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“Jenny Boylan this is what I was doing while you were visiting…. Xoxo”

Seen recently on Facebook – from Nikki Araguz Loyd:


Ditto for the title of this post.

“the full diversity of our great community” Would Not Appear to Include Working-Class Trans Women (of Any Color) from Houston

From a tenured-pre-transition academic whose name escapes me:

I hope that when I Am Cait, season two, airs in spring viewers will see and hear a lot of interesting conversations that reflect the full diversity of our great community.

Our last stop on the long journey was Houston….

Please refer to the title of this blog post – and then read on.

We visited pastor Ed Young’s church on Friday, Ed Young being the minister of a megachurch that took the lead on promoting anti-trans hysteria as a means of defeating HERO.

We went there without cameras, without microphones. We did not go there for a photo op.

And yet…

Immaculate photography?

Maybe I need a new DSLR.

Jurassic Clarke

From the Toronto Star:

On Tuesday, Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health announced it will shutter its controversial Child, Youth and Family Gender Identity Clinic.

Harsh critiques of the CAMH children’s gender clinic began to emerge in the public realm nearly 20 years ago, yet clinic head Dr. Ken Zucker received promotions, honours and international invitations. Articles that described the treatment in detail were published in well-respected journals. The University of Toronto and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education sent their students to train at the clinic.

Research conducted on these children received funding and ethical clearance. Books written by these clinicians received favourable reviews by otherwise critical thinkers. Bioethicists publicly defended the practices. For quite some time, this treatment got a silent pass from the international medical community, the fields of psychology and psychiatry, and major professional health organizations, including but not limited to CAMH.

When trans people are understood to be somewhere between tragic and contemptible, it is seen as “helping” children to avoid this outcome by any means necessary.

One down…

Jurassic Bailey and Jurassic Dreger to go.

Let’s Face It: A Certain Jenner-Defender/Enabler Has Gotten Something Else Wrong

From the Windy City Times:

Let’s face it: mainstream and LGBT media do not always get it right—especially when referencing transgender lives.

Uh huh…

Decorated New York Times columnist and best-selling author Jennifer Boylan has made her life an open book, quite literally, in an effort to facilitate positive change from within—and outside of—the community.

“We’ve seen great progress made,” she said. “I’d like to see that progress continue. Stories of trans lives, in all their many different permutations, need to become more commonplace.[“]

Well, accuracy would also be nice.

Case in point:

Also thriving is Boylan’s commitment to the media machine GLAAD. The 57-year-old currently sits on the board as co-chair.

“I think we’re [GLAAD] the best organization on the country on [transgender] issues, outside of nonprofits like National Center for Transgender Equality…

Okay, let me stop there for a second.  Saying you’re the best – at anything – outside of The Quisling’s Sell-Out Circle is like saying that the 2008 Detroit Lions are best winless NFL team outside of the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  But I digress.

…whose work is solely focused on that one issue,” she said. “We have been doing this work for years and years now, long before trans advocacy was even on anyone’s radar. GLAAD’s longest serving employee is trans man Nick Adams, who for well over a dozen years now has been one of our community’s guardian angels. He is now director of transgender media. But there are plenty of trans people at GLAAD…

Well, I can think of a trans woman (and, no, I don’t mean me) who applied for a job at GLAAD – a job that she was by far the most qualified person in the nation for – about ten years ago who is not part of that “plenty.”  But, you probably already knew that. (And, if you didn’t, well – that’s a whole other story.) How about coming clean about GLAAD’s own HRC-esque history of employment discrimination (hint: tokens are not amulets)?  But I digress again.

…throughout our staff as well as on the board of directors. We have four trans women on the board, including the legendary Marci Bowers. We are the first LGBT nonprofit to have a transgender woman as co-chair of the board of directors. That would be me.”

No, Jenny.  That would not be you.

November 5, 1998

National queer lawyer group elects transgender co-chair

by Vicky Kolakowski

Santa Cruz attorney Melinda Whiteway has become the first openly transgendered person to be elected co-chair of a national lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) organization. On October 17 members of the National Lesbian and Gay Law Association (NLGLA) elected her as their female co-chair at the eighth Lavender Law Conference, held in Boston.

A longtime NLGLA board leader, Whiteway is one of six openly transgender members on the group’s board.

Whiteway told the Bay Area Reporter that she considered possible negative responses to her election, but was assured by her colleagues on the board that they considered such responses secondary to her qualifications and leadership.

Surprisingly for a nationally-known leader in the transgender rights movement, Whiteway downplays the historic nature of her election. “Although not intended as such, my election appears to be a milestone in the evolution of the LGBT community” she told the B.A.R.

But look at it this way, Jenny.

You just earned yourself a mention in my dissertation.

ESPA: Double-Talking to the Bitter End


From Gay City News:

In the face of shock, chagrin, and some withering criticism both on social media and from past executive directors, top staff and board members at the Empire State Pride Agenda pushed back against the notion they had declared “Mission Accomplished” in their December 12 announcement that they were winding down major operations over the next several months.

“We did not and are not declaring mission accomplished on LGBT equality,” said Norman C. Simon, chair of the Pride Agenda and co-chair of its affiliated educational Foundation.

Really?  Take a look at ESPA’s OWN WORDS from its Saturday night document dump that, apparently, they’re pissed off that non-ESPA people actually read:

The Boards’ decision comes on the heels of securing the Pride Agenda’s top remaining policy priority – protecting transgender New Yorkers from discrimination in housing, employment, credit, education and public accommodations – in the form of new regulations announced in partnership with Governor Andrew M. Cuomo at the organization’s Fall Dinner on October 22, 2015.

What say you, Norm?

“What we are saying is that our top priorities have been completed, and that the remaining work that needs to be done we will transition to other organizations in the coming months in an orderly process.”

Translated: ESPA‘s mission – getting everything for gays and lesbians while leaving trans people with no protections that any future governor cannot unilaterally erase one second after taking the oath of office – is, in fact, accomplished.  Remaining work that needs to be done…

ooh, a shiny object!

I think its Baccarat!

Biff, please get me one.  No, please get me one for each day of the week.


Trans rights?

Gear-shifting mechanisms need rights?  Mary, please.  Get yourself some more X before you embarrass us all in front of Senator Cruz.  I’ve already donated the maximum to his campaign.  He’s positively dreamy, but I still don’t want to get guilted into donating to his PAC as well.

You get the idea.

Didn’t like the snark?

Well, I didn’t like what happened in 2002.  I liked the ‘incremental progress’ lies that followed even less.  I liked all of the Kool-Aid drinkers who actually believed that ESPA was going to do squat for trans people once it ramrodded gay marriage through in New York even less still.

There is only one way for Norm’s push-back to be a truthful statement.

And that would be for him – and all of ESPA – to admit that GENDA was never a “top priority” for ESPA.

You know…

Something that I’ve said to have been the case for thirteen years now.

Which brings me to something distasteful…

I haven’t made a plea for the ENDABlog 2.0 tip jar (over on the left-hand side of the blog) in a while.  In fact, I don’t think I have since I initially put the thing up a year or so ago.  But, crap like this that ESPA just pulled necessitates a reminder to all of just how badly Gay, Inc. – national and its local tentacles, such as ESPA – has screwed trans people out of a real place at the real table.  Those of us who were actually paying attention to what was really going on back in those thrilling days of SONDA and the resultant promises to fulfill the back end of ‘incremental progress’ – promises that we knew would never be fulfilled (and an executive order does not so fulfill) – and the con-artistry of ENDA 3685, whose ‘incremental progress’ made us wait until 2009 until we finally got an enacted ENDA…

(Sorry, I only threw that in to see who all was actually paying attention. An enacted ENDA??? Ha! You think Gay, Inc. ever really wanted that? Even a gay-only one? Ha!)

…have indeed for all practical purposes been blacklisted from the realm of LGBT policymaking.

I peck away here at ENDABlog 2.0 in between spurts of dissertation-writing.  Not surprisingly, there’s not much desire on the part of Gay, Inc. to fund trans legal history that does not genuflect at the altar of Our Lady of Getting Rich by Selling Out the Trans Community, so anything that folks might have to spare would be greatly appreciated.  (Deductible?  No – but if a book ever emerges from the completed dissertation, a ‘thank you’ in print will be a reward if you desire.)


You say you like my message but you don’t like me?  Then go over to TransGriot and leave something in Monica Roberts’ tip jar.  She’s been pointing out the same transphobic con-artistry from the same transphobic con artists even longer than I have.  (And if you are able, do that even if you do leave something in my tip jar.)

Monica Roberts Also Told You So

From TransGriot:

In a shocking except to the trans community move, ESPA announced they are shutting down, claiming that with the signing by Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) of the trans rights executive orders, they have accomplished their mission.

No boo boo kitties, you haven’t.  Until GENDA is passed, you HAVEN’T accomplished your human rights mission because trans rights executive orders do not equal passed legislation with teeth on the NY legal books as you New York gay and lesbian peeps have enjoyed since 2002. And all it takes as we have observed repeatedly at the federal level and around the country since 1992 is a change in governors or a POTUS to erase those executive orders.

Thirteen Years Ago Today

13 years ago today

And now, today:

13 years ago today - a

Unanticipated, my ass.

We whose third-class status was approved of by ESPA in 2002 anticipated this then.

We re-anticipated it when those who got what they wanted in 2002 took trans rights off the back burner – and off of the stove entirely – and ramrodded gay marriage through in 2011.

Do not let these people tell you that they have achieved equality for trans people on par with the equality for gays, lesbians and bisexuals that they ramrodded through in 2002.  Administrative regulations are not equal to statutes.

Former Empire State Pride Agenda director Matt Foreman is furious. Via email:  “Appalling. The statutory reforms still needed are enormous[.”]

He should know.

He signed off on SONDA in 2002.

The “A” stands for “apartheid.”

And it will continue to do so.

And I told you so.

I Told You So

When gay-only rights are gotten and gay marriage is gotten but trans rights are not….

After 25 years of groundbreaking advocacy and service to New York’s LGBT community resulting in over 100 state legislative and policy victories, The Empire State Pride Agenda, New York’s statewide lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization, will conclude major operations in 2016.

Well why not?

Separate-and-unequal was fine-n-dandy in 2002 and its fine-n-dandy now that all who have gotten what they want can cash in.

The only thing missing is the aircraft carrier, Dubya in a flight suit and the banner on steroids.

Of course, you’ll be told that the LGB and the T are now equal in New York.

The Boards’ decision comes on the heels of securing the Pride Agenda’s top remaining policy priority – protecting transgender New Yorkers from discrimination in housing, employment, credit, education and public accommodations…


GENDA passed?

It passed the Assembly and the Senate?

And was signed by the governor?

And is now a statute?

I must have missed that.

…in the form of new regulations announced in partnership with Governor Andrew M. Cuomo at the organization’s Fall Dinner on October 22, 2015.


Gays get an anti-discrimination statute.

Gays get a gay marriage statute.

Trans people get nothing that the next governor can’t erase as soon as he takes the oath of office.

Trans people get nothing that they can point to in the New York statutes.

Trans people get nothing that will be posted in places of employment reminding employers to not discriminate during the hiring process.

Trans people get exactly what I’ve always said New York’s Gay, Inc. would give us.