatomy of a Losing HERO Campaign”


None of the overpaid, underworked elites of HRC should be permitted to cash another paycheck until they read this piece by Monica Roberts

One of the proudest moments of my activist life was on May 28, 2014 when the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance passed on a 11-6 vote after a month of contentious City Council meetings. So I was justifiably angry when HERO went down last week by a 61 percent to 39 percent margin.

Now that I’ve had time to do hard, solid thinking about the issue and read commentary from people who don’t live inside Beltway 8, it’s time to talk about the political train wreck I watched happen.

…and then read it again and again and again and again and again – and explain why someone as knowledgeable and experienced as Monica was not, well over a decade ago, offered gainful employment at an organization that claims not to be racist and transmisogynistic and also claims to actually be an advocate for trans people and trans issues.

Eight Years Ago (Give or Take Four Months)

I simply don’t understand how any of us can look at all these positive and collaborative advancements and focus on speculation that people and institutions who are NOW proving their solidarity over and over again are quietly, or even secretly, planning to exclude us.

I just don’t get it.
A certain Quisling, on May 24, 2007, either lying to her own people in defense of HRC or demonstrating Nobel Prize-worthy naiveté.

Well, those of us who weren’t sitting comfortably whilst looking toward a personal future which has proven (was known then?) to include hundreds of thousands of dollars of mystery-salary certainly got it in 2007.

Exactly how many hundreds of thousands of dollars has a certain Quisling raked in since then?

Inquiring minds who know that they’re not going to be covered by ENDA (or the Equality Act) come Jan. 20, 2017, want to know.

Not to Say I Told You So, But…

NotToSayI bring this up because of the other event that happened in 2007 – namely The Dredge’s attempt to defend Michael Bailey’s conclusively – and repeatedly – disproven ‘science’ fraud (d/b/a The Man Who Would be Queen).  I’ve always thought it more than a bit curious that that happened right as the trans community found itself having to deal with the fraud perpetrated against it by HRC president Joe Solmonese at Southern Comfort (and, of course, the ensuing ENDA debacle.)

Well, The Dredge is at it again.

So, Gay, Inc., must be up to no good off camera.

ENDA is dead for the duration of the Obama presidency (unlike in 2007 when trans people were thrown under the bus, from 2009-present its all LGBTs whose economic and social needs are not solved by gay marriage being thrown under the bus), so, that’s likely not what our attention is being diverted from.

Might the internet be currently being even more thoroughly scrubbed of any residue of the leaked internal report which proved just how toxic the transmisogyny was at HRC even under Chad Griffin, who was at least able to give what seemed, at least on the surface, to be a heartfelt speech at Southern Comfort in 2014 (begging a question never, of course, asked by gay media: How bad must it have been under Solmonese? Or Birch?)?  Perhaps the two of the oodles of trans people whose employment at HRC were trumpeted by Griffin last year – but who are no longer working there – know.

Ever Notice…

Pat Robertson has said a lot of shocking things, but his latest comment about the transgender community might be the most surprising yet.

The 83-year-old televangelist sat down on Sunday for the “Bring It Online” advice portion of his Christian Broadcasting Network show, “The 700 Club.” A viewer named David wrote in asking how he should refer to two transgender females who work in his office and have legally changed their genders. Instead of criticizing the trans individuals, Robertson approached the situation in a seemingly level-headed manner.

“I think there are men who are in a woman’s body,” he said. “It’s very rare. But it’s true — or women that are in men’s bodies — and that they want a sex change. That is a very permanent thing, believe me, when you have certain body parts amputated and when you have shot up with various kinds of hormones. It’s a radical procedure. I don’t think there’s any sin associated with that. I don’t condemn somebody for doing that.”

…how this never inured to the benefit of a certain class of people (I won’t mention transsexuals by name) who Gay, Inc. for so long said was too problematic for a certain other class of people (I won’t mention right-wingers by name) to risk inclusion of the first certain class of people in a certain piece of legislation that was allegedly being pushed by Gay, Inc.?

This is the sort of thing that just validates – and reignites – my anger toward Gay, Inc. for its historical maltreatment of trans people and issues based on the claim that we were ‘too much too soon’ or – the perennial favorite – that ‘more education’ was necessary.

For this is not the first time that Marion G. “Pat” Robertson – homophobe, misogynist, christofascist, racist, draft-dodger, con-artist, et. al., that he may be – has made it clear that he gets transsexuality. The first time I’m aware of that he did so on his Daily Tax Dodge (d/b/a The 700 Club) was back in 1999, mere weeks after St. Barney engaged in his bi-annual political smear of trans people/issues that accompanied the introduction of a gay-only ENDA bill. Perhaps Robertson did so even earlier – but we’ll probably never know.

I can’t prove it of course, but I firmly believe that not one of the overpaid, underworked, permanently-employed, ‘more education is necessary’ Gay, Inc.-ers who built, padded and solidified their careers shilling for St. Barney and all of the gay-only ENDAs while trans people’s lives and careers were snuffed out ever made any effort to leverage the trans-acceptance by admittedly-problematic people such as Robertson toward making a trans-inclusive ENDA a reality.

Isn’t it Funny…

how ‘incremental progress’ was so the-only-thing-that-mattered that not only was the all-encompassing Civil Rights Act Amendments Act version of a federal gay rights bill flushed in favor of the employment-only Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) but anyone who even suggested trans people be included in ENDA was blacklisted from Gay, Inc.-dom – but now that Gay, Inc.-dom is realizing that, in the wake of the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling, if a trans-inclusive ENDA actually becomes law then even fewer moneybaggish types will have any reason to continue funding the Gay, Inc. organizations that allow the Gay, Inc.-ers to avoid having to look for jobs in the real world the very-non-incremental-progress ‘Equality Act’ is now all the rage (and even less likely to become law than Barney Frank is to admit fault over the 2007 ENDA debacle), exponentially decreasing the likelihood that Gay, Inc.-dom will have cause to close up shop before the Stonewall Centennial?

Here’s a Thought…


Instead of wasting money on sponsoring self-serving crap – about a bill that has less of a chance of passing in the current Congress than Gilbert Gottfried’s voice does of being mistaken for Luciano Pavarotti’s – to appear on my Facebook feed against my will, how about spending some money on getting New York and New Hampshire (I would add Wisconsin, but that has as much chance as this national thing that HRC is pretending its pushing) to rectify their gay-only rights laws by adding trans people?

Until It Isn’t

The Quisling, in a publication that still has not done any reporting on the internal report which proved all non-Gay, Inc.-owned trans activists’ decades-long allegations against HRC to have had merit and proves that a certain something actually is still quite thinkable:

The most notable difference between the Equality Act and its 1974 namesake is that it includes both gender identity and sexual orientation—and unlike in 2007, removing gender identity is now completely unthinkable.

Until it isn’t…

just like in 2007.


Woodchucks have more legal protections than transgender individuals

In New York, yes…



12 1/2 years later…

Because what is next is never us.

Remember When the Washington Blade Finally Decided to Cover the HRC Internal Report?


You don’t.

And there’s a reason for that.

Let Me Tell You About My Least Favorite Episode of ‘Modern Family’

Considering how the series is already in syndication saturation – locally as well as on cable networks – I presume anyone who watches the series has probably seen it, but…

Claire Dunphy spends most of the episode being viciously berated (dare I say mentally abused?) by her family for refusing to accept their declarations that she’s wrong – when she’s actually right.

How so?

She and her doofus husband are at a grocery store.  While oogling another woman at the grocery store, the doofus husband leans backward against their shopping cart, pushing it against Claire, in turn pushing her into a shelf which causes her – and a buttload of food – to fall.

The doofus husband immediately declares himself to be blameless: He did nothing and hapless Claire fell into the food on her own.

He says it so it must be true, right?

Claire protests, but the doofus husband repeats his he-said-it-first-therefore-it-can’t-be-challenged declaration and then pulls out every loudmouthed (wrong) bully’s trump card: ‘Why do you always feel like have to be right? Just let it go!

I forget if that was the exact quote – but you get the idea.  That was definitely the substance.

And it was repeated – not just but by the doofus husband but also by her children (and not just the two doofus ones but also the genius.)

But Claire doesn’t let it go.

Eventually we learn that Claire went to the trouble of obtaining evidence that could probably even get a Texas criminal conviction overturned: a security camera video from the grocery store showing that, indeed, doofus husband was oogling another woman and, in the process, leaned onto the grocery cart, pushing it into Claire and Claire into the food.

And what is Claire’s reward for producing irrefutable proof that she’s innocent – and that her doofus husband is guilty?

The doofus husband and the rest of her family berate her even more – even going so far as to brand her as being sick – for having the temerity to not let it go.

The moral of that story from that episode of the officially-approved gay-marriage-friendly sitcom?

Bend over, take it and don’t complain – especially if you are actually the one who is right, doubly so if you are able to prove it – or risk, well, you know….

Keep that in mind when you encounter trans people refusing to let it go regarding not just the report that proved true everything we’ve been saying about HRC for two decades but also the media outlets that continue to refuse to talk about it.