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Reality for May 3, 2016

Rafael “Ted” Cruz (R-Calgary) and Donald Trump (R-Fred Trump‘s Money) are each over-privileged, misogynistic, racist psychopaths who don’t give a damn whether the 99% who actually pay the bills and do the work live or die.

There is a key difference. Trump may, through loud-mouthed stupidity, unintentionally start a nuclear war. Cruz, however, is Greg Stillson without any of the redeeming qualities. He has an apocalyptic christofascist mentality that eagerly seeks the destruction of the planet in a firestorm in order for people with that apocalyptic christofascist mentality can meet an imaginary friend.

Finally, A Reasonable North Carolina Bill



A Worthwhile Resource (Seriously)

At Autostraddle:

105 Trans Women On American TV: A Complete History and Analysis

It isn’t 100% complete (it does include Nikki from 1976’s Westside Medical but misses Mel from 1986’s The Last Precinct, for example), but it is pretty damn thorough (and the commenters fill in a few of the misses, including The Last Precinct.)

I Have the Utmost Confidence that the North Carolina General Assembly Will Immediately Amend HB2 to Require Republican Politicians to Carry Paperwork Proving They Are Not Serial Child Molesters In Order to Enter a Public Restroom

Dennis Hastert is a Child Molester

Memo to Rafael ‘Ted’ Cruz

I’ll keep my bathroom usage at home when you keep your religion at home.

See if You Can Spot the Problem

Currently appearing at…


…one can find:


The title of the article is not problematic.

But take a look at the car.

“Gay” appears on it at least five times – and one of those is for the specific line-item that has pushed the employment discrimination concerns of all LGBT people beyond the back burner and off of the stove entirely…

a specific line-item which, interestingly, as recognized via Supreme Court authority is one of the few things not directly touched by North Carolina’s HB2.

And as for T?

Well, lets just say I’m not feelin’ the love from the “Alternative Lifestyles” residuum.


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