The Criminals are the Principal, the Cops and the Judge

…and it is they who should be convicted - and not simply fined.

Shea Love wondered why the school district contacted the police to discuss a violation of wiretap statutes instead of confronting the students who were bullying her son, a sophomore at South Fayette High School with attention deficit and an anxiety disorder.

On the recording — which the 15-year-old made on his iPad — one student can be heard telling another to pull Love’s son’s pants down.

My first thought is: Why doesn’t that qualify as attempted sexual assault (at least for over-charging purposes – because its clear here that someone loves overcharging)?  Or, at the very least, generic assault?

The teacher can be heard intervening, telling the students that they need to stop talking if their discussion isn’t about math.

A few minutes later, a loud slam can be heard, followed by the teacher telling students to sit down. “What? I was just trying to scare him,” one of the boys can be heard saying.

The 15-year-old said he made the recording “because I always felt like it wasn’t me being heard.”

Upon learning of the recording, South Fayette High School principal Scott Milburn and assistant principal Aaron Skrbin contacted Lieutenant Robert Kurta, asking that he come to the school because he believed there had been “a wiretapping incident.”

School district officials forced the student to erase the recording and ordered him to attend Saturday detention. Kurta charged him with disorderly conduct, but didn’t believe that the incident warranted a felony wiretapping charge, though according to court records, he was adamant the student had “committed a crime.”

South Fayette District Judge Maureen McGraw-Desmet found the student guilty, fined him $25 and ordered him to pay court costs.

Too bad the NSA didn’t record it, eh?



Arizona: Police State

How much Gay, Inc., money will flow toward Monica Jones?


In your heart, you know what the answer is.

And Just What Might be ‘Enabled’?

What might be enabled by a constitutional free-for-all convention if catered by the Koch Brothers (which it certainly will be)?

Crooks and Liars (via Sen. Bernie Sanders) has a preview:

Senator Bernie Sanders went back in time to 1980, when David Koch ran as the Vice Presidential candidate on the Libertarian ticket. He found their platform for that year, and published it again. It is a manifesto of what David and Charles Koch expect to receive in return for their large investment in American politics.

Here is the list (my emphasis added) [NOTE: I emphasized a few additional ones]:

  • We urge the repeal of federal campaign finance laws, and the immediate abolition of the despotic Federal Election Commission.”
  • “We favor the abolition of Medicare and Medicaid programs.”
  • “We oppose any compulsory insurance or tax-supported plan to provide health services, including those which finance abortion services.”
  • “We also favor the deregulation of the medical insurance industry.”
  • “We favor the repeal of the fraudulent, virtually bankrupt, and increasingly oppressive Social Security system. Pending that repeal, participation in Social Security should be made voluntary.”
  • “We propose the abolition of the governmental Postal Service. The present system, in addition to being inefficient, encourages governmental surveillance of private correspondence. Pending abolition, we call for an end to the monopoly system and for allowing free competition in all aspects of postal service.”
  • We oppose all personal and corporate income taxation, including capital gains taxes.”
  • “We support the eventual repeal of all taxation.”
  • “As an interim measure, all criminal and civil sanctions against tax evasion should be terminated immediately.”
  • “We support repeal of all law which impede the ability of any person to find employment, such as minimum wage laws.”
  • We advocate the complete separation of education and State. Government schools lead to the indoctrination of children and interfere with the free choice of individuals. Government ownership, operation, regulation, and subsidy of schools and colleges should be ended.”
  • “We condemn compulsory education laws … and we call for the immediate repeal of such laws.”
  • “We support the repeal of all taxes on the income or property of private schools, whether profit or non-profit.”
  • “We support the abolition of the Environmental Protection Agency.”
  • “We support abolition of the Department of Energy.”
  • “We call for the dissolution of all government agencies concerned with transportation, including the Department of Transportation.”
  • “We demand the return of America’s railroad system to private ownership. We call for the privatization of the public roads and national highway system.”
  • “We specifically oppose laws requiring an individual to buy or use so-called “self-protection” equipment such as safety belts, air bags, or crash helmets.”
  • “We advocate the abolition of the Federal Aviation Administration.”
  • “We advocate the abolition of the Food and Drug Administration.”
  • “We support an end to all subsidies for child-bearing built into our present laws, including all welfare plans and the provision of tax-supported services for children.”
  • “We oppose all government welfare, relief projects, and ‘aid to the poor’ programs. All these government programs are privacy-invading, paternalistic, demeaning, and inefficient. The proper source of help for such persons is the voluntary efforts of private groups and individuals.”
  • “We call for the privatization of the inland waterways, and of the distribution system that brings water to industry, agriculture and households.”
  • “We call for the repeal of the Occupational Safety and Health Act.”
  • “We call for the abolition of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.”
  • “We support the repeal of all state usury laws.”

I’m sure bugvomit is having an orgasm at the thought of that last one.

The Enabling Act of 2014?


Through the ‘Act for the Removal of the Distress of the People and the Reich’ of 24 March 1933, more commonly known as the Enabling Act (Ermächtigungsgesetz), which consisted of only five articles, the government of the Reich was to be vested with almost unlimited powers to enact laws, even in cases where the legislation encroached on core provisions of the Constitution.


Michigan’s Republican-led Legislature may have inadvertently made history last month when it adopted a resolution urging a convention of the states for the purpose of drafting a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Article V requires Congress to authorize a convention when 34 states have called for an amendment on the same topic, but that threshold has never been reached.

Conventional wisdom suggests — and supporters repeatedly stated — that by adopting its resolution, Michigan had joined more than 20 other states with similar applications.

But Michigan may unknowingly have been the 34th state to call for a federal balanced budget amendment, according to at least one constitutional scholar.

But it won’t be simply a balanced budget constitutional convention.

Under Article 5 of the US Constitution, if 2/3rds of the states call for such a convention, (meaning 34 states) it MUST take place. During such a convention, the ENTIRE Constitution can be changed; nothing is off-limits.

Now, we don’t know that for certain – because its never happened.

However, anyone who has been following the christianist right’s takeover in state legislatures knows that the ‘current constitution is just a first draft’ scenario is precisely what the christianists have had in mind for quite a while…

and it will all happen while anencephalitic America is masturbating to Duck Dynasty, the Kardashians and American Idol.

Well, anyway – its spring.

Time to open the windows and take in a breath of fresh air.


I think I smell…


One More Reason to Love Hank Aaron

From HuffPo:

Baseball Hall of Famer Hank Aaron thinks President Barack Obama’s Republican detractors aren’t too far off from the individuals who threatened him as he approached Babe Ruth’s home run record forty years ago.

In an interview with USA Today published Tuesday, Aaron described the racist letters he received as he closed in on Ruth’s milestone. Four decades later, Aaron says he still keeps the letters in his attic to remind himself of the United States’ persistent racism.

“Sure, this country has a black president, but when you look at a black president, President Obama is left with his foot stuck in the mud from all of the Republicans with the way he’s treated,” he said. “The bigger difference is that back then they had hoods. Now they have neckties and starched shirts.”

A few hours before Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s record I got an indication that, forty years later, we would still be dealing with white racists who will never accept the concept of African-Americans being equal to them.

I lived in Houston at the time so, of course, I wasn’t at the game in Atlanta that night.

I did, however, get to see Aaron play against the Astros later in 1974 on one of his last games against the Astros prior to him moving to the Milwaukee Brewers for the last two years of his career.

Aaron only pinch hit that night, but the sell-out crowd at the Astrodome gave him a standing ovation.

But that would not be the end of the story.

I expressed to some acquaintances on the afternoon of April 8th that I was looking forward to watching the Braves-Dodgers game that would be broadcast that night on NBC’s Monday Night Baseball (the network didn’t ordinarily begin its Monday Night Football copycat-ing until later in the season, but with the high likelihood that the first Monday night of the 1974 season would see the home run record fall, NBC had a ‘special broadcast) because I wanted to see the record broken – to see history made.

One of those acquaintances responded by saying that he was definitely not looking forward to the game because he did not want to see a black man break a white man’s record.

I and my acquaintances were nine years old.

I suspect that I’m the only one of the bunch that has done any significant changing since then – which means…

I suspect that those acquaintances now all have neckties.

Fulton County Stadium has died.

The Astrodome is on life support.

But racism is alive and well and doing business as the Republican Party.

Another Vomitous Bug…

opposing trans women.


I wonder if he’s ever been a client of an attorney from Maryland?


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