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The other is a Kia Soul hamster.

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Roland Emmerich: “Let’s Make Stonewall White Again!”

Well, those weren’t his exact words, but…

The director received heavy criticism in 2015 for his depiction of the events at Stonewall, with many critics claiming the film whitewashed the Stonewall narrative and erased the drag queens, transgender patrons and queer people of color present during — and largely responsible for — the rebellion.

In The Guardian interview, Emmerich is, once again, dredging up old criticism of the film — and thereby offending an entire community while doing so.

“My movie was exactly what they said it wasn’t,” he told The Guardian. “It was politically correct. It had black, transgender people in there. We just got killed by one voice on the internet who saw a trailer and said, this is whitewashing Stonewall. Stonewall was a white event, let’s be honest. But nobody wanted to hear that any more.”

Honest isn’t the word I’d use.

Pic of the Day: June 20, 2016 (Special ‘My Buddy Louise’ Edition)

20160619 - 01

I had to say goodbye to my buddy Louise a few weeks ago.  Above is how I’d see her first thing in the morning – and below is her telling me that she’d helped me enough with research for one day.

Unlike the Pulse victims, she got to go peacefully at a ripe old age (a few months past her tenth birthday.)

Demand an Answer from Mike Huckabee

HuckThe Schmuck

Huck the Schmuck should be forced to explain how his belief in the literalness and inerrancy of the christian bible (a text which, includes, you know…Leviticus) brings him to desire a fate for the LGBT people in that club any different than that inflicted on them by the shooter.

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White Christian Male Texas Republican Officeholder Praises Mass Murder