If He Actually Said This…

Then, on general principle, I might actually have to – even if temporarily – suspend my desire for Bill Hicks’ dream regarding Jay Leno, Patrick Duffy and Joey Lawrence to come true.

Scalia: Women Have No Right to Look at a Photo of Me Before Having Sex

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia says that the pivotal decision which reversed a law that prohibited women from using contraception is not supported under his interpretation of the Constitution.

During an interview on Sunday, Fox News host Chris Wallace asked Scalia why he believed that it is a “lie” that women have a Constitutional right to abortion.

“Nobody ever thought that the America people voted to prohibit limitations on abortions,” the 76-year-old conservative justice explained. “There’s nothing in the Constitution that says that.”

“What about the right to privacy that the court found in 1965?” Wallace pressed.

“There’s no right to privacy in the Constitution — no generalized right to privacy,” Scalia insisted.

“Well, in the Griswold case, the court said there was,” Wallace pointed out.

“Yeah, it did,” Scalia agreed. “And that was wrong.”


Not a perfect analogy…

Looking at a photo of him wouldn’t just prevent conception, it would turn both partners off of sex…


for fear of producing the next Scalia.

So Much for that Notion of the Constitution NOT Being a Suicide Pact

Tony the Scowl, armageddon’s pin-up boy:

In an opinion that is sure to delight potential terrorists everywhere, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia told Fox News Sunday that he believes all hand held weapons including rocket launchers are protected under the Second Amendment.

Conservatives have gone from a advocating a position of protecting the right to keep and bear arms to believing that nearly every weapon imaginable can and should be legally available to all Americans. I wonder how the NRA will defend the necessity of rocket launchers for hunting or personal protection? I can’t wait to hear somebody suggest that the next American mass shooting could have been prevented if the victims would have had rocket launchers.

It was fitting that Scalia, who along with Clarence Thomas has shattered all pretense of political neutrality on the High Court, would make his remarks on Fox News Sunday. Here is a Supreme Court Justice appearing on a program produced by a partisan cable news network to advance a radical position that could arm and empower mass killers.

Or, as they are known in some circles, the future Romney Administration.


RIP the good Romana:

[Mary] Tamm, who played the Doctor’s companion Romana alongside Tom Baker, died at her home in south London after losing her 18 month fight against [cancer].

Sadly, its apparently not been a good year for the acresses who played companions who were the Doctor’s intellectual equals.  This from June:

Caroline John, best known for playing Doctor Who’s companion Liz Shaw, has passed away at the age of 72.

John portrayed Liz Shaw in four 1970 episodes of television series Doctor Who, opposite third Doctor John Pertwee. Her character was present at the emergence of the reptilian Silurians.

Double damn.

The Romney Flowchart

Seen recently on Facebook:

Obscured from view is Glenn Beck and the orifice that he’s inserting himself into.

Worth Barfing (On) [UPDATED]

Visit TransAdvocate on Facebook to investigate how to appropriately respond to the latest from bugvomit.


This is the text of the TransAdvocate plea being amplified on Facebook:

Please write to Linda Rusch, Chair, ABA Business Law Section, c/o Gonzaga Univ School of Law, PO Box 3528, Spokane, WA 99220-3528; lrusch [at] lawschool.gonzaga.edu and ask that Cathy Brennan be removed as a liaison to the ABA’s Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

Worth Noting…

From CaroLINES:

[T]he reason I say Radical Feminists want to oppress, seriously oppress, transsexual and transgender women is this (again, pointed to by Rebecca), titled “It doesn’t make a damn bit of difference what you say or do: Trans Activists want to kill you”. This is as opposed to what Radical Feminists want to do to transsexual or transgender folk – which is ensure their eradication. I guess.

(Please note: I deactvated the link within the quote; I have no desire to directly send anyone to that exterminationist site directly off of ENDABlog2 even if it is from inside a quote – so if you want to visit that exterminationist site, you’ll need to go to CaroLINES first.)

Heh Heh Heh!

I Think I Just Figured it All Out

Mitt the Flip really isn’t running for president.  He’s just wanting to make sure he’s the Republican nominee so he can bet against his campaign (you know, the same way that Bain Capital essentially bet against all of those companies that Bain destroyed.)


Mitt Romney has already gotten in a spot of trouble in London for suggesting that Britain may not be quite ready to host the Olympic Games. Romney has walked back his comments, but it’s not the first time the candidate has said some not-so-flattering things about the Sceptered Isle. In his book, No Apology, he writes:

England [sic] is just a small island. Its roads and houses are small. With few exceptions, it doesn’t make things that people in the rest of the world want to buy. And if it hadn’t been separated from the continent by water, it almost certainly would have been lost to Hitler’s ambitions. Yet only two lifetimes ago, Britain ruled the largest and wealthiest empire in the history of humankind. Britain controlled a quarter of the earth’s land and a quarter of the earth’s population.


Not only is he going to England at the start of their Olympics and verbally trashing the nation but his authorial record indicates that he’s clearly pining for the whitewashed days when England was able to enslave large swaths of the earth populated by not-so-white people who, as Captain Edmund Blackadder reminded his soldiers at the impending Battle of the Somme (a conflict in which both sides were allowed to have modern weaponry), were never under any circumstances allowed to have guns and who eventually had the temerity to not want to be ruled by a bunch of rich, white inbred assholes – a desire that, clearly, RMoney thinks was wrong.

‎With few exceptions, it doesn’t make things that people in the rest of the world want to buy.

As opposed to what? Utah?

Lets start a comparative list, shall we?



BYU, which has been able to win one national championship in the collegiate version of a sport that pretty much no one outside of North America gives a damn about (Amerian football) and only won that one championship because it played a schedule weaker than anything Boise State has ever played and then was able to cap things off  with a win in the Nothing Bowl vs. the England-originated sport that every other country in the world calls football because, well, every other country in the world other than the United States gives a shit about it.


Music from Utah that anyone anywhere has ever wanted even for an instant – even if conned into wanting it by marketing-oids – vs. Music from England that almost everyone everywhere has wanted in one form or another at some point and likely, with few exceptions, will continue to want for years to come.


In one corner we have the Osmonds and Orrin Hatch.

In the other we have the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who, Pink Floyd [insert your own personal fast-forwarding through several decades of British music so I don’t crash WordPress by actually listing it all] Oasis, Blur, The Spice Girls and even – yes – Amy Winehouse.

Mitt, go smoke some mushrooms from your wife’s dancing horse’s poop and leave reality to the rest of us – before I compare Utah’s television legacy to Monty Python, Doctor Who and Absolutely Fabulous.


That Absolutely Fabulous.

Countdown to Rupert Murdoch NOT Firing This Misogynistic Hemorrhoid in 3…2…1….


Just, wow…

Something tells me that Taranto already has a job lined up for the RMoney Administration…

in the EEOC…

ensuring Title IX compliance.