Did You Hear the One About…

…the non-trans lesbian lawyer who goes on MSNBC and says that she and her partner found the Arizona Legislature’s passage of the bill that Jan Brewer subsequently vetoed to be “distressing”?

Its an understandable reaction, of course.


Did you hear the one about the trans lesbian lawyer who got blacklisted by Gay, Inc. for having and expressing that same reaction to the passage and non-vetoing of bills in New York and Maryland that have the legal effect of allowing non-trans lesbians and gays and lawyers and non-lawyers to discriminate against trans women and men and lawyers and non-lawyers in pretty much the same way that the Arizona bill would have against all LGBTs?


Well, Gay, Inc., thanks you.

And in Other News: Lesbians Sue for Equal Time

Former sports anchor for Houston’s CBS affiliate and current right-wing psychopath state senator and Lt. Governor wannabee Dan ‘ask me what my real name is, because it isn’t Dan Patrick’ Patrick had himself a bit of a hissy fit about yesterday’s Texas gay marriage decision.  He either went on a bender and stayed up til 5:11 am or got up early and made the mistake of tweeting without caffeine.

Either way…


Maybe he’d be best served by going back to his old job, painting himself blue and waiting for the next Houston Oilers home game.

Bill Hicks Plus 20

From FDL:

Just 20 years ago, to this day, American comedian Bill Hicks passed away at the age of 32. A fierce social critic often mentioned in circles like George Carlin and Lenny Bruce, Hicks was popular throughout his stand-up career.

His work still feels relevant as his riffs on George H. W. Bush don’t feel much different than if he were talking about George W. Bush. His criticism of a materialist culture pushed by marketers (a routine of his was asking them to kill themselves) is just as relevant today with the bombardment of advertisements in all areas of our life that is reminiscent of the “No Space” phrase in No Logo by Naomi Klein.

In a Jan. 1994 interview with Hicks, he stated Congress was “an old boys club that is about as corrupt as it possible could get.” Moreover, it was “getting kickbacks and pay-offs from major corporations and the last thing they are doing is representing humanity.” It’s comical, [20] years later, to find Congress to be a millionaires’ club.

Jay Leno dishononred his memory by not having on, as his final guests, Patrick Duffy and Joey Lawrence.

But, I digress…

Born on Dec. 16, 1961, Hicks grew up in Houston, Texas when he was seven years old after moving a bit in his life. While in Houston, he didn’t enjoy the conditions there as he told John Lahr:

“When I was about eleven, it dawned on me that I didn’t like where I was.”

I’m ashamed to admit that it took me a bit longer than that to come to that conclusion about Houston.

Of course, he didn’t leave when he was 11.  He actually hung around long enough to take a few classes at the University of Houston – and he was there at the same time I took my few classes at Cougar High on Calhoun St.

It would require massive violations of federal law – and general notions of privacy – but nevertheless I would, just on general principle, love to find the student rosters for those classes to see if one of the other Houston-hating people in those giant auditoria for Intro to Architecture or Chem 1301 was one William Melvin Hicks.

NCTE: Gay, Inc. in Drag…

…but without any of the legitimacy.

I truly wish that this was a joke, but as I look down to the right-hand corner of my computer screen, I see that April 1st is still a month or so away.

Here’s why NCTE supports decriminalizing marijuana:

• Decriminalization would help reduce disproportionate incarceration of transgender people.

Way to go, NCTE! You’ve just told every employer in the nation that it is okay to view trans people as more likely to be potheads than, well, respectable people.

You know, like obscenely rich tweakers who neither need nor want a federal ENDA?

You do know some obscenely rich tweakers who neither need nor want a federal ENDA, don’t you?

You know, like many of the ones who fund and/or run the tentacles of Gay, Inc. that, if NCTE actually represented the interests of any trans people other than The Quisling, NCTE would be protesting the discriminatory trans-misogynistic hiring practices of?

NCTE has added its voice to the civil rights, faith, harm reduction, and public health voices supporting decriminalization before the D.C. Council.

I have a better idea: Get your heads out of your bongs and add NCTE’s ‘voice’ to the fight against the apartheid-esque employment practices of HRC, NGLTF and Lambda Legal – and then after that you might have enough sense to realize that all aspects of the corporate-demanded ‘war on drugs’ harms pretty much all people who can’t afford to shield themselves from the police state in walled estates that thermal imaging can’t penetrate.

Pre-Saturday Prognostication

Prediction 1: When Saturday Night Live comes back this week after the break for the Olympics, it will have a ‘Piers Morgan gets fired’ sketch (probably as the cold opening.)

Prediction 2: The sketch will either refer to or feature Janet Mock.

Prediction 3: Mock will not be portrayed by Sasheer Zamata, but rather by either Keenan Thompson or Jay Pharoah.

Off base?

Morgan supposedly lost his prime-time spot because the ratings for his show suck, but he never had a consistently large audience, so pinning the blame on low audience numbers is an incomplete picture of what happened. The New York Times‘ David Carr has a weird nationalistic take on what he thinks went down, blaming the show’s cancellation on Morgan’s infatuation with soccer and gun regulation. And while I don’t doubt Morgan received tons of backlash for his stance on gun control, the show wasn’t cancelled in the midst of his post-Sandy Hook rants, but rather after his run in with organized activists on Twitter following his abysmal interview with transgender activist Janet Mock.

Sure, one or more the predictions might not come true.

But they’re not far fetched.

SNL is the show, after all, that brought us EstroMaxx.

A Request for Janet Mock

CNN Ending Piers Morgan’s Show

Please do interviews with HRC, NGLTF, Lambda Legal, NCTE and the Point Foundation.


HRC – And the ‘C’ is for ‘Con-Artists’

I rarely find the opportunity to favorably quote The Joe.  An exception:

As JMG readers know, I get regular, often multiple daily press releases from all of the major LGBT rights groups when there’s big breaking news. Unless I’ve missed something, there has not been one response from any of these organizations in the 24 hours since the Arizona legislature voted to legalize anti-gay discrimination. I’ve gotten zero outraged press releases and there’s basically nothing about Arizona on the websites of the Human Rights Campaign, AFER, Lambda Legal, NCLR, the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, Freedom To Marry, or GLAAD.  Yesterday HRC did tweet out a link to five-sentence blog post and the Task Force today retweeted somebody else’s message to contact Gov. Jan Brewer. But that’s it, as far I can I tell.

To be fair, what happened in Arizona isn’t exactly on-mission for some of these groups – but they have been eager to stray in the past.

As one of The Joe’s commenters remarked:

They’ll probably let bloggers and the grass roots do all the work and then swoop in and take credit.

That’s kind of the HRC way

Memo to the Point Foundation

If you have a question on an application form asking about experiences with being marginalized and you don’t want to hear how an applicant and those like her have been marginalized by Gay, Inc., then you should damn well say so up front…

or, at the very least, you should rename your organization ‘The Ostritch Foundation’

Abbott = Nugent = Racist = Abbott

Any questions?

For Those Who Think that Sir Humphrey Apppleby is Dead

Wake up.

There’s a Shadow Govt. Running the Country, and It’s Not Up for Re-Election

Power centers in DC and the corporate corridors of Manhattan and Silicon Valley are calling the shots.

Sir Humphrey is not dead; he just moved to America – and he now works for corporations rather than the civil service.