The HRC Shuffle

Q: As an organization, what have you done for me lately?

A: We updated our website with information that was gathered by other organizations (most likely volunteers) who actually did the work, please donate today.

h/t Ethan St. Pierre

Get the Picture?


Live Long, Prosper and….What Was the Other One?

Oh yeh…


Be cool.

Always be cool.

Leonard Nimoy was the only Trek star who was cool enough to avoid 1982’s Ultimate Fiasco.

Ergo, Nimoy will always be cool.

Seen Recently on a Cable Channel Whose Owners Apparently Believe Giving Three Hours Each Morning to a Radical Conservative Ex-Congressman is Being ‘Liberal’…


How is ideology even an issue when incompetence overshadows everything?

Memo to James Inhofe

Saying that the existence of a snowball in the District of Columbia in 2015 means that there is no climate change is like saying that the existence of a black non-slave in Mississippi in 1840 meant that slavery didn’t exist there at that time.

I Also Wonder…

How many of those among Gay Marriage, Inc., who are coupled and live in states with gay rights laws and/or are sufficiently wealthy to not care about such pedestrian matters as anti-discrimination laws and/or are gay Republicans and don’t believe in anti-discrimination laws are losing even one minute of sleep over the possibility that even one among the current deluge of bills to eliminate the local anti-discrimination protections being relied upon (or hoped for) by non-coupled (and coupled for that matter) LGBT people in states that will never have statewide gay rights laws might not be happening if gay marriage wasn’t being ramrodded through the courts toward what pundits presume to be the gay marriage analogue to Roe v. Wade this summer?


In your heart, you know what the answer is.

I Wonder…

How many of the concern trolls who are defending trans-exterminationistic TERFs over ‘no-platform’-ing have no problem with deploying government authority to outlaw ‘reparative therapy’?

I’m just askin’….

But I’m just expectin’ no fessin’ up.