Where Were Certain Concern Trolls When Trans People Were Not Only ‘No Platformed’ But Also Blacklisted By Gay, Inc.?

Richard Rosendall is worried about the feelings of TERFs, the vast majority of whom have substantively benefited from the long-term ‘no trans people need apply; no trans issues can be spoken of; no trans women need apply even when we pretend to accept trans people by hiring trans men who we really don’t recognize as trans men’ dogma of Gay, Inc. – either directly by obtaining Gay, Inc. jobs that no trans people were ever considered for or indirectly by living in – and cultivating careers in – jurisdictions whose gay-only rights laws sprouted from Gay, Inc. spores.

For years, some radical feminists have vociferously opposed transgender people. An example is Janice Raymond, a lesbian ex-nun who wrote in her 1979 book, The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male, that trans women, whom she regarded as male predators, were the “avant garde of the patriarchy invading women’s spaces.” As a liberal feminist and a supporter of trans equality, I very much disagree with Dr. Raymond. Dana Beyer, executive director of Gender Rights Maryland, explains, “[G]ender identity (the sex of one’s brain) drives trans persons to transition, regardless of genital anatomy.”

For the LGBT advocates with whom I work in Washington, D.C., that ship has sailed. We do not sit around discussing gender theory. We take it as a given that trans people are citizens entitled to equal protection. We work in coalition to ensure that the “T” is included in legislation, data gathering, and public services (and D.C. is among the top states in the Human Rights Campaign’s State Equality Index). Science is on our side: the American Psychiatric Association declassified transgender identity as a disorder in 2012, as it did homosexuality in 1973.

For some, this is not enough. There is a movement to “no-platform” trans-excluding radical feminists (TERFs), that is to bar them from campuses and deny them a platform for their views. This is part of a broader and distinctly illiberal trend whereby universities are seen not as centers for the robust exchange of ideas, but as frightening places full of triggers and microaggressions. Students are seen as fragile flowers who must be protected from views that might offend them. This is an assault on learning, and those of us who are not professional victims need to fight it.

Memo to non-trans gays who want to write on trans matters: If your lead (or only) trans quote comes from ‘retired’ Doc Beyer, you haven’t done enough research.

Second memo to non-trans gays who want to write on trans matters: If you have any quote ‘retired’ Doc Beyer, think twice about also utilizing the word “robust.”

Second memo to non-trans gays who want to write on trans matters: If you have any quote ‘retired’ Doc Beyer, think even more than twice about also utilizing the word “robust.”


Where were all of the current TERF-defending concern trolls when Gay, Inc ‘no-platform’-ed trans people into oblivion?

And are any of them demanding that Gay, Inc. pony up reparations to trans people for the decades of Gay, Inc.-led political and employment discrimination (call it ‘no-platform’-ing if you wish) against trans people?


The 2016 Edition of The Token Games is Underway!

From Metro Weakly:

Jeb Bush is expected to name Tim Miller, who is openly gay, as communications director of his anticipated presidential campaign, multiple news outlets reported Friday.

For the past two years, the 33-year-old Miller has served as executive director of America Rising, a super PAC that has employed opposition researchers largely targeting Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates. Previously, Miller served as deputy communications director for the Republican National Committee and press secretary for Jon Huntsman’s 2012 presidential campaign. In 2008, he was John McCain’s communications director in Iowa.

A comment about Miller that appeared on Facebook (though it isn’t clear who actually said the words):

and despite being respected for his work as a communications director, every man he’s ever served also thinks he’s undeserving of true equality across this great nation.

That just about wraps it up for Tim Miller.

More Fake History From Jonathan Capehart

As Fox falsely portrays itself as ‘news’, the Capeharted Crusader continues to lie to America about the history of trans people’s visibility and loudness:

The T in LGBT has been relatively silent compared with the L, G and B

Half-truths are full lies, JC.

Are you on salary or do you get paid per?

Silence that exists because of being politically strangled by corporate fraudmeisters such as HRC and its antecedents, isn’t silence that you get to rely on to continue your skunk-excrement-flavored narrative’s claim that trans people didn’t show up and do anything worthy of being acknowledged by the overpaid, underworked gay elite until Bruce Jenner made a cell-phone call at the wrong time.

part of trans invisibility had to do with so few trans people coming out publicly

Why might that be, JC?

Did the non-out ones see how the overpaid, underworked gay elite openly discriminated against trans people (particularly trans women) in their own hiring practices (not to mention in the political policies that they actually pushed, as opposed to the ones that they told gullible trans people they were pushing)?

But the real problem has been a visceral discomfort with even talking about the T of LGBT. Many of us, gays and straights, don’t understand transgender issues, let alone know exactly what they are.

No, JC – not “gays and straights.

The following was belched out the other day by Mark Chase of the South Dakota Family Policy Council in a legislative hearing on a bill to negate a pro-transgender high school athletics policy adopted last year:

There is a difference between transgender and transsexual. Transgender – transgender has to do with one’s feelings, and its outlined in here; they use those words – what they feel about themselves. They were born male but they inside internally feel female. They were born female; internally inside, the feel like they are male. Transsexual – and that’s different. A transsexual is one who’s beginning the process of going through actual hormone changes, possibly, not always, an actual sex change. It’s the transsexual who’s going through hormonal changes and they must go through two years of before any surgery. That literally changes them hormonally, physically.

Not perfect by any means, particularly as to the divisiveness as between TS and TG (and, despite seeming to be okay with transsexuals as opposed to the others in the trans spectrum, I’m really, really, really not expecting to see the guy wearing a Transexual Menace t-shirt in a Pride Parade any time soon), but I will say this: Its a more coherent quasi-understanding of trans issues than anyone was likely to hear from anyone at HRC as recently as a decade ago (you know, a couple of years after it hired and quickly disappeared its first token trans employee, a couple of years after trans people spoke up against being left out of SONDA in New York – and two years before Joe Solmonese’s political fraud of 2007.)

And, putting aside the likelihood of people with anti-LGBT organizations being closet cases, we have to assume that Chase is straight.

JC, in 2015 you’re essentially pleading ignorance on behalf of your class – the overpaid, underworked gay elite.

Yet, it is that same overpaid, underworked gay elite who the trans people who did speak up to 20 years ago were bullied into oblivion by; we were told to accept their political wisdom and educational prowess – despite the fact that they refused to hire any of us to consult with politically or to do any of the educating that they claimed was the only thing really necessary for ENDA to be something more than the transphobic hate-child of Winnie Stachelberg and Barney Frank.

Thanks to high-profile activists such as actress Laverne Cox and Janet Mock, the T is speaking up and getting noticed.

I’ve already started my countdown clock to my being (deliberately) quoted out of context, so here goes: Without in any way intending to take anything away from any of Cox’s and Mock’s many accomplishments, “the T” spoke up a decade before either Mock or Cox was born.

But by the time both were born (1984), the already overpaid, underworked gay elite had forcibly – in political terms, if not physically – removed trans people and trans issues from all conversations that might be had over the next decade or so, not only by the already overpaid, underworked gay elite but by the less-than-elite LGBs (you know, the ones who work for a living and who, today, know that their problems will not be solved by the impending SCOTUS gay marriage decision this summer) whose knowledge of LGB(T) issues in the pre- and early-internet days came primarily, if not exclusively, from the already overpaid, underworked gay elite.

Finally, the LGBT community must do a better job of making common cause with others seeking equality and freedom from discrimination.

You mean like all of the trans people who the overpaid, underworked gay elite (and, in the 21st century, aided by its bought-and-paid-for Steppin’ Quisling-it) actively excluded from any possibility of becoming gainfully employed in helping to craft LGB(T) law and policy?

There are poor LGBT Americans. There are millions of people who would benefit from an increase in the national minimum wage who are also LGBT.

How will an increase in the national minimum wage help a trans woman in Alabama-with-gay-marriage or a lesbian in Mississippi-with-gay-marriage or a gay man in Arkansas-with-gay-marriage when all employers can still openly and legally refuse to hire them in the first instance?

And now I must digress.

Lets go back to something I’ve already quoted:

The T in LGBT has been relatively silent compared with the L, G and B

Remember, JC wrote that in 2015.

Most thinking people believe JC wrote this in 2007:

It requires time and patience to educate the public and lawmakers about how prejudice harms some people. That’s what gays and lesbians have been doing in their quest for equality for nearly 40 years. And that’s what transgender people will have to do. Delaying passage of ENDA, which was first introduced in the House in the mid-1970s by Rep. Bella Abzug (D-N.Y.), until the transgender community changes enough hearts and minds would be a mistake.

In response to that, Autumn Sandeen wrote this in 2007 about 2002:

Back when Jonathan Capehart was a writer for the New York Daily News in 2002, he argued against including transgender protections in New York’s Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act (SONDA):

[New York State Senator Tom] Duane [(D-Manhattan)] and his gay constituents already are protected by [New York] city’s human rights law. The transgendered, too. The senator’s fight puts the protection of gays and lesbians throughout the state at risk.

“I’m not trying to stop SONDA,” he said recently. “What have I been in office for? It’s been a part of my platform.”

But the eleventh-hour amendment could undermine that platform. That’s why Duane should put off his transgender activism until after the bill is passed. Untold numbers of gays and lesbians around the state need legal protection. It’s long overdue

JC, by the time you were born in 1967, two states already had laws on the books allowing transsexuals to change the sex designations on their birth certificates; while you were still excreting crap into diapers that doubtlessly was only slightly less substantive than your missives about trans people’s place in your gay nation, that number became grew by one…

And the state was Louisiana…

And it all happened because at least one trans woman (maybe more) spoke up and asked for legislative action…

Over a year before Stonewall.

JC, you’re so much of a consummate con artist that, ultimately, the only thing that I was truly surprised by upon reading your latest Washington Post piece was how HRC deigned to hire Chad Griffin instead of you.


Cristan Williams points out:

There’s a reason trans and intersex people want to use prefixes like cis/ipso/trans and there’s a reason TERFs view such things as being problematic for their strategy of empowerment

The rest is worth reading as well.

Dinesh D’Felon


Correcting Bill O-Lie-Ly


Now, if Fox was actually News:

The FBI, largely comprised of Christians, wiped the Klan, which was exclusively comprised of Christians, out by destroying its leadership and vigorously prosecuting their crimes – except that it didn’t completely wipe out the Klan and it took decades to prosecute much of what the Klan did, by which time many of the perpetrators had died of old age, and lets not forget that the FBI, led for forty years by a closeted gay man who was possibly being blackmailed by the Mafia, was pretty racist in its own right.

How Bad is Fox ‘News’?

The Prime Minister has told ITV News that Steven Emerson is “clearly an idiot”. The Fox News commentator claimed Birmingham is “a totally Muslim city where non-Muslims simply don’t go in”. David Cameron said he “choked on his porridge” when he heard Emerson’s comments.

It has just caused me to agree with neo-Thatcherite British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Countdown to Fox ‘News’ blaming this kerfuffle on the fact that Ozzy Osbourne was born in Birmingham in 3…2…1….