Harlan Ellison, 1934-2018

Mother of God!

That was the entirety of Harlan Ellison’s review of the 1970 premiere episode of The Partridge Family.


Three words (find them at page 190 of the 1983 printing of The Other Glass Teat.)

I never truly ‘met’ him, but I was in his presence once – while he was conducting a charity auction at the 1986 World Science-Fiction Convention in Atlanta.

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I’m not worthy.

Bear in mind that my praise for a three-word review – and, more importantly, the man who wrote it – comes from someone who writes 100-page law review articles in her sleep and did a 700-page dissertation draft which I fought tooth-and-nail to cut down to only 400.

“Less is more” so often is used as an oppressive tool of the Religion of Mediocrity.  But Harlan was an exception to so many rules.

The first Glass Teat volume contains a two-part column (originally printed in the L.A. Free Press) simply entitled “Texas.”  It encapsulates his visit to the campus of Texas A&M University in 1969.

The visit was not billed as such at the time, nor truly intended to be such, but it is now recognized as Aggie Con I.  I was hoping, on general principle, that he’d make it to the fiftieth anniversary of that event – but its not going to happen.

We’ve lost Harlan, and I must scream.