Joni Ernst: Right-Wing Psychopath

From Crooks and Liars:

During the [Iowa Republican Senatorial Primary] debate, a viewer questioned whether she would change her ad which shows Ernst on a firing range promising to unload on Obamacare. TPM:

The moderator then asked Ernst if she would change the ad or its timing in light of the UCSB shooting.

“I would not — no. This unfortunate accident happened after the ad, but it does highlight that I want to get rid of, repeal, and replace Bruce Braley’s Obamacare,” Ernst replied, referring to a Democratic Senate candidate. “And it also shows that I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. That is a fundamental right.”


I wonder if Ernst would support an “accident” defense (manslaughter, be it voluntary or involuntary) for the shooter had he survived and gone on trial.

And I wonder why more members of the alleged lib-rul media aren’t demanding an answer to that question from her.

If You’re Anti-Abortion…

…and if your gun fetish is more important to you than stopping mass murder, then – whether you’re Joe the Fake Plumber or any other nutwad – you’re not pro-life.

You’re pro-forced-birth.

You don’t give a shit about life.

Balance and Perspective

From Cristan Williams at TransAdvocate:

[W]hen the then 26 year old Amanda Bynes wrote, “Follow me on twitter you faggots!” RuPaul blasted Bynes tweeting, “Derogatory slurs are ALWAYS an outward projection of a person’s own poisonous self-loathing.”

But, for RuPaul, tranny is somehow different.

The majority of people who use both tranny and faggot mean it as a slur. Moreover, these are the slurs people use when they are murdering us. When the non-trans gay man, Neil Patrick Harris said his deep voice sounded like a tranny to a largely cisgender heterosexual audience, what and more importantly, who was the heterosexual cisgender audience laughing at?

That, then seems to be the issue for the trans community. While a gay man might know who he’s laughing at, the trans community seems to know who the cis community is laughing at when a gay man uses tranny.

Spellcheck is a Public Accommodation


…or not.

But, of course, if it was, in Massachusetts it could STILL be legally denied to trans people by married gay people.

I Now Believe that ‘Wheel of Fortune’ is Less Relevant than Most of the Crap that Contestants Used to Have to ‘Go Shopping’ to Buy with Their Winnings


“So they leave it all up to God, then seek out Science when they don’t like God’s plan. Typical Talibangelicals”

A comment from Gregory Gadow on Facebook to a posting of this disgusting story:

Duggars Visit Fertility Doctor to See About Having a 20th Kid

Kool-Aid Isn’t Just Purple-N-Yellow-Flavored Anymore


I’m not sure who deserves the credit for this – but it is well-deserved.