“Rand Paul is not only too dishonest to come up with his own material, he’s too stupid to at least plagiarize from a reliable source”

See the quotation marks?

They are an indication that I am not claiming that sentence as my own.  Hereafter, I am telling you that I got it from commenter “Mr. Flibble” at Crooks and Liars.

All of that is called ‘citing my source.’

I have no idea how authoritative “Mr. Flibble” is, but I’ll lay down a buck or two that whoever it is has taught a class in high school or, as I did, in college where someone passed off made a feeble attempt to pass off a Wikipedia entry as an original essay.

Unsourced, of course.

(For those keeping score at home – and in light of the fact that we’re inside a month away from the 35th anniversary of the assassination – the idiot who tried to get away with it in my class cut-and-pasted from Harvey Milk‘s Wikipedia entry.)

All of that, brings us to Ayn, er…, Rand Paul.

Rand Paul was speaking at crazyland Liberty University today and went off on a long tangent about eugenics, and how “the evil, autocratic state” can, if allowed, determine one’s destiny. How that was supposed to help Ken Cuccinelli in his gubernatorial race is anyone’s guess, ostensibly the reason he was there in Virginia. But, as with Ted Cruz, everything they do is geared towards 2016. Rand Paul has been running hard for the evangelicals lately, but cribbing from a wikipedia entry probably isn’t going to impress anyone.

Certainly not.

On the other hand, it does make me wonder how much of his own work he actually did while at Duke University medical school.

I guess only Aqua Buddah (or perhaps the rotting corpse of Richard Nixon, who went to law school at Duke) knows for sure.

But, Alas, No Heisenberg (But, Thankfully, Probably No Filner Either)

How I ended up with a flyer for the 1978 Comic-Con amongst all of my 1970s materiel, I don’t know.  I’ve never been to that Con (or San Diego, for that matter.)

35 Years Ago This Week

Yes, its time for a generic non-LGBT post:

Why Outtakes Should Never Be Destroyed


…always be destroyed (depending on your point of view.)

Note: The sci-fi tag is checked because one of  the outtakes involved a promo for the episode in which they reviewed Robocop.

Takei in ’14


Postage For Ensuring That Your Package Gets to its Destination Three Weeks Ago



Pic of the Day: Dec. 19, 2012 (Special ‘Suthun Ghosts on the Move’ Edition)

A MARTA train station (probably Peachtree Center, but I don’t recall for certain) in Atlanta, Georgia – Labor Day Weekend, 1986 (during a break from the festivities at ConFederation, the 1986 WorldCon.)