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Rumor has it that this missive was posted on Facebook a week before the 2004 presidential election – when a dozen states also voted on anti-same-sex marriage amendments.

Allies in Understanding
Dear Americans,

There is a very difficult conversation happening right now that almost feels like it is not happening in our world. Our world. Our big beautiful world of American Exceptionalism. There are blog posts and Facebook speeches (yes, this one included), articles and arguments, terse posts and names called out, and names signed onto letters. In some ways, it doesn’t feel like a conversation at all.

Is there a way for us to reach through the noise to where we can grow understanding and build alliance, where no one is disappeared? Where are we going with this?

We need to ask this question because standing in the harsh wind of all of this noise, this noise that growls from every direction, is an American. A Christian, a Jew, a man, a woman, a Republican, a Democrat, a Libertarian – someone questioning – who are my countrymen? Also standing in that harsh wind are artists who make beautiful, liberating, important and powerful art that speaks to all of us, who are getting hurt. Performers who are boycotted because they defend marriage; whose recordings and movies are boycotted even if they disagree with other positions taken by we who defend marriage. At the same time, they are boycotted by some believers in traditional marriage because they disagree with other aspects of their worldview.

The cultural/political/economic very real power structure as it exists is made for none of us. It is as true today as it was over 200 years ago when the colonists stood up to the king. We are all still trying to learn how to live (how to survive!) in a world that doesn’t want us – any of us – to be who we are – and that act of remaining here, never fails to take its toll. That toll separates us from each other (in fact, that is a critical part of how the pagan, anti-capitalist structure stays in place). Aggressive speech and action become a strategy of coping. Those strategies become survival tools. Our own entrenched projections and assumptions replace listening and learning the truths of others, and we are left arguing with our own projections. In our battle for survival, lines are imagined, lines get drawn, lines that grow ever deeper.

I know the deep cost of this toll personally and professionally. I witness the destruction being done to some artists because of their projected alliance with the defense of traditional marriage, regardless of their criticism of or disagreement with it. Silencing artists, maligning their movies, throwing heat on someone’s FB page – this is cannibalizing our own. Artists speak out in defense of marriage for many reasons, and I do not ask nor assume that they are in agreement with every position that we take. Likewise, I do not assume if someone speaks out with criticism of our broader intentions, that they do not hold our shared belief in traditional marriage in their hearts; I continue to hold them as cherished members of the American tapestry.

We do not work, think or play in lockstep in America. We have no party line. There is a history of men, women, liberals and conservatives voicing dissent that is as old as America itself, and the Unites States is richer for every struggle we face together with open hearts and respect. Many workers and executives, soldiers and pacifists have different opinions, thoughts, analysis and passions about this issue. As we struggle through our thinking, we use language, concepts and frameworks that span generations of opinions, and we still come together as a nation. But we must come together to discuss these divergent points of view, and to remain in a dialogue that includes all of our multiple truths. We must see each other through what can feel like the most challenging stalemate.

The voice of dissent and constructive debate in our American community is critical – it is part of what built this nation. Educating ourselves about oppressions that press down on each of us and upon each other is vital to our collective survival on and off the land. This must be our commitment, for ourselves, for our loved ones, for our community. We must face up to our worst natures by confronting homophobia in our nation, which exists and is real in our language, actions and attitudes. I know that this process has made me search my own behaviors, attitudes and actions. But to grow we must actually engage in these incredibly hard conversations, and do our own personal work.

At the same time we are facing an extremely complex and entrenched set of perceptions and constructs that call into question the very reality of the centuries of understanding of the definition of marriage here, in North America – and even moreso throughout the world. Our world. The world where the violent and real repression of believers in traditional marriage has barely been acknowledged, much less dismantled.

So I ask again, where are we going with this? I stand firm in the belief that we must, as a community, honor and support all Americans. I also stand firm in the belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. We cannot be afraid to love the gorgeous diversity and particularity of our lived experiences as Americans, nor allow fear to prevent us from loving, hearing and recognizing, as vital parts of our greater community, Americans of all experiences and faiths. Whether we agree or disagree on this point, I ask you to join me in my commitment to treat all Americans with respect, and without aggression. One of our strongest tools as we work through this process of defining our interlocking circles of community is the art and music created by Americans. Artists who reflect our own truths, those with whom we disagree, and those who help us see new perspectives that will help us grow to unknown places. Please support these Americans.

Our disagreement about self-perceived sexualities and the need for autonomous space today may feel insurmountable – and yet I am sure that we will find a way through this. There is too much at stake for us to lose our selves to each other.

In faith,

Yes, rumor has it that this missive was posted on Facebook a week before the 2004 presidential election…

but its a rumor that should be believed to the same degree as purveyors of trans-exterminationist bigotry when claiming to not be trans-exterminationist bigots.

“I can’t even fathom protesting something constantly that occurs one week out of 52.”

That was seen recently on Facebook, as apologism – by someone who peppered her blather with lots of sub-‘some of my best friends are’-isms re: trans women – for the proprietrix of the Ollie’s BBQ of Feminism.


If she can be taken at her word, then she wouldn’t have any problem if the Dinah Shore golf tournament banned lesbians.

After all…

That only occurs only one week out of 52.

Then Quit and Go to Work for an Actual News Organization

A woman who, for the last decade, has raked in millions of Rupert Murdoch’s dollars now whines:

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren took aim at several of her male colleagues on Thursday for their comments about women.

Lou Dobbs, Juan Williams, Erick Erickson and Doug Schoen caused a stir on Wednesday after they expressed utter horror at a study which showed that more and more women are the primary breadwinners in the home. Erickson even portrayed the trends as counter to biology itself, saying, “When you look at biology, look at the natural world, the roles of a male and a female in society, and other animals, the male typically is the dominant role.”

Van Susteren took to her blog and did not hold back, writing, “Have these men lost their minds? (and these are my colleagues??!! oh brother… maybe I need to have a little chat with them (next thing they will have a segment to discuss eliminating women’s right to vote?)”

Actually, if I recall, its frequent Fox ‘News’ personage Ann Coulter who has advocated for taking away women’s right to vote, but…

Okay, there’s a joke waiting to be made there that some in the community – even some trans people – think is permissible to make (apart from perpetuation of transphobia, I’ve always been concerned that its simply inaccurate – in part.)

And I’ll leave that at that.

As for Greta’s crocodile (same color as money – just sayin’) tears, unless she puts her money where her twitter is by quitting, there will still be – as there has been since the day she got her new nose and started at Fox ‘News’ – no moral distinction between her and the FOX-oids she’s complaining about (the fact that Messrs. Dobbs, Williams, Erickson and Schoen are crypto-misogynists is just the cherry on top of the fact that they are shills for the Murd-Koch warmongering corporate christianist propganda machine – and Greta herself is just another one of the Murd-Koch shills.)

Her existence is financed by Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes; if the tweet really represents what she believes, then she should quit and take her services to a legitimate news operation (CNN was, for the most part, a legitimate news operation back when she was there, although the wall-to-wall O.J. coverage that introduced her to America is what began its decline) or – gasp! – actually go back to using her law degree to earn a buck

They’re Probably Just Angling for Permanent Employment at HRC

I’m sure that the vast majority of the performers at MichFest are really good people, but women’s community as a whole — a whole that includes trans women — deserve better than the appalling silence of those MichFest performers who are loath to take sides.
Autumn Sandeen

Or, perhaps, they are preparing for careers as Invertabrate Democrat Congresscritters.

In either case, the experience of knowing how to profit from doing nothing will serve them well.


“I’m sure the Taliban feels exactly the same way as Rep. Stockman. The only difference is the beards.”

That’s a comment to the following reportage of the latest bit of insanity from the Friendswood Fool:

Rep. Steve Stockman: ‘The right to keep and bear arms is granted by God’

Really, Steverino?

How well did that work before the U.S. Constitution – and the federal government that enforces it?

The Nobel-esque Thought Processes of the Shillerico Staff

Wow, I  wonder what went into coming up with this gem?

Why Is Gov Cuomo Ignoring the T in LGBT?

If you are seriously asking that question, you really have no business writing in grown-up land.

The answer, of course…

Horny-for-the-White-House Cuomo did his duty for Gay, Inc. with gay marriage, so now, contrary to anything that you think you see any tentacle of Gay, Inc. doing for GENDA, Cuomo gets a pass on everything else.

You know it.

I know it.

We all know it.


In case anyone thinks I’m being too cynical…

Pic of the Day: May 29, 2013 (Special ‘Hiss-le While You Smile’ Edition)

20130529 - 01

In Iowa in the middle of Atalissa Road, alongside the much-higher-than-it-was-a-year-ago Cedar River, just north of I-80 – around noon today.

We Know Lisa Vogel’s Opinion

Then and now.

Is It Wrong to Perform at Michfest?



What do the rest have to say today?

In particular…

We’re looking at YOU, employee o’ NGLTF.

But Uncritically Accepting Anything Uttered by HRC as Being Ex Cathedra IS Progress?

It might be for some – but 99.99% of the people HRC claims to speak for would not be allowed into their homes (except via the servants’ entrances.)

Seen recently on Facebook

Progress?  Lets ask all of HRC’s trans employees about that, shall we?

Fair-minded?  Lets ask Chuck Schumer about that, shall we?



Those words…

I do not think that they mean what you think they mean.

Seeing Yourself Spoken for by White Millionaire Female Lawyers Who Got Rich Defending Loan Sharks Will Do That

And I’m not even sure that Mia McKenzie has ever had a bug(vomit) infestation – but she writes like she’s seen the vomitous end of one.

I don’t feel any universal connection with all people who are born with female parts. I’m not sure I know anyone who actually does, not when you really break it down. Because, despite what mainstream (white) feminism and tampon commercials would have us believe, “shared” female experience isn’t really all that “shared” at all.

Yet, the myth of shared female experience prevails. It gets used by certain groups, including Michigan Women’s Music Festival, to exclude trans* women because they presumably don’t have all the parts necessary to participate in this “universal” female experience that doesn’t actually exist anyway. The idea that cis women who attend this festival have a shared experience of womanhood–an experience that stretches like a rainbow bridge across race, sexuality, (dis)ability and economic class–that is so certain that no one without a vagina could possibly understand any of it is, frankly, absurd.

Looks like someone isn’t going to get invites to either the MWMF or HRC xmas parties this year.