…But What About Sue Hyde’s Employer?

You know…

the one that for over a decade implicitly declared to the world that no trans people of any level of experience were more qualified than a non-trans just-out-of-law-schooler to be that organization’s gainfully-employed trans expert?


The above was how a future NGLTF (permanent?) employee spent part of her summer vacation in 1977.

If you notice, one of her co-conspirators was Lisa Vogel, longtime perpetrator of the Michigyn Transphobya Festyval.

Surprisingly, a certain non-NGLTF tentacle of Gay, Inc. just expressed thoughts re: the Michigyn Transphobya Festyval.

Post submitted by Beth Sherouse, HRC Senior Content Manager

Although I’ve never attended a Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, I always loved the idea of a female-centered musical space, where women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds could gather to enjoy the music that shaped so many of our queer/feminist identities. What has never made sense to me or many of my queer feminist friends is Michfest’s attempt to exclude trans women from this celebration.

While the organizers continue to insist that excluding trans women is not an official policy, their “intention” that the festival cater exclusively to “womyn born womyn” serves to further marginalize trans women, denying them access to one of the only exclusively female spaces in our society.

I and my many colleagues at the Human Rights Campaign stand in solidarity with Equality Michigan, the Indigo Girls and the many other proud feminists calling on MichFest to live its mission and provide a place for all women to celebrate.

The sad thing is that the paragraph I’ve put in bold allows the immediate reaction by a certain terroristic anti-trans hate group (that I have no intention of linking to) to have a slight veneer of possible accuracy.

This blog post does not represent HRC policy, as the organization would not delegate such a policy declaration to a fellow who has been with the organization for two weeks.

I actually suspect that that is a fully accurate sentence (possibly the first one ever from GIW, but I digress….)

I have no idea if Beth Sherouse is a trans woman or not (I’d never heard of her before news of the HRC blog post surfaced; she appears to have come to the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool via the History Department at USC – not the one in California, but instead South Carolina), but if she is, then, if my count is accurate, she is only the second one to ever collect a paycheck from it (and, whether trans or not, she appears to be at the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool on limited two-year gig.)  HRC’s ability to put on an inclusivity show has increased only slightly in the decade since the trans community finally began openly picketing the organization.  When HRC adopted a very lawyerly-worded policy of ENDA inclusion support after the second of those protests in 2004 (you know, just in time for HRC to praise the exclusion of trans people from the Topeka gay rights ordinance – you know, also just in time for the lead mouthpiece of the Bain Capital of gay journalism to declare that ENDA had been “trans jacked”), the word was that the HRC power structure was as divided over it as the Supreme Court usually is on any case of any substance.

I refuse to believe that an organization that, even while trying to con the LGBT community (as well as the public at large) into believing that it is not as transphobic as the cadre of lesbians who signed the 1977 manifesto demanding that Olivia Records engage in employment discrimination against Sandy Stone, could only bring itself to hire one trans woman in the aftermath of the 2007 ENDA fraudfest, does not still have an executive majority that desires (or, for that matter, is incapable of a de facto enforcement of) a ‘trans women need not apply’ policy.

Countdown to Sherouse being disappeared from HRC in 3…2…1….

Fox ‘News’ Hires Lea DeLaria

Well, not yet.  But clearly DeLaria is auditioning to be a self-loathing liberal/gay/lesbian/whatever who plays puppet to Rupert Murdoch’s master by belching out ‘both sides are equally at fault’ when there is no honest debate possible over the fact that, in fact, only one side is actually causing the problems in question.

Actor, singer and comedian Lea DeLaria will not be performing at the upcoming Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, she tells The Advocate.

After becoming the subject of online criticism for her decision to perform at the MichFest, which refuses entry to trangender women, citing a policy organizers call “womyn born womyn,” DeLaria and her representative reached out to The Advocate to clarify the Orange Is the New Black star’s decision. The out actor, who plays Carrie “Big Boo” Black on the groundbreaking Netflix series that also features trans actress Laverne Cox, made her announcement with characteristic wit.

“After over 30 years of gay activism and as an out, proud member of the LGBTQ Community, I do not wish to be a party to infighting,” DeLaria said in a statement emailed to The Advocate. “We queers need to find a way to stop this fighting and work together towards our common goal.

Fine then, Lea.  Tell the disgusting exterminationists who run the Michigyn Transphobya Festyval to end their hatred of trans women, to end their apartheid, and to apologize openly and profusely for countenancing the murderous mindset of trasmisogyny for the last 40 years…

and give yourself a boot to the head for being stupid and/or dishonest enough to follow that up with “Both sides of the Michigan Women’s Music Festival dispute refuse to listen to each other.”

There is no honest way to get to that claim…

unless she was also pissed off that Martin Luther King, Jr. and George Lincoln Rockwell “refuse[d] to listen to each other.”

“I truly look forward to the time when all LGBTQ stand as one. Perhaps then we can collectively laugh at how fucked up is it when I’M the voice of reason.”

You were a voice of reason when you simply decided to not appear at the Michigyn Transphobya Festyval – but then you decided to defame trans people by asserting that our speaking out against being discriminated against by rabid transphobic bigots (who, we should remember, have no problem attracting lesbian dollars to a state that, if its psychotic right-wing government had its way, would probably decide that Michigan is only for straights-born-straight) is equivalent in any way to the transphobic bigotry itself.

“You might be a TERF if…”

…you read Cristan’s latest posting at TransAdvocate and all 20 criteria apply to you yet you pretend you’re not a bigot or an exterminationist.

Countdown to Homophobe Elisa Chan Being Crowned the New Radphlegm Heroine in 3…2…1….

From the San Antonio Express-News:

Former District 3 Councilwoman Leticia Ozuna is calling for the resignation of District 9 Councilwoman Elisa Chan, who was captured making disparaging remarks about the LGBT community in a secret recording of a May staff meeting.

Chan and aides were strategizing how to oppose a pending update to the city’s nondiscrimination ordinance, which would add protections for sexual orientation and gender identity. Former Chan aide James Stevens released the recording to the San Antonio Express-News last week.

In the recording, Chan discusses Ozuna’s family life. Ozuna, who lost re-election in May, is married to Sophia Parafina, a transgender woman; they have two children.

The Express-News had previously withheld that portion of the recording to protect Ozuna’s privacy. Ozuna agreed this week to address the portion regarding her family.

“I am terribly saddened to learn that me and my family were used as subjects of ridicule and criticism by Elisa Chan and her staff,” Ozuna said in a statement.

More details:

Brian Chasnoff, the Express-News reporter who published the original audio, now reports.

“That lady was born a man. So that marriage is still valid in the state of Texas,” one of Chan’s aides says in the new audio.

“So what kind of marriage is that?,” Chan responds during the meeting in her San Antonio, Texas city council office.

And now, in accurately summarizing Elisa Chan’s post-exposure gameplan, longtime Express-News columnist Rick Casey provides irrefutable proof that Chan – homophobia in tow – will be welcomed with open arms by trans-exterminationist radphlegm lesbians (if she hasn’t been already):

At her news conference, for which her staff recruited a crowd of supporters, Chan read from a prepared statement: “I stand strong in my First Amendment right to freedom of speech and our right to privacy. As an immigrant, I consider this the greatest privilege of being a U.S. citizen.”

It’s a common play-the-martyr tactic. Suggest that people who are appalled by your utterings are violating your rights by trying to shut you up.

Late-70s San Francisco had the  Castro Clone male.

Trans-exterminationist radphlegmery has the Bailey-Dreger Clone martyr.

Should it ever be revealed that Chan’s statement at that news conference was actually written for her by Michael Bailey, er…, Alice Dreger, er… Julie Burchill, er…, Victoria Brownworth, er………………..

I know, I know….

“When,” not “if”….

Much Like Richard Nixon Rejected the Analysis Indicating That He Was a Crook….

From the CPAC of (alleged) feminism:

Forbidden Discourse: The Silencing of Feminist Criticism of “Gender”

We reject the notion that this analysis is transphobic.

One of These is Exactly Like the Other


Trans has successfully made it “bigotry” to oppose it. There’s a small space for anyone except religious bigots to oppose it. This silences Lesbians who are acutely aware of the pain of being a member of an oppressed minority

The other:

Janet Porter of Faith2Action says in her new video, “this battle isn’t about marriage, it’s about driving the homosexual flag into yet another segment of society and then using it as a club to silence all dissent — to label anyone who disagrees as a hater.”

I’m just observin’….

…Like a Male-Only Catholic Priesthood ‘Discussing’ the Role of Women

Seen recently on Facebook:

Discussions about trans women taking place in a place where trans women aren’t allowed.

I wonder how many of the people ‘discussing’ this – and who will explode with Fox ‘News’-esque umbrage to any suggestion by any trans woman that said discussions are rigged – have also expressed outrage over Bob Filner’s self-imposed ‘punishment’ of not allowing Filner to have any discussions about anything with any woman without a chaperone present – leaving, of course, Filner free to make substantive policy in male-only environs.