The Difference Between Kim Davis and a Black Cat?

How Much Does it Cost for HRC to ‘Blast’ Something?

From Metro Weakly:

In yet another anti-LGBT move this year, lawmakers in the North Carolina House of Representatives pulled a sneak attack through an amendment that would strip away the ability of local municipalities to enact ordinances prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) blasted the last-minute amendment and called upon lawmakers to reject the bill.

“Fair-minded North Carolinians should be outraged at this despicable attempt to strip away local control and deny municipal governments the ability to pass nondiscrimination protections for their LGBT residents and visitors,” said HRC President Chad Griffin. “We urge the North Carolina Assembly to reject this outrageous attack on LGBT North Carolinians and their families, and we urge Governor Pat McCrory to come out strongly in opposition to this disgraceful legislation.”


That’ll teach ’em!

I can hear the North Carolina Legislature withdrawing the bill now – and all without anything being done that will detract from Chad Griffin’s salary!

Everyone’s a winner!

Well, everyone who is anyone…

on Rhode Island Avenue.

Eight Years Ago (Give or Take Four Months)

I simply don’t understand how any of us can look at all these positive and collaborative advancements and focus on speculation that people and institutions who are NOW proving their solidarity over and over again are quietly, or even secretly, planning to exclude us.

I just don’t get it.
A certain Quisling, on May 24, 2007, either lying to her own people in defense of HRC or demonstrating Nobel Prize-worthy naiveté.

Well, those of us who weren’t sitting comfortably whilst looking toward a personal future which has proven (was known then?) to include hundreds of thousands of dollars of mystery-salary certainly got it in 2007.

Exactly how many hundreds of thousands of dollars has a certain Quisling raked in since then?

Inquiring minds who know that they’re not going to be covered by ENDA (or the Equality Act) come Jan. 20, 2017, want to know.

Eleven Years Ago (Give or Take a Month)

Where is this Dodo bird of an employer who loves gays but detests gender nonconformists?
Dale Carpenter, in 2004, seemingly doing his best impression of a different kind of bird whilst complaining about the justification put forth by the Cheryl Jacques-era HRC for withdrawing support (until it became convenient for Jacques’ successor unwithdraw it, of course) for gay-only ENDA bills.


How about the entity that, in 2004, employed Cheryl Jacques?

Perhaps the Washington Blade will finally get around to doing some reporting about the internal report which demonstrated that, a decade after Carpenter’s histrionics, as an employer, HRC “loves gays but detests gender nonconformists”?


Now that They’ve Got Gay Marriage, Its Time for the Usual Gay Media Suspects to Show Their True Conservative Colors

From Queer Channel Media:

Gay Millennials can embrace Rubio’s vision

…a vision that is the same as that of the Republican fake president whose legacy, had he been able to fill a third seat on the Supreme Court, would have been not only no gay marriage for any gays (even the millionaire self-loathers who actually believe that Republicans won’t string them up if given a chance) but no Fourteenth Amendment for anyone.

Eight Years Ago Today

St. Barney, as quoted in the Southern Voice, bellowing in favor of ramrodding his gay-only ENDA 3685 through the House with little chance of subsequent passage by the Senate and absolutely no chance of not being vetoed by George W. Bush:

I believe it would be a grave error to let this opportunity to pass a sexual orientation nondiscrimination bill go forward, not simply because it is one of the most important advances we’ll have made in securing civil rights for Americans in decades, but because moving forward on this bill now will also better serve the ultimate goal of including people who are transgender than simply accepting total defeat today.

We told you that ENDA would not become law in 2007 or 2008 with or without trans-inclusion.

We told you that logic dictated that the only honest, legitimate way to progress in reality was with everything.

We told you that nothing would be gained from ENDA 3685.

We told everyone else that the only thing Gay, Inc., really wanted less than a trans-inclusive ENDA was any ENDA at all, because Gay, Inc., business-oids like being able to discriminate just as much as Cracker Barrel does.

And we were right.

Memo to Joe Solmonese: Jan. 20, 2017 is less than 16 months away.

We, of Reality, Take Credit

From Jezebel:

It turns out that hundreds of reviews trashing Stonewall, Roland Emmerich’s wildly misguided, whitewashed parody of the Stonewall Riots of ‘69, were effective in their goal of steering weekend moviegoers in literally any other possible direction.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the latest outing from the director of bombastic, wildly successful box office fare such as Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow grossed a truly miserable $112,414 from 127 theaters for an location average of $871. That’s a wicked bomb, especially for a project whose architect was explicit in his desire to make a story central to LGBTQ rights accessible to the cis white masses

Get thee to a Black Tie Dinnery, Roland….

and stay there.

So In Other Words, It is HRC, Circa 2007

From Camille Beredjick at Patheos:

Evangelical Conference on Transgender “Confusion” Has Zero Transgender Speakers

Translation: He Made the Film Using the Gay, Inc., Hiring Paradigm

From Queer Channel Media re: well, you know…

BLADE: Theoretically could the film have worked with somebody like Marsha P. Johnson as the protagonist? Could you have gotten a green light with that approach?

EMMERICH: Well we never did get a green light. I gave my own green light. I love the Marsha P. Johnson character. I have friends who are trans women, but it felt to me like I’m a white male, I’m openly gay and we can have all forms of sexuality in this film, but I think it’s good to use somebody very close to yourself, you know, and find truth in that.

Some of his best friends are…

Oh, this just keeps getting better and better

And as an Added Bonus, Her Back Story Will be that She’s a Post-Transition Chad Griffin