Did You Hear the One About…

…the non-trans lesbian lawyer who goes on MSNBC and says that she and her partner found the Arizona Legislature’s passage of the bill that Jan Brewer subsequently vetoed to be “distressing”?

Its an understandable reaction, of course.


Did you hear the one about the trans lesbian lawyer who got blacklisted by Gay, Inc. for having and expressing that same reaction to the passage and non-vetoing of bills in New York and Maryland that have the legal effect of allowing non-trans lesbians and gays and lawyers and non-lawyers to discriminate against trans women and men and lawyers and non-lawyers in pretty much the same way that the Arizona bill would have against all LGBTs?


Well, Gay, Inc., thanks you.

Who Benefits From the Dana Beyer ‘Campaign’?

Hint: It isn’t trans people.

Carrie Evans, executive director of Equality Maryland, the state’s largest LGBT advocacy group, questioned Beyer’s intentions, as the battle to pass Madaleno’s antidiscrimination bill rages on. “We really are questioning the timing of her announcement,” Evans said in a statement to the The Baltimore Sun. “We need to all be focused on getting this bill passed.”

Granted, I will – and all trans people should – always question the intentions of the former Free State Just Us.  But, this passage – from what used to be the Advocate – begs two questions:

(1) If Evans actually can be taken at her word about the former Free State Just Us’s desire to actually see the Maryland political hate crime of 2001 rectified in 2014, then what does this say about Beyer’s state of mind (on any number of levels)?

(2) Even if the former Free State Just Us is still just the same old Free State Just Us and the ‘push’ to rectify the Maryland political hate crime of 2001 in 2014 is just a scam, then can Beyer actually be delusional enough to believe that she can knock off someone of Madaleno’s political heft who the same old Free State Just Us is going to be behind?

As I’ve stated earlier, even if I was in Maryland, I wouldn’t necessarily be in Madaleno’s corner – but as with all of the occasional threats (never carried out) to run a trans person against St. Barney in the Massachusetts 4th….

well, unlike St. Barney, I actually do know what Oz looks like.

Translated: Even if I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Madaleno, I wouldn’t be placing a bet against him.

The Dana Beyer ‘campaign’ doesn’t seem to be Oz.

The only yellow-hued bricks I see aren’t painted; they’re urinated-upon….

and they’re surrounded by purple bricks.

Jenna Fischetti poses a third begged question:

Seems exceptionally problematic. Why does one go against the lead sponsor of the trans bill 4 days before the hearing?

Might one have an interest in perpetuating one of most damaging stereotypes of trans women?

One that, like the St. Barney/Toronto/Colorado/yadda yadda yadda penis parade, also doesn’t exist but which Gay, Inc. – and its bought-and-paid-for subsidiary that claims to be trans organization – uses with great effectiveness to discredit all politically-minded trans people who don’t abide by the Gay, Inc. script?

Herding cats…

Screaming trannies…

Whisper, whisper, whisper, whisper….

As Vanessa Edwards Foster wrote a few years ago – after a decade of being a pin-whisper cushion:

While I’ve never given much belief in vampirism, it’s certainly coincidental that the trans community with all its initial energy and talent typically ends up burning out quickly, leaving us with husks of former leaders.  While many gay and lesbian leaders have long, productive careers and lives, typically only the rare trans individual manages to survive similarly.

Forget the never even being considered for employment that would allow one to do one’s activism as a full-time job – instead of in addition to a full-time job.  The precursor is the institutionalized, defamatory discreditation of trans activism in general – and in particular the trans activists who not only dare to look behind the purple-n-yellow curtain but have the audacity to tell all of those who are being lied to, LGB and T alike, what is going on behind it – by Gay, Inc.

But now…

Madaleno, who is gay, reported to state campaign officials on Jan. 13 he has more than $36,000 on hand. Beyer on the same day reported her campaign has roughly $364 in the bank.


I wouldn’t attempt a round-trip drive across Iowa with only $364 in the bank.

Has Gay, Inc., found a lesser class of clown who is willing – or who is too moronic to understand that she’s volunteering – to be a real-life embodiment of every ‘those people are too unreasonable to deal with’ slander that more than a few in HRC’s inner circle have made a living by disseminating?

I don’t know.

But I seriously believe that more people need to be willing to ask who stands to benefit from such a ‘campaign.’

Sockpuppet Alert

In the comments section at a Baltimore Sun piece on the possibility in 2014 of rectifying Maryland’s 2001 law giving non-trans people the special right to discriminate against trans people:


I encourage ENDABlog 2.0 readers to think about whether or not that wording seems more likely to have actually come from a ‘Patrick’ or from a vomitous bug

or perhaps an alleged gay man allegedly named “Vic”

or perhaps even from an alleged 70-year-old woman who allegedly lives in North York, Ontario and allegedly had an encounter with a trans woman at a Toronto-area Y some unspecified number of years ago.

No More “Puzzling,” I Suppose, Than Supporting the Special Right of LGBs to Discriminate Against Trans People…

which, as Free State Just Us, it did in 2001.

From Queer Channel Media:

Equality Maryland on Monday announced it has endorsed Lieutenant Gov. Anthony Brown for governor in an apparent snub of lesbian state Del. Heather Mizeur (D-Montgomery) who is seeking the same office.

“We are proud to put our support behind the Brown/Ulman ticket for governor and lieutenant governor,” said Equality Maryland Executive Director Carrie Evans. “After meeting with the three declared Democratic candidates, we believe that Anthony Brown and [Howard County Executive] Ken Ulman will be the most effective governor and lieutenant governor for Equality Maryland’s issues and for the citizens of Maryland.”

Mizeur described the Brown endorsement as a “puzzling choice” in a statement.

And no more “puzzling,” I suppose, than shoving the gay want of marriage ahead of the need of trans people to participate in the legitimate economy on an equal footing with not only straights but those same LGBs…

which ‘Equality’ Maryland has done in the years since.