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LBJ’s “Daisy Girl” Is Alive And Well…

…and she wants everyone to stay that way.

The Donald Trump Story


No More Perhaps

Even if the Philadelphia gay bashers are not one-percenters by asset, at least one of them is a one-percenter by arrogance:


Knotthead is the woman (I wonder if the radphlegm trans-exterminationists are going to try to claim that she must be trans; after all, only ‘men’ are violent, right?) among the three people charged.

Arrest warrants have been approved for Philip Williams, 24, Kevin Harrigan, 26, and Katherine Knott, 24, all of Bucks County, according to the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.

Each is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and criminal conspiracy.

On Tuesday night, Action News asked Lt. John Stanford why police didn’t arrest the suspects immediately.

“Well, it’s a situation of which the attorneys made communication with us to bring the clients from the first place, as a courtesy[“]

Damn.  She must be a cop.  That almost sounds like the special treatment that Ferguson, Missouri police thug Darren Wilson is getting from the St. Louis County authorities.

Action News has confirmed suspect Kathryn Knott is the daughter of Chalfont, Bucks County Police Chief Karl Knott.

Close enough.

Arrogance never falls too far from the tree – whether by money or by badge.

Remember the ‘Will And Grace’ Episode Where Everyone Shows Up to an ‘Ex-Gay’ Group Meeting Just Assuming that It Is Actually a Gay Hook-Up Get-Together?

Well, life imitates art:

With so much business-casual packed into the Gaylord International Hotel for the annual family values bash CPAC, there’s bound to be a few hookups. But because attendees may be a bit out of touch, apps like Grindr and Tinder, while certainly buzzing, have not completely overtaken good old-fashioned Craigslist.

According to one sex blogger, “in years past CPAC has developed a reputation for being one of the biggest gay hook-up destinations this side of the White Party.”

So…What Does Kyle Tasker Think of ‘Affluenza’?

As a follow-up to the introduction of the murderous, drunken rich brat from Texas who the Republicans will nominate for the presidency as soon as said murderous, drunken rich brat from Texas turns 35, we have a law-n-order New Hampshire Republican:

Rep. Kyle Tasker (R-Nottingham) is one of the sponsors of HB 1442, which would allow circuit and superior courts to establish mental health courts. Those courts could lead to treatment for mentally ill, nonviolent offenders rather than incarceration.

But on a Facebook post from Feb. 2 and 3, Tasker commented that “[t]he idea that being crazy is a shield against the full force of the justice system is laughable.”

“Crazy people need to face consequences equal or greater than everyone else,” Tasker wrote.

So, Kyle….

Are rich (presumably Republican-spawned) white kids who kill people and blame it on how hard they had it in life because of being so obnoxiously rich “crazy” and in need of “consequences equal or greater than everyone else”?

The 99% want to know.

“Rand Paul is not only too dishonest to come up with his own material, he’s too stupid to at least plagiarize from a reliable source”

See the quotation marks?

They are an indication that I am not claiming that sentence as my own.  Hereafter, I am telling you that I got it from commenter “Mr. Flibble” at Crooks and Liars.

All of that is called ‘citing my source.’

I have no idea how authoritative “Mr. Flibble” is, but I’ll lay down a buck or two that whoever it is has taught a class in high school or, as I did, in college where someone passed off made a feeble attempt to pass off a Wikipedia entry as an original essay.

Unsourced, of course.

(For those keeping score at home – and in light of the fact that we’re inside a month away from the 35th anniversary of the assassination – the idiot who tried to get away with it in my class cut-and-pasted from Harvey Milk‘s Wikipedia entry.)

All of that, brings us to Ayn, er…, Rand Paul.

Rand Paul was speaking at crazyland Liberty University today and went off on a long tangent about eugenics, and how “the evil, autocratic state” can, if allowed, determine one’s destiny. How that was supposed to help Ken Cuccinelli in his gubernatorial race is anyone’s guess, ostensibly the reason he was there in Virginia. But, as with Ted Cruz, everything they do is geared towards 2016. Rand Paul has been running hard for the evangelicals lately, but cribbing from a wikipedia entry probably isn’t going to impress anyone.

Certainly not.

On the other hand, it does make me wonder how much of his own work he actually did while at Duke University medical school.

I guess only Aqua Buddah (or perhaps the rotting corpse of Richard Nixon, who went to law school at Duke) knows for sure.