Too Bad I Didn’t Call My Bookie Beforehand

I could have cashed in big time.

But, maybe I’m slipping in my old age.  Even I didn’t think that the Human Right Scampaign would – or at least would this quickly – become a corporate fluffer for A&E and Duck Dynasty.

As I said:

Here’s a dose of reality for you to chug as 2014 arrives: A&E is just the HRC of basic cable.

And, apparently, HRC is eager for the world to know that that moral equivalency runs in both directions:

While some observers accused A&E of backing down, some of the advocacy groups that were originally dismayed by Robertson’s remarks on homosexuality begged to differ.

“It’s not really a reversal,” Fred Sainz, a representative of the Human Rights Campaign, told CNN’s Brianna Keilar in a telephone interview on Friday. “We think it’s actually a positive outcome, and we want to thank A&E for their attentiveness and collaboration over the course of the last few weeks.”

Sainz said that his group was “heartened” by A&E’s plans for the public service announcement campaign. A spokesman for A&E declined to comment on whether Robertson or other “Duck Dynasty” cast members would participate in the campaign, but the channel is said to be hopeful that at least some of the cast members will.

“We’ve received assurances also that the Robertson family is now open to working with African-American and (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people to address the real harm that such anti-gay and racist comments can cause,” Sainz said on CNN.

HRC saying that it is “heartened” is like…

I dunnow…

Phil the duck dude – the duck dude who seemed to be pretty damn clear about his position on gays – saying that he’s open to doing anything whatsoever “positive” with LGBT people.

Hey Fred!

Here’s something more useful to do with your time: Give your old boss a call each morning to let him know that Jan. 20, 2017 is one day closer…

and that ENDA isn’t.

On the Other Hand…

At HuffPo, Noah Michelson serves up  a one-sentence summation of what we’ve actually hearned from the Ducks Die Nasty controversy:

You can say whatever you want, including that gay people are sinful and full of “murder, envy, strife, hatred” and are in the same league as those who enjoy being penetrated by barnyard animals and that black people were “happy” and were not “singing the blues” when Jim Crow laws ruled America, and as long as you later tack on “I love all of humanity” and I would “never incite or encourage hate” and throw around the word “tolerance,” and as long as there’s enough money and publicity swirling and more ready to be made, you will face absolutely no consequences and if anything you’ll be celebrated as a hero and lauded as an icon of freedom — some will even go so far as to call you the “Rosa Parks” of our generation — while the people you were talking about will still be vilified and will have to fight even harder against society’s belief that they are — even in the 21st century, even in a country that is not supposed to be ruled by religion or heartless, hateful zealots — at their very core all of those vile and (let it be said once and for all) patently untrue things that you said about them.

While I can’t say that I disagree with it, I nevertheless have a question: At its core, how far removed is this from the lesson that is perpetually taught as to what Gay, Inc. – and its apologists – must be permitted to get away with regarding maligining trans people who disagree with the lie that is incremental progress, the Marriage Derangement Syndrome agenda and, beyond that, even questioning the very legitimacy of trans people’s existence?

Here’s a dose of reality for you to chug as 2014 arrives: A&E is just the HRC of basic cable.

Everything You Always Needed to Know About ALEC…

…but which ALEC was afraid that you’d actually ask someone about.

So, I Presume, You Also Want Him to Say Nothing About Sex? Because, You Know…

From Crooks and Liars:

Here’s some of what one of the conservative presidential hopefuls for 2016 had to say to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Ryan, who is Catholic, was asked about Pope Francis’ recent sharp critique of capitalism. Ryan stood up for the free enterprise system as a way of alleviating poverty as well as being consistent with Catholic teaching. “People need to get involved in their communities to make a difference, to fix problems soul to soul,” Ryan said.

Ryan added, “What I love about the pope is, he is triggering the exact kind of dialogue we ought to be having.”Ryan said he did not consider Francis a Marxist, as talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh alleged. Ryan said Francis grew up under the Peronist movement in Argentina, where the state took a leading role in the economy.”The guy is from Argentina, they haven’t had real capitalism in Argentina,” Ryan said.


By explicitly stating that Pope Francis should keep is mouth shut about capitalism because he has no personal experience with it…

Is Paul Ryan implicitly declaring that the priesthood – all the way up to the pope – has no place in saying anything about heterosexual sexual activity…

or that it does have a place in saying something about gay sex?

or…well, you get the idea.

Paul Ryan won’t, but I’m sure anyone reading this post will.

Just in Time for the 100th Anniversary of the Start of World War I

From Crooks and Liars:

The Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act essentially empowers Israel to decide whether the United States will go to war against Tehran.

From a history book that has yet to be written but should be used in all schools:

Captain Blackadder: You see, Baldrick, in order to prevent war two great super-armies developed. Us, the Russians and the French on one side, Germany and Austro-Hungary on the other. The idea being that each army would act as the other’s deterrent. That way, there could never be a war.

Private Baldrick: Except, this is sort of a war, isn’t it?

Captain Blackadder: That’s right. There was one tiny flaw in the plan.

Lieutenant George: O, what was that?

Captain Blackadder: It was bollocks.

Or, as Pvt. Baldrick later remarked: “So the poor old ostrich died for nothing then.”

We’re all ostriches now – whether we admit it or not.

Why, Sure…I’ll Just Change the “J.D.” to “M.D.” on My Resume and I’ll be Good to Go, eh?

From the current front page of a right-wing rag in Rick Perry-land:


HRC Trolls for a ‘Thank You’ from Trans People Over its Incompetent and Fraud-Laden Push to Keep ENDA Gay-Only

You know…

which is what led to the pushback by trans people – notably the relevantly-qualified trans people who HRC now (as always) refuses to not discriminate against in its own employment practices – that has made trans-inclusion the ethical, moral default political position (as opposed to the unethical, immoral Maryland-New York philosophy.)

Its the only explanation for what can only be described as a childish tweet by the group that has a well-purchased mythical media image as ‘the adult in the room’ on LGB( ) issues.

A little before 9 p.m Thursday — less than a week since U.S. District Court Judge Robert Shelby found Utah’s ban on same-sex marriages unconstitutional — the nation’s largest LGBT rights group poked at the “incompetence” of the state’s acting attorney general in defending the amendment over the past week.

In an unusual show of confidence in the changed political dynamics of marriage equality battles, the Human Rights campaign tweeted a “thank you” from the group’s president, Chad Griffin, to the Twitter account of the Utah Attorney General’s Office.

The current acting attorney general for the state is Brian Tarbet, who took charge of the office after then-Attorney General John Swallow resigned in late November. Earlier this week, Gov. Gary Herbert named a third person, Sean Reyes, as the next attorney general, but Reyes will not take office until January.

“He’s owed our thanks for his general incompetence. With every fumble, bumble and delay, even more gay couples get married,” an HRC staffer, when asked about the tweet, told BuzzFeed Thursday night of Tarbet.

A bet more sure than the Cowboys choking this weekend: “an HRC staffer” is not a trans woman.

Insert George Kennedy’s Most Notable Line from ‘Thunderbolt and Lightfoot’ Here

…you know, the one he utters in response to pistachio critique whilst sitting in an ice cream truck.

A&E ‘suspending’ duck dude but still running a marathon of dumb duck episodes is like A-Roid being suspended yet, every time his place in the batting order comes up, a re-run of one of his previous at-bats is played and the result of it counted in the game being played.

99 Years Ago


Per a recent summary, seen on Facebook:

The Christmas truce of 1914 has been misrepresented as an officially sanctioned exercise in good will. In fact, the fraternizing that took place between the troops in ‘no man’s land’ horrified the officers on both sides. They struggled to regain control of the situation and made sure it didn’t happen again. The troops on both sides were understanding they had no reason to fight each other and, had this not been contained, they might have realized that their real enemies were the ones sending them off to fight other working class people.

Funny how things changed once the corporatist elites on both sides began profiting from the manufacture, sale and use of poison gas, which made the class-conscious grunts of 1914 more willing to view those on the other side as worthy of death, eh?

Pic of the Day: Dec. 23, 2013 (Special ‘Sleighful of Symbolism for America’s Hollow Consumeristic Death Throes’ Edition)

Somewhere in an unfashionable area of St. Paul, Minnesota – thirteen years ago (give or take a few days.)