If Nikki Araguz Loses Her Case in Texas’ Courts, This Will be the Reason Why

Once again proving that under no circumstances can ‘incremental progress’ apply to the goals of those with Marriage Derangement Syndrome.

Trans people still under no circumstances actually can demand to be allowed to suggest to be allowed to ask a question about the possibility of our issues being considered – but gay marriage can never under any circumstances be expected to wait…

no matter who the impatience has the more-than-very-real potential to harm.

From the rag that used to be the Advocate:

Two same-sex couples filed a federal lawsuit Monday aiming to strike down Texas’s constitutional prohibition on marriage equality, seeking an injunction to stop state officials from enforcing the ban, reports the San Antonio Express-News.

From the Express-News:

Word of the lawsuit’s filing cheered San Antonio advocates of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights. Richard Farias, chairman of the Pride Center of San Antonio and a board member of Equality Texas, said he applauded the plaintiffs “because people like that blaze the trail.”

People in Vermont blazed a trial back in 1999.

It is an inescapable reality that the two judges on the San Antonio Court of Appeals who ruled against Christie Lee Littleton – by declaring her heterosexual transsexual marriage case to be a gay marriage case – in Littleton v. Prange a few weeks before Baker v. Vermont was officially decided could not have not known that that gay marriage trail was being blazed.

And it is an inescapable reality that if the Corpus Christi-Edinburg Court of Appeals and/or the Texas Supreme Court rule against Nikki Araguz by declaring her heterosexual transsexual marriage case to be a gay marriage case, it is the inability of those afflicted with Marriage Derangement Syndrome to care about the collateral consequences of the cases they file and the legislation they push that can be thanked.

The Actual 21st Century Republican Philosophy

From Raw Story:

A Republican Nevada state assemblyman said that he would vote for legislation in favor of slavery if his constituents wanted him to. According to the Las Vegas Sun, Jim Wheeler of Gardnerville, NV was speaking to the Storey County Republican Party when he made the remarks last August, although they are only now coming to light.

“If that’s what they wanted, I’d have to hold my nose, I’d have to bite my tongue and they’d probably have to hold a gun to my head, but yeah, if that’s what the citizens of the, if that’s what the constituency wants that elected me, that’s what they elected me for,” he said. “That’s what a republic is about.”

Future slaves couldn’t be reached for comment as to what they think a republic is about.

As an aside….

Jim Wheeler via Wheeler4Nevada

Why did Raw Story choose to run a photo of Don Rickles with that item?

And how did they get Don Rickles to wear a sub-Dollar General suit and an amusement park cowboy hat?

Who Needs Radphlegm Trans-Exterminationists When Corporate Media Does the Work of Conservative Liars?

Dran Reese, Founder of Salt and Light Ministry

Dran Reese, Founder of Salt and Light Ministry

Looks like Sarah Palin to me – right down to the plastic doofus smile.

But I digress….

From Think Progress:

Opponents of California’s new law protecting transgender students (AB 1266) are intent on demonizing transgender students, and blogger Cristan Williams has debunked another fabricated claim of supposed restroom harassment.

One of the partners in the so-called “Privacy for All Students” referendum campaign against AB 1266 is Salt and Light Ministry, which is affiliated with Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship in Temecula, California. As Williams points out, the group has promoted the Pacific Justice Institute’s claims about a Colorado transgender student harassing girls in the school bathroom that have been proven false. Apparently, Salt and Light Ministry has also been spinning its own stories. The group’s leader, Dran Reese, told KGTV ABC10 News in San Diego last week that a transgender student at a Los Angeles high school was harassing other girls in the bathroom:

Reese pointed out a recent case in which a Los Angeles-area high school student complained to her school that a transgender boy harassed her and peeked at girls over the stalls.

The girl’s family hired an attorney, but has yet to file a lawsuit.

Williams was dubious of this claim and called the Los Angeles Unified School District to verify it — a step it seems KGTV ABC10 reporter Michael Chen did not take. Here’s how the district’s Office of Communications responded to Williams’ inquiry:

LAUSD: [The school] did get the complaint and it turned out that it was fabricated by one of the parents who opposes transgender students in schools. So it was an unfortunate situation, to have to put the students through, but it was fabricated.

That sound you don’t hear is Gay, Inc., time or money being expended to fight this. After all, there are Massachusetts-Gay-Marriage-Tenth-Anniversary Parties to plan and all.

“Rand Paul is not only too dishonest to come up with his own material, he’s too stupid to at least plagiarize from a reliable source”

See the quotation marks?

They are an indication that I am not claiming that sentence as my own.  Hereafter, I am telling you that I got it from commenter “Mr. Flibble” at Crooks and Liars.

All of that is called ‘citing my source.’

I have no idea how authoritative “Mr. Flibble” is, but I’ll lay down a buck or two that whoever it is has taught a class in high school or, as I did, in college where someone passed off made a feeble attempt to pass off a Wikipedia entry as an original essay.

Unsourced, of course.

(For those keeping score at home – and in light of the fact that we’re inside a month away from the 35th anniversary of the assassination – the idiot who tried to get away with it in my class cut-and-pasted from Harvey Milk‘s Wikipedia entry.)

All of that, brings us to Ayn, er…, Rand Paul.

Rand Paul was speaking at crazyland Liberty University today and went off on a long tangent about eugenics, and how “the evil, autocratic state” can, if allowed, determine one’s destiny. How that was supposed to help Ken Cuccinelli in his gubernatorial race is anyone’s guess, ostensibly the reason he was there in Virginia. But, as with Ted Cruz, everything they do is geared towards 2016. Rand Paul has been running hard for the evangelicals lately, but cribbing from a wikipedia entry probably isn’t going to impress anyone.

Certainly not.

On the other hand, it does make me wonder how much of his own work he actually did while at Duke University medical school.

I guess only Aqua Buddah (or perhaps the rotting corpse of Richard Nixon, who went to law school at Duke) knows for sure.

That Sound You Hear is the Bus We’re About to be Thrown Under

From Metro Weakly:

Legislation that would protect LGBT people from workplace discrimination will reach the floor of the Senate before Thanksgiving, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced Monday.

Appearing on the Senate floor Monday, Reid announced the Senate would take up consideration of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) during the four week working session that began today.

…just at the right time for Ted Cruz and his Presidential Ambition Fluffers the christianist whacko wing to read the now-proven-false-though-that-won’t stop-them-or-their-TERF-associates, hot-off-the-rightwing-presses ‘reports’ about the trans kids in schools verbatim into the record and to scare conservadems – like Reid – into either throwing us under the bus completely or poisoning the bill with the non-trans-authored-yet-fraudulently-presented-as-trans-approved, currently-en-vogue public accommodations language that means that the bill will, in fact, offer no real protections for trans people.

Interesting timing, don’tcha think?

Perhaps being thrown under the bus actually isn’t the sound we’re hearing.

In fact…

Upon further review, I’m thinking that maybe it is the sound of a gun being loaded on a grassy knoll…

while the legitimate portions of ENDA are in a limousine on Elm Street.

Cristan Williams Again Reports on the Christianist Psychopaths (Whose Fraudulent Propaganda Was Promoted by Certain TERFs)

Cristan asks:

What happens when PJI is confronted by parents?

The answer is essential reading.

Worth Noting

Apparently I should change the tag to Gay Marriage Derangement Syndrome.

‘Both Sides’ Damn Well Do Not Do This [UPDATED]



REVEALED: GOP Rep. Pete Sessions Told Obama ‘I Can’t Even Stand to Look At You’ During Private Meeting

Not Exactly News, But Worth Remembering Nevertheless

Cathy Brennan & TERFs Hate Women

I’m just sayin’…

If its Christianism, Then its Fraud

As Cristan Williams reports:

California signature gatherer caught lying to trick people into discriminating against trans children