That Sound You Hear is the Married Millionaires of Gay, Inc. Standing Frozen Like Deer in Headlights, Shocked – Shocked I Say! – At All of These Ordinance-Preemption Bills

From The New Civil Rights Movement:

Copying language from a bill that recently became law in Arkansas, and one that recently failed in West Virginia, Republican State Rep. Rick Miller last month filed a bill that would ban all cities and towns from passing or enforcing any non-discrimination ordinances that extend protections to classes of people the State of Texas does not currently protect.

The bill targets the LGBT community. There are about a dozen municipalities across the state that have ordinances which extend protections in various forms to LGBT people, including Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, and most recently, Plano. The bill, should it become law, would make all those non-discrimination ordinances “null and void.”

But, assuming it passes, and the likelihood of the current Texas Legislature not passing it is along the lines of HRC actually ponying up the reparations it owes to trans people, come June, all of those LGBs who don’t need – and, if forced to be honest, probably never wanted – nondiscrimination ordinances will have their marriages.

LGBs and Ts who actually have to worry about such things as jobs will have….

One Form of ‘No-Platforming’

From The New Civil Rights Movement:

For nearly 50 years Psychology Today has helped educate readers on a wide variety of psychological issues. Originally founded in 1967, it was once owned by the premiere psychological organization, the American Psychological Association. Now, it is endorsed by the National Board for Certified Counselors.

That endorsement is now problematic for those who wish to advance the credibility of the scientific discipline known as psychology.

Psychology Today is refusing to eliminate its listings for practitioners of so-called conversion therapy, also known as “ex-gay” therapy or reparative therapy.

Isn’t this the expression of a desire that ‘ex-gay’ fraud be ‘no-platformed’?

So I wonder how many of the gay, TERF-defending concern trolls are fine-n-dandy with ‘ex-gay’ fraud being ‘no-platformed’?

Never-Done-a-Real-Day’s-Work-in-His-Life Rich Boy Tucker Carlson Proves He’s Fox ‘News’ Material

The one-percenter spawn has himself a little sad about last night’s episode of SNL:

Over the weekend, social media reportedly erupted over a Saturday Night Live segment spoofing feel-good Toyota commercials. In the SNL version, actress Dakota Johnson plays a young lady saying goodbye to her father as she appears to be joining the U.S. Army. As the segment ends, it turns out that she is actually being picked up by ISIS terrorists in a Toyota truck.

On Sunday, Carlson described the sketch as “appalling” and “kind of funny.”

“The question is, should we be mocking ISIS?” he asserted.

“Comics push the envelope and every once in a while they are going to push it too far, and it’s going to bust wide open,” co-host Anna Kooiman opined. “And sometimes when you want to cry, you need to laugh instead. And you tell a joke about it.”

“I’m kind of for comedy that goes as far as it can,” Carlson said. “But I always feel like with shows like SNL and comedy in general, it does stop short of the sacred cows on the left.”

“I would love to see an SNL sketch like making fun of transgender bathrooms, for example,” he added. “You will never, ever see that.[“]

But of course.

SNL would neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever do a sketch about male-to-female transitioning that could have been written by an immoral, trans-exterminationist payday-lender-defender lawyer from Maryland, would it?


Of course not.

Stay consistent, Tucker.

If you ever somehow say something that’s even close to being accurate, you’ll disqualify yourself from the Fox ‘News’ universe.

The HRC Shuffle

Q: As an organization, what have you done for me lately?

A: We updated our website with information that was gathered by other organizations (most likely volunteers) who actually did the work, please donate today.

h/t Ethan St. Pierre

Get the Picture?


Live Long, Prosper and….What Was the Other One?

Oh yeh…


Be cool.

Always be cool.

Leonard Nimoy was the only Trek star who was cool enough to avoid 1982’s Ultimate Fiasco.

Ergo, Nimoy will always be cool.

Seen Recently on a Cable Channel Whose Owners Apparently Believe Giving Three Hours Each Morning to a Radical Conservative Ex-Congressman is Being ‘Liberal’…


How is ideology even an issue when incompetence overshadows everything?


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