Until Gay, Inc., Finds Something Else to Put on the Agenda Ahead of Us

After all…


…it was supposed to be sexual orientation anti-discrimination law and then gender identity anti-discrimination law, right?

But then it became something else…

as it will again.

Memo to a Certain Rich White Individual Who’s Played Transition to the Hilt Profiting from the Exposure

In the mood to prove your legitimacy to trans people who aren’t rich?  Use some of your wealth and media access to visibly attend this year’s Michigan Transphobia Festival.

h/t Kelli Busey for this post’s title

So, Why Is It…

…that, of the MSNBC prime-time-ers, why is it that Chris Hayes – and not Rachel Maddow – is doing the features on trans issues?

What’s the matter, Rachel?

TERF got your tongue?

If Trans People Get the Blame, Then Trans People Can Take the Credit

And perhaps we can call the end result…

The 40th Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, to be held this August, will be the last, its founder announced today.

The storied women-only event, first held in 1976, has been the subject of controversy in recent years because of its exclusion of transgender women, with many artists and organizations deciding to boycott. Founder and organizer Lisa Vogel gave no reason for ending the fest, however, in a Facebook post announcing the decision

…incremental progress.

And Now, For Those Who Don’t Like Historical Revisionism, We Have More Historical Revisionism

This time, writ large:

Agreeing the Past Never Happened: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Congress

Next week, on April 29, at the invitation of House Speaker John Boehner, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will speak to both houses of Congress.

It has been 70 years this year since Japan’s bid to launch what it called the “Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere” came crashing to the ground after four years of war, relentless firebombing of Japan’s cities, two atomic bombs, and a Russian declaration of war.

After Emperor Hirohito announced surrender on August 15, Japan formally surrendered on September 2, 1945, which followed Germany’s May 8 surrender by several months. We hear a great deal about the Holocaust and the tens of millions who died at the hands of the Nazis. We hear far less about the millions of civilians killed by the Japanese Empire.

And that is exactly how the nationalist Abe wants it. Which is no doubt fine with the Republicans, who, after all, have made their careers lying about America’s sometimes dark past (e.g. slavery). Abe acts like a man who knows he has to say sorry, and publicly must actually be sorry, but who privately, thinks facts are an inconvenience.

For example, the uncongenial fact of Japan’s use of women in occupied territories as “comfort women” (sex slaves) for the use of the troops. Abe has apologized for this, but he wants a 1996 United Nations report to go away. He wants the report revised, which is his way of basically saying Japan’s 1993 apology was a mistake.


Unsigning a petition…

Yadda, yadda, yadda….

Stonewall Plus 7 – Part 2

Previously I posted the Seattle Gay News‘s trans-positive thoughts in the run-up to Pride 1976.

Here’s how Randy Shilts and the David Goodstein version of The Advocate managed to erase trans-everything from their seven-years-on reflection on Stonewall:

Advocate1976-1 Advocate1976-2 Advocate1976-3 Advocate1976-4

If you’re keeping score, that was from the June 30, 1976, issue, page 6.

Yes, there were lesbians at Stonewall.

Yes, there were “effeminate gay men” at Stonewall.

But in erasing transsexuals and drag queens from the picture, Shilts painted a picture of himself for the historical record as little more than one of those “gay politicos” he appeared to be criticizing.

And in erasing transsexuals and drag queens from the picture, The Advocate ensured that, two decades later, a certain organization that had not yet even come into existence in 1976 would at least have a wad of convenient truthiness between its organizational cheek and gum while it told trans people that ‘more education is necessary’ in order for, well…, you know.

In Wisconsin, New York and New Hampshire, They’d Be SOL Even Today

From the Jan. 12, 1977, issue of The Advocate:


…two of the busted drags have lost jobs…

Fifteen years ago I sat in the audience for a panel at the Lav Law Conference in Seattle and heard an HRC mouthpiece smugly declare that there was no way a judge would be able to find daylight between the St. Barney / HRC ENDA and the then-largely-imaginary Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins-based Title VII trans protections.

Contrary to popular belief, that is still not a robustly-settled matter.  But maybe the Title VII developments that actually have developed since then would have helped the drag queens in question had the events happened more recently…

Or maybe not.

But there is definitely no way that the Title VII developments since then would have helped the drag queens in question had their employers been small (read: fewer than 15 employees) employers.


If you’re a drag queen in Wisconsin or New Hampshire or upstate New York, would you be willing to trust (likely-)Republican state judges to not find daylight between the state’s gay-only rights law and state sex discrimination law?

New Rule: People Obsessed with 2,000-Year-Old (Alleged) Events Can NOT Complain About “Dwelling on the Past”

From SheWired:

Students at a high school in Canton, Ohio responded to the lead-up to today’s national Day of Silence to end bullying and harassment with a hateful, homophobic flyer.

Well, far be it from me to point out that, overall, it is probably more transphobic than homophobic:


Despite that, however, my favorite is the nonsense for Wednesday:

Dress in the latest 2015 fashion because we should be hopeful for the future and not dwelling on the past.

Too bad for the kids without one-percenter parents, eh?  You know, the kids who might have no choice about wearing hand-me-down clothes that are – horrors! – out of fashion?

Any bets as to whether the obnoxious spawn responsible for this thing come from families that profit off of the obscene commercialism that shames people who either can’t afford to be ‘in style’ or have enough sense to worry about other things?

From Texas, Of Course

As reported on in The Independent:

A vet has been fired from her clinic after posting a disturbing image to Facebook of her holding up a cat she claimed to have killed with an arrow, while grinning widely.

Kristen Lindsey, 31, who lives in Brenham, Texas, reportedly shot the animal with a bow in her backyard, believing it to be feral.

However, a local rescue centre say that they believe the cat, called Tiger, was domesticated, and had been missing for around two weeks.

Beneath the original image, which has since been removed, Lindsey wrote: “My first bow kill… lol. The only good feral bobcat [NOTE: The image of the posting, which I’m not going to show, has “tomcat,” rather than “bobcat”; her obnoxiousness wouldn’t be excusable if it had been a bobcat, but I could at least envision some circumstances under which a bobcat might have to be taken out] is one with an arrow through it’s head. Vet of the year award… gladly accepted.”

Countdown to her (1) claiming to have been discriminated against based on her religion (given the weapon, I’d guess her religion is Nugentism); and (2) cashing in on GoFundMe, in 3…2…1….

And BTW…



…is apparently the cat the now-ex-vet was bragging about killing.

Saying What They’re Really Thinking?