Thirteen Years Ago Today

13 years ago today

And now, today:

13 years ago today - a

Unanticipated, my ass.

We whose third-class status was approved of by ESPA in 2002 anticipated this then.

We re-anticipated it when those who got what they wanted in 2002 took trans rights off the back burner – and off of the stove entirely – and ramrodded gay marriage through in 2011.

Do not let these people tell you that they have achieved equality for trans people on par with the equality for gays, lesbians and bisexuals that they ramrodded through in 2002.  Administrative regulations are not equal to statutes.

Former Empire State Pride Agenda director Matt Foreman is furious. Via email:  “Appalling. The statutory reforms still needed are enormous[.”]

He should know.

He signed off on SONDA in 2002.

The “A” stands for “apartheid.”

And it will continue to do so.

And I told you so.



  1. It was thirteen years ago today, Sgt Foreman taught his band to play.

    Matt Foreman
    Senior Program Director, Gay and Lesbian Rights
    Matt oversees the Fund’s extensive support for the drive for equal rights and opportunities for immigrants and gays and lesbians.

    Plus ca change-

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