Democratic National Committee to Trans People: Drop Dead!

That should be the title to any news item announcing this development:

Joe Solmonese, a former head of the Human Rights Campaign, has been named chief executive for the 2020 Democratic National Convention Committee in Milwaukee.

But, of course, it won’t be.

And, of course, just like the Washington Blade item from which I took that sentence, it is ever so unlikely that any media outlet that has a history of dutifully acting as a scrivener for organs of Gay, Inc., will bother reminding people – particularly the young, cutesy, telegenic trans people that the Human Right Scampaign now employs to con other trans people into forgetting that it was and always will be the most transphobic entity in the nation – that Solmonese committed criminal fraud in 2007 when he told Southern Comfort’s attendees that his organization would oppose any non-inclusive version of ENDA, knowing full well (1) that his organization had no intention of opposing a non-inclusive ENDA and (2) that his patently false claim would entice at least some trans people and trans rights supporters who otherwise would never have joined HRC and/or donated money to the Scampaign to join it and/or donate money to it.


And let us not forget all of the ever-so-creative ways that Appletini Joe (and Queen Elizabeth III before him) utilized to con all who would listen into believing that HRC had over a half-million ‘members.’

When Paul Manafort finally enters federal prison to serve his time for fraud, Joe Solmonese should be there to welcome him there as his cellmate.

Instead, he’s living the cushy life he earned by helping to ensure that there will never be federal LGBT employment anti-discrimination during my working lifetime.

But rest assured, Joe.  You’re not at the top of my list of thoroughly disgusting transphobes who have never paid a price for their thoroughly disgusting transphobia.

That position is reserved for whoever made the decision to insult trans people by opening the door to your political casket to give you yet another undeserved opportunity that no trans person was ever considered for.

George H.W. Bush

The “H” stands for “Horton.”

The “W” stands for “Willie.”

And they will continue to do so – forever.

The first faux Texan from the first family of political fraud to slither into the White House signed this into law:


We all know that hell is a mythological concept created by rich religionists to scare the poor into worshiping not a god or gods but rich religionists….

But based solely on the above noted aspects of George H.W. Bush’s life, I’ll contribute to the construction of hell (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) if I could be sure that that is where his eternal home would be.

(Oh, and let us not forget Clarence Thomas.)

It Is Easy To Break Bread With Racists, Homophobes, Transphobes, Misogynists and Anti-Semites if You’re a White, Straight, Cis, Male Gentile Because They Only Want to Break Your Bread, Not Your Neck

Jim Carrey yearns for a day when we can all get together. He brags about being able to break bread with any Trump voter because he can find something in common with them.

Okay, I wanted to be nice to Carrey for this appearance this week on Real Time with Bill Maher, but I don’t think I can be. (And that is in spite of a description of Donald Trump that he offered up – one that I hope can become the universal, safe-for-work description of him: Trump is essentially a used-car salesman. He didn’t make America great again; he merely rolled back the odometer.)

I’m sure I have some things in common with many Trump voters.

I’m guessing many of us do.

I know that some of my bestest friends here, on Twitter and on FB don’t like the other FB – that being foo-baw. But, based on my observations thru the years, more do than don’t.

And guess what? That likely gives us something in common with most of the Trump voters.

But guess what – again? That’s not an issue of life or death (however much certain followers of certain teams think it is.)

What the old, grey white christianist men who will occupy two stolen U.S. Supreme Court seats do while in those seats is a matter of life and death to me…

to all trans people (not named Jenner)…

to all women (who lack rich Republican men to buy a la carte freedom in certain unnamed jurisdictions for them when the rhythm method fails)…

to all non-christians (except the occasional useful kapo)…

to all non-whites (except the occasional useful media-friendly kapo)…

and to all immigrants – except the ones who can easily pass for born-here WASPs…

you know…

such as Jim Carrey.

Now, I like to be fair.

I can live without Dumb and Dumber, but Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was and is one of the best movies ever made.

I like seeing Jim Carrey’s artwork appear in my Twitter feed (seriously – he’s damn good.)

I’m sure I could break bread with him.

But, if that occurred at his home, we probably would not get to the main course, because I would feel the need to tell him how clueless his privilege makes him sound even when he’s conveying a message that I would like to agree with.

“Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement”


Jake Tapper for the Slam Dunk

TapperSlam(We would also have accepted ‘Jake Tapper Slams the Skunk’)


The Party that Prays Together Preys Together



Two Years Ago: Obergefell v. Hodges

…and then 18 months later, tens (hundreds?) of thousands of those who ramrodded the want of marriage ahead of the basic employment-centric anti-discrimination needs of all LGBTs – including those who might not be coupled – on the national civil rights agenda voted for Trump out of lower-tax greed.

Marriage Derangement Syndrome is as Marriage Derangement Syndrome does.

When Illegitimate Justice Gorsuch writes the opinion that erases marriage equality, I will laugh at every gay Republican who whines.

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