Ever Notice…

…how those who claim to be ‘pro-life’ appear to care about the innocence of the fetus as to whether or not it was conceived via rape but don’t give a rodent’s rectum about how, once the fetus begins breathing on its own, it will be negatively affected by the possibility of being in a home that already has too many hungry mouths, or the possibility of having one or both parents being either in prison on convictions for victimless crimes or out of prison but saddled with convictions that will prevent them from ever finding employment sufficient to feed all mouths in the household, or the possibility of being born into a community that was destroyed by vulture capitalism, or the possibility that it will simply begin life (which we all actually know – yes we do – is at birth) having parents who even without unjust legal millstones are just not cut out to be parents?

Fact of the Day



…fact of the century, actually.

One Would Think…

…that folks claiming to be LGB and/or T would have long ago learned the lesson of Oscar Wilde v. Marquess of Queensberry.

But, apparently not.

Food for thought: Liberace was the exception, not the rule.

I Guess I Missed the Dictionary in Which “Fraudmonger” is a Definition of “Star”

From the Chronicle of Higher Education:

Star Scholar Resigns From Northwestern, Saying It Doesn’t Respect Academic Freedom

Alice Dreger doesn’t usually pull punches. So it’s no surprise that her resignation letter is more, shall we say, direct than the average two weeks’ notice.

Ms. Dreger resigned this week from Northwestern University, where she was a clinical professor of medical humanities and bioethics, a nontenured gig she’d had for the past decade.

Which, based on her ongoing, obnoxious, fact-averse defense of the indefensible (read: Michael Bailey) was a decade too long.

Countdown to The Dredge becoming the in-house ‘expert’ on trans issues for Fox ‘News’ in 3…2…1….

So Does This Mean That Loving County, Texas Will be Renamed Cheating County?

From Yahoo Finance:

Gawker’s Gabrielle Bluestone has uncovered that there are precisely three ZIP codes across the country that have no record of Ashley Madison users. That’s ZIP codes, not area codes. And what do they have in common? They’re partially lacking two things: the internet and a large number of people.

Nikolai, Alaska (99691) — Population: 94 (2010 Census)

Perryville, Alaska (99648) — Population: 113 (2010 Census)

Polvadera, New Mexico (87828) — Population: 269 (2010 Census)

If this is accurate, then what can be said for Loving County, Texas

population 82?

That county’s only community (unincorporated) is Mentone (not Mentos) – population 19 – and is attached to zip code 79754.

GoogleMaps indicates that that zip code covers most, but not all of Loving County:


That doesn’t also contain the outline of the county, but MapQuest does:


So, unless the boundaries of that zip code were drawn to include all 82 people in Loving County, then there are at least two zip codes (maybe even three) encompassing parts of a county with a population of 82 that have Ashley Madison accounts.

Memo to christianists: If you think you lost the culture wars when Obergefell v. Hodges was decided, think again.  As usual, you have met the heterosexual enemy – probably in church – and it is yourselves.

(Apologies to Pogo.)

(Also) Stonewall at 20

From the September 1989 issue of FTM:


Memo to Daley Thompson

Here are two accomplishments you should be always be proud of:

(1) You have one more Olympic decathlon gold medal than does the 1976 Olympic decathlon gold medalist.
(2) You have one less ‘reality’ show than does the 1976 Olympic decathlon gold medalist.

Juno vs. the Jerk


From Queer Channel Media:

“X-Men” and “Juno” lesbian actress Ellen Page challenged Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on LGBT rights Friday during the Iowa State Fair, grilling him on the issue of anti-LGBT workplace discrimination.

And, of course, the Cuban-Canadian Cruz mansplained to a woman who is (1) honest about being Canadian, (2) makes her living in the private sector, and (3) has not spent a majority of her adult life in the employ of various government entities:

“I’m happy to answer your question but not to have a back-and-forth debate,” Cruz told Page.

Because the next post-Reconstruction Republican who can win an honest debate will be the first.

Memo to Jeb Bush

Being married to a Hispanic woman doesn’t mean that words which ooze from your mouth cannot accurately be assessed as racist. It just means that people should wonder if you’ve been so addicted all of your life to even the possibility of being president that you might token-marry and token-child-produce solely for the benefit of a political dynasty of idle-rich clods?

Speaking of which: Has George P. stalked any of his girlfriends lately?

Chad Griffin, You’re Fired

John Oliver, You’re Hired.