Wasn’t “The Counseling of Kellyanne” a Porn Flick?

White House: Kellyanne Conway ‘counseled’ for plugging Ivanka Trump line


Savannah, perhaps?

The Five Horses Asses of the Apocalypse



Chuck Schumer is Running for Re-Election This Year

So, c’mom HRC

Its not too late to endorse Al D’Amato.

You know…

for old time’s sake.

The Donald Trump Story


I Will Always Refer to the Houston Rockets’ Former Arena as “The Summit”

I Still Call it the Summit

…and for good reason.

Memo to Rafael ‘Ted’ Cruz

I’ll keep my bathroom usage at home when you keep your religion at home.

Call it The Ayn Rand Building

From Gothamist:

The residents of a pricey Williamsburg apartment building with a history of unpermitted construction were forced out last week after the Department of Buildings found that the building “has questionable structural integrity.” The Bedford Lofts complex was taken over in 2014 by the brother-in-law of landlord and developer Menachem Stark, after Stark was kidnapped and his burned body was found in a dumpster in Long Island. A studio in the building at South Fourth Street and Bedford Avenue was listed for $5,250 until this afternoon.

On November 10th, Department of Buildings inspectors found that 3,000 square feet of structural framing and concrete floor had been built without permits. They returned last Tuesday and gave residents of the five-story building’s 20 or so apartments an hour to leave, writing in a notice that the building is “imminently perilous to life.” and is of dubious soundness due to “the installation of substandard structural steel columns, trusses, beams, welds.”

Architect Karl Fischer, who signed off on the Bedford Lofts construction plans filed with the city, did not respond to a request for comment. Neither did Ideal Properties Group, which advertised apartments in the building, writing, “The fundamentals of luxury, space, comfort and modern elegance take on a whole new dimension in these stunningly conceived and brilliantly executed lofts in prime Williamsburg.”