A Conflicted November 20th

Today is the Transgender Day of Remembrance, something that has been necessary for 20 years now and, sadly, will probably be necessary for at least as many more.  If nothing else, this will be the first morning in quite a while that we can wake up to the knowledge that WordPress has finally decided to take ethics seriously and has shuttered a particular hatesite, the TERF (which is not a slur) counterpart to Stormfront.

For me – and around 50,000 people (and just a few others who watched on ABC) – today is also the anniversary of something else, something far happier than TDOR and even happier than the shuttering of a site frequented by those who cheer the events that TDOR remembers.

It is the anniversary of one evening in Houston, just across the 610 Loop from Astroworld:


The fortieth anniversary to be precise.

A Con Artist and a Murderer Walk into an African-American Church…


Insert your own punch line.

Pic of the Day: May 12, 2016 (Special ‘Sometimes You’re the Early Bird, Sometimes You’re the Worm’ Edition)

20160512 - 01

Out behind the right field scoreboard at Modern Woodmen Park in Davenport, Iowa, during the matinee game between the Quad Cities River Bandits and the Burlington Bees on Monday.

The Bees got trounced fairly soundly – but not quite as bad as the worm eventually did.

Memo to Joni the Greek

1) You make predictions before the game.

2) You give congratulations after the game.


3) And you congratulate the team that wins.


Its that simple.

I sat in Spartan Stadium in East Lansing six years ago when the Iowa Hawkeyes erased a 13-9 lead to beat Michigan State on a last-second touchdown to win 15-13 (owing to the college rule that allows botched extra points to potentially be returned for a two-point touchdown the Hawkeyes took a knee on the extra point to ensure nothing disastrous happened.)  This time I sat at home in bed as Michigan State scored an almost-last-second touchdown to win 16-13.

Can someone check to see if Ernst issued a condolence tweet to the Hawkeyes at 8:55 pm on Oct. 24, 2009?

As Usual, Where There’s Transphobia…

Professional MMA fighter Ashlee Evans-Smith has been suspended and fined by the UFC after she tested positive for banned substances following UFC 181 in December. From MMAFighting.com:

Evans-Smith, 27, tested positive for the diuretic hydrochlorizide following her first-round submission loss to Raquel Pennington on Dec. 6 at UFC 181. The fight marked Evans-Smith’s UFC debut, which she accepted on short notice due to a late dropout by Pennington’s original opponent Holly Holm.

According to Bloody Elbow, “since neither Evans-Smith nor a representative was present at the hearing, the NAC took that as an admission of use.”

…there’s a con artist.  Evans-Smith is the (cheating) transphobe who didn’t want to fight (fairly) against Fallon Fox.

“I don’t feel like Fallon should fight dudes,” she said. “I don’t feel like she should fight women. I feel like there should be a unique organization for those needs. She did have an advantage. She definitely did.”

A Different Reason to Mention Minor League Baseball

From TPM:

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) has emphasized this week that he was not aware of the hateful views of a white nationalist group founded by former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke when he spoke before it at a convention over a decade ago.

Yet the event was apparently well known and toxic enough that it forced a minor league baseball team from Iowa to move to a different hotel to avoid bumping into the May 2002 conference.

The Iowa Cubs, a AAA team, were planning to stay at the Best Western Landmark Hotel in Metairie, Louisiana at the same time as the national convention for the European-American Unity and Rights Organization was being held there.

But according to newspaper reports at the time, the local New Orleans team that was arranging the visiting team’s accommodations made a change in part because of concerns about the EURO event.

The Des Moines Register covered the lodging change on May 2, two weeks before the convention Scalise spoke at took place on May 17-18. A New Orleans alt weekly, the Gambit Weekly, also reported on the change in an article about potential backlash to the EURO meeting.

If a minor league baseball team from Iowa knew exactly what the conference was about at the time, then politicians from Louisiana knew exactly what the conference was about at the time.

And if Steve Scalise is the one politician from Louisiana who somehow didn’t know, then what does that say about a national(ist?) party that would insert him into a leadership position?

Pic of the Day: Dec. 27, 2014 (Special ‘The Eyes Have It’ Edition)

20141227 - 01

Stephon Thorne, of the Brampton Beast, prior to the game against the Quad City Mallards – won by the Mallards 4-3 – tonight at the iWireless Center in Moline, Illinois.

Pic of the Day: Dec. 26, 2014 (Special ‘Week 17’ Edition)

20141226 - 01

The Houston Texans taking  the field against the Chicago Bears, at Reliant Stadium, Houston, Texas, Dec. 28, 2008 (with the roof open due to hurricane damage.)

Week 17…

just not this year.

Pic of the Day: Dec. 25, 2014 (Special ‘Non-Xmas’ Edition)

20141225 - 01

Nick Hamilton of the Brainerd Lakes Area Lunkers getting a hit against the St. Cloud River Bats at Mills Field, Brainerd, Minnesota, June 15, 2011.

Pic of the Day: Dec. 21, 2014 (Special ‘Walls Have Ears, But Cameras Have Eyes’ Edition)

20141221 - 01

Posted on the wall of the visitors’ dugout (and fully within public view, in spite of the title) at Modern Woodmen Park in Davenport, Iowa on July 17, 2010 prior to the game between the Quad Cities River Bandits (then a Cardinals farm team) and the Fort Wayne Tincaps (a Padres farm team.)