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A Suggestion for Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton

Dear Gov. Dayton,

You probably don’t remember me.  I bumped into you at the Minnesota State Fair in 2001 while you were a senator.  I mentioned that I had voted for you in 2000 and I asked you to ensure that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act was trans-inclusive.

You weren’t able to do that, but I’ve always thought highly of your response when I explained why the bill was not then trans-inclusive and, as of 2001, never had been.

“Shame on Barney.”

Straight (no pun intended) to the point.  I like that.

I’ve respected you ever since.

I have an idea for how you can ensure that your political legacy is even more positive than it currently stands to be. Due to circumstances beyond your control, you have the power to cause future-senator Roy Moore to have an aneurysm (politically if not physically) before ever being elected next Tuesday.


Appoint Minneapolis Councilmember-elect Andrea Jenkins to fill Al Franken’s soon-to-be vacant Senate seat.

Its just an idea – but I hope you will consider it.


That Still-Underemployed Transsexual Lawyer You Impressed Back in 2001