The Entrails of Imaginary Burritos are Often Filled by Imaginary Trans Activists from Vancouver with Imaginary Glitter


And lets not forget imaginary death threats:

Yesterday it was announced that a coalition of women advocating for 2-Spirit, trans and sex working women’s rights were successful in convincing Toronto’s Beaver Hall Gallery to close its doors to the anti-trans, anti-sex worker ‘Radfem Rise Up!’ conference.

In response to this, a number of claims have appeared online in the last twenty-four hours that Beaver Hall Gallery had supposedly received “hundreds of threats of death and violence directed at women and at the venue staff.”

However, these claims are completely false: According to a gallery committee member, Beaver Hall Gallery did not receive any death threats.

The exterminationism preached and sought by radphlegms?

That’s really real.

Philadelphia Gay News: Everything About Trans Existence Not Only Can be Questioned but Must be Questioned

That’s the reality of the position taken by PGN in defending its indefensible decision to continue to legitimize trans-exterminationist Victoria Brownworth.

[I]t has been also been argued that this particular writer has made comments in the past that suggested anti-transgender viewpoints.

How many Republican lawyers helped write this apologia?

It has been DEMONSTRATED as FACT that Victoria Brownworth has authored trans-misogynistic pieces IN YOUR OWN PUBLICATION!

Transsexuals in the Lesbian Community: The Ultimate in Male Power-Tripping?

There is no suggestion that this is trans-exterminationism 101. The very title of it is a pastiche of Janice Raymond’s 1977 “Transsexualism: The Ultimate Homage to Sex-Role Power.”

Perhaps most importantly, nowhere does this FOX-esque defense of Brownworth indicate that she has ever explicitly apologized for her explicit transphobia. Nowhere does this FOX-esque defense of Brownworth indicate that she has ever even acknowledged that she participated in the legitimizing of the exclusion of trans people (particularly trans women) from the gay rights movement – an exclusion that trans women of my generation have sacrificed our professional well-being to undo.

No one has argued against the content of this series.

Looks like I owe an apology to Republican lawyers. Clearly, PGN let Brownworth herself pen this editorial as this line sounds suspiciously like most of the irrelevant responses she left to historically-substantive comments made by rightfully-horrified members of the trans community in the comments section to her piece last week.

Differences, however, should not close the door to discussions.

Translation of this money shot: Nothing about gay existence can be questioned, but everything about trans existence must be – and trans people who speak out against this status quo are persecuting the po’ pitiful put-upon transphobes who have made their living for decades by enacting and defending the trans-exclusionistic policy priorities that have contributed to the persistent presence of an inordinate number of trans street kids even while Chad Griffin has a direct cell phone line to the president of the United States.

Way to go, PGN.

You took a disgusting mistake that you should have immediately rectified and, instead, found the one way in which you could shit on trans people even more than you did by continuing to legitimize Brownworth in the first place.

The Question Remains

Victoria Brownworth, PGN and Transkids

Why is the Philadelphia Gay News allowing a known and repeatedly proven transphobe to be given space to (pseudo-)journalistically define trans lives?


Why, PGN?


Because Victoria Brownworth is Such a Friend to Trans Women

h/t Joelle Ruby Ryan



A Question to Ponder on a Summer Pride-Time Saturday

Why is it that no amount of espousing of trans-exterminationist dogma by non-trans LGs is ever too much to expect trans women to forgive and forget (how many decades now has Sue Hyde, signatory to the letter demanding that Olivia Records fire Sandy Stone, been collecting paychecks from NGLTF, the alllegedly-more-trans-friendly of the Gay, Inc. organizations?) in order to not be branded as psychotic screaming trannies, but yet no amount of working for LGB-specific goals (alongside the trans-specific and trans-inclusive ones that we had to also expend our own time, energy and money to get LGBs to accept as legitimate) is ever enough to qualify trans women (well, other than militarists and/or preachers who are sought out by Gay, Inc. as tokens for having had no relevant connection to any effort to force Gay, Inc. to include trans people and issues) to not be shown the ‘trans women need not apply’ sign when we apply for employment within Gay, Inc.?

“I can’t even fathom protesting something constantly that occurs one week out of 52.”

That was seen recently on Facebook, as apologism – by someone who peppered her blather with lots of sub-‘some of my best friends are’-isms re: trans women – for the proprietrix of the Ollie’s BBQ of Feminism.


If she can be taken at her word, then she wouldn’t have any problem if the Dinah Shore golf tournament banned lesbians.

After all…

That only occurs only one week out of 52.

They’re Probably Just Angling for Permanent Employment at HRC

I’m sure that the vast majority of the performers at MichFest are really good people, but women’s community as a whole — a whole that includes trans women — deserve better than the appalling silence of those MichFest performers who are loath to take sides.
Autumn Sandeen

Or, perhaps, they are preparing for careers as Invertabrate Democrat Congresscritters.

In either case, the experience of knowing how to profit from doing nothing will serve them well.