The Rope-A-Dope Worked for Muhammad Ali

Because he was a boxer…

and he did the rope-a-dope in the boxing ring.

Silencing Germaine Greer will let prejudice against trans people flourish

For that assertion to be true, it would mean the fact that Janice Raymond was never silenced caused prejudice against trans people to cease.

You can be excused for missing that, because, when last I checked, it never happened.

Exterminationist TERFs have had their cake and eaten ours too for too long.

Greer is the poster child for why no-platforming is legitimate.

Why Wasn’t Laverne Cox Offered the Role of Janet Weiss?

Until she is, the Rocky Horror remake will simply fill out a triumvirate begun by Ask Harriet and Work It.

Germaine Greer…

Germaine Greer will not give Cardiff University lecture because of abuse over views on transgender people

…poster child for why no-platforming is a legitimate stance – because the title of that Independent item should read: “Germaine Greer will not give Cardiff University lecture because of her abusive views on transgender people.”

What is the Only Headline that the New York Times Could NOT Use for an Item Touting Andrew Cuomo’s Creation of the Illusion of Trans-Inclusion?

New York Leads the Way on Transgender Rights

And, of course, that’s precisely the headline that the N.Y. Slimes decided to use.


The regulations come after years of failed efforts to enact a state law. The State Assembly has passed an anti-discrimination bill called the Gender Expression Nondiscrimination Act, or Genda, eight times, but the Republican-controlled State Senate has repeatedly blocked it.


That’s actually an accurate statement.

Several cities and counties in New York have passed anti-discrimination laws protecting transgender people, but nearly 40 percent of transgender residents of the state, or about 23,000 people, live in areas without protection. And transgender people in New York face disturbingly high rates of discrimination: 75 percent have experienced workplace harassment, 53 percent have suffered discrimination or harassment in a public place like a restaurant, and 19 percent have been denied a house or an apartment because of their gender identity, according to a 2011 survey. Nationwide, transgender people are at high risk of unemployment and homelessness.

And so is that.

But after that, the train went off the tracks.

In the absence of an anti-discrimination law, Mr. Cuomo’s executive action offers much-needed protections quickly

Only for people who are already employed and might file suit regarding that current employment rather than any attempt to find employment elsewhere.  The regulations will in theory also cover failure to hire but in practice never will.  We all know how difficult (read: impossible) it is to prove up a failure to hire case, but those who push non-statutory solutions as a means to get trans people to shut up will not admit it.  And they also will not admit that at the federal level and in most states (I presume New York is one, but I concede I don’t know for sure) the ‘know your rights’ posters that employers are required to conspicuously post mention the statutorily-enumerated categories of prohibited discrimination – not wishful-thinking (or even actual) administrative interpretations of ‘sex’ to include trans people.  We all know that those posters do have an effect on the hiring process; employers who might otherwise be inclined to discriminate based on a prohibited characteristic are known to think twice before doing so – and, in fact, are known to, in the end, refrain from doing so.

We all know – but those who push non-statutory solutions as a means to get trans people to shut up will not admit – that the fake, never-proven-to-exist trans-inclusive administrative interpretation of statutory “sex” in Maryland benefited no one other than the Maryland Gay, Inc.-ers who conned legislators into leaving trans people out of Maryland’s civil rights statute.  Even if the fake, never-proven-to-exist trans-inclusive administrative interpretation of statutory “sex” in Maryland had existed, no employer would have seen mention of it among the list of prohibited employment criteria…

leaving discriminated-against trans non-hires swinging in the ‘You’re going to try to file a failure to hire suit? Ha!’ breeze.

— the regulations will be posted for public comment by early November, and the governor’s office expects them to take effect by the end of the year. And, of course, the governor’s action does not preclude future legislative efforts.

In theory.

In practice?

Gay, Inc. will have congratulated itself and given itself raises, bonuses and promotions one second after the comment period is over. And the raises, bonuses and promotions are all that matter.

I won’t mention Matt ‘promoted from ESPA to NGLTF as a reward for signing off on 2002’s apartheid-lite SONDA’ Foreman by name.

And the N.Y. Slimes didn’t even mention the possibility that the New York Court of Appeals might look at the regs and say, ‘Nice try, Andy. Maybe you should have expended some political capital on some arm-twisting in the Senate to get a statute passed – because that’s what you needed.’

The new regulations set an important example for the country.

…of how states can continue to avoid following through on the promise (that we all knew was a lie) of actual ‘incremental progress.’

I won’t mention New York, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Massachusetts (yes, Massachusetts – where the lesbian TERF owner of a business that is a public accommodation can legally prevent a trans person from entering said public accommodation in order to apply for consideration for employment that the lesbian TERF is legally prohibited from discriminating against the trans person in said consideration of) by name.

More than 30 states lack comprehensive anti-discrimination laws that protect transgender people.

Its those aforementioned four that I’m concerned about.

I have to be…

because I’m sure that the self-important trans glitterati (quislingerati?) who will fly in from around the country to squat in the five-bill seats (courtesy of Gay, Inc. patronage?) at Jennerstock on March 1 won’t be.

Pay to See Caitlyn Jenner????


I don’t think so.

Not even if the ‘show’ was honestly titled, such as “An Intimate & Personal Evening in which Caitlyn Jenner Tries to Suck Money Out of People Whose Interests She Has no Problem Voting Against.”

Caitlyn Jenner should be paying trans people for having to live in a world that has only been made more difficult for them by the presence of an obscenely-rich, terminally-clueless media whore who gets awards for spending a million dollars to InstaTransition™ while supporting a political party that works against the interests of trans people who don’t have millions of dollars to buy themselves out from under christofascist politico-economic policy.

Of course, since its in Seattle, I’m sure that $522.00 will also get one the honor of hearing Dan Savage declaring that Jenner is proof that it does indeed get better – for all obscenely-rich, terminally-clueless media whores who now know that they can get awards for spending millions of dollars to InstaTransition™ while supporting a political party that works against the interests of trans people who don’t have millions of dollars to buy themselves out from under christofascist politico-economic policy.

On this Week’s Episode of ‘Synonyms for Texas’…

douchetastic buffoonery

Actually, according to former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, that’s a synonym for Texans owner Bob McNair – or at least what he’s been up to (because he clearly hasn’t been up to putting together a competent team.)

It was with some puzzlement that I read the recent story about your donation to a political group opposing the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (“HERO”), a measure seeking to protect Houstonians from sexual orientation and gender identity-based discrimination.

“Surely,” I said to myself, “one of the NFL’s thirty-two owners, businessmen with more accumulated wealth than most third world nations and completely vested in the well-being of the society that afforded them such success … surely this man could not be a pants-on-head, cowhumping glue-huffer stupid enough to buy in on clearly outdated ideals of bigotry and intolerance?”

Sadly, however, it appears I must hide my livestock, because the facts do not lie. You have, indeed, donated $10,000 to a cause whose sole purpose is to denigrate a specific group of American citizens

And those are just the opening three paragraphs of Kluwe’s open letter to McNair.

I rarely favorably quote Dan Savage, but this is an exception to the rule.

Kluwe’s letter?

It gets better.

Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better.

I’d Like to see a No-Go Zone for Hypocrisy

Jonathan Capehart, 2002:

Albany could delay the bill further because the addition of transgender is so controversial. While legislators have been educated in gay issues over these past 30 years, there has been no similar enlightenment in Albany on transgender issues.

Jonathan Capehart, 2015:

If the voters of Houston reject Proposition 1, they will create a no-go zone for LGBT people.

The ‘no similar enlightenment’ lie was as much of a transphobic canard of disgusting, A-Gay-greed convenience in 2002 as the ‘bathroom’ lie of the diseased rhetorical alliance between right-wing christianists and TERFs is today.

In short: Jonathan Capehart may well have his head in the right place re: Houston and 2015 and, if so, good for him.  But in 2002 he had no problem with the state of New York becoming a no-go zone for trans people…

which it still is.

Don’t think trans people and their gay-approved, third-class New York state status will ever forget.

Memo to Jeb ‘Brother of George W. Bush’ Bush

Sept. 11, 2001 was almost eight full months after Jan. 20, 2001.

If you don’t care about that fact, then you’re unfit to hold public office.

If you don’t understand it, then you’re not sufficiently competent to hold public office.

Massey Energy: The U-North of Coal

Yes! Here we are, all together. Is everyone listening? ‘Cause this is the moment you’ve been waiting for, a very special piece of paper, so let’s have a big, paranoid, malignant round of applause… for United Northfield Culcitate Internal Research Memorandum #229!
Arthur Edens

Remember the Upper Big Branch coal mine disaster?

Donald Blankenship, the coal baron who tried to buy himself a judicial appointment to duck liability judgments, and who was the CEO of Massey Energy at the time the Upper Big Branch mine collapsed, is on trial.

In what can only be called a friendly twist of fate, Blankenship may be convicted on the strength of his own words, preserved in self-made recordings of every conversation he had.

That sound you hear is the rotting corpse of Richard Nixon shaking what’s left of his head.

In one conversation, Mr. Blankenship complains that Massey’s top safety official is too concerned with “the social aspects” of her job: “You’ve got to have someone who actually understands that this game is about money.” In another, he frets over a confidential internal safety memo — central to the prosecution’s case — that warned, among other things, of poor ventilation at mines and said Massey was “plainly cheating” in sampling coal dust, a health hazard and a fire accelerant.He worries how things will look if Massey is sued. “If that was a fatal today, or if we had one,” Mr. Blankenship says, an apparent reference to an accident, “it’d be a terrible document to be in discovery.”

Or, as the dearly departed Attorney Edens would say: “You don’t need me to tell you what that means. Goodbye!”

The God’s Obnoxious Party’s Four-Minute Hypocrisy Drill

This really does speak for itself: