Yeh – Except for the White Ones (Which is Most of Them) Who Still Buy Items from Ted Nugent’s Sucktastic ‘Music’ Catalogue (Which is Probably a Measurable Percentage of Them)

From Raw Story:

Conservative rocker Ted Nugent is urging the Republican Party to “stop the insanity” and insist that voting rights be suspended for welfare recipients as a part of a larger budget deal.

And those non-white, non-“Wang Dang Sweet Poontang“-listenin’ welfare recipients?  I can guess how he wants to “suspend” them.


Fiscal Policy from a Jeff Dunham Dummy


I must have missed the meeting in which America decided to let Jeff Dunham’s “Walter” have any say whatsoever as to the nation’s fiscal policies.


I’m just sayin’….

Strangely, I Can’t Stop Laughing…At This

Also Not From The Onion (Really)

Low-pressure weather; high-intensity, doubled-down douchebaggery.

The mayor’s office is currently being flooded with offers from would-be volunteers who want to assist in the recovery effort.

Obviously, Donald Trump is upset about this. Because it’s taking attention away from Donald Trump.

More significantly, though, for Trump, Sandy is problematic because clearly it’s just one big sympathy ploy from Obama. “Hurricane is good luck for Obama again – he will buy the election by handing out billions of dollars. Not only giving out money, but Obama will be seen today standing in water and rain like he is a real president —don’t fall for it.” Yes, neonatal care babies being evacuated in the midst of a storm — what a windfall for the president.

Something Cadaverous


Barr has been a polarizing figure in feminism and entertainment for years; here’s the most telling aside in a 1995 profile of her by John Lahr for the New Yorker:

Despite her obvious intelligence and authority, there is something cadaverous about Roseanne, a deadness that only rage and laughter can banish. Something has been murdered in her, and this is palpable in the flatness of her voice, the slouch of her body, the quicksilver shifts of mood from bombast to gloom, the timidity and detachment behind her eyes.

Maybe Roseanne Blah actually is a radphlegm.  After all, I think “cadaverous” would also ecompass any clown who might claim to care about women while earning gobs of scratch from the cyborg-ish obscenity that is the  finance industry, a sub-Mafia group of unjustifiably-legal, non-utilitarian entities who have negatively affected the lives of more women (as well as men and children) than any actual sexual predator ever could. 

Now, as for Ms. Blah:

Interesting remark from a woman who spent the better part of a decade polluting prime time with a rarely-funny half-hour which glorified being poor, dumb and stupid to a degree rarely seen outside of any show not involving a car named ‘The General Lee,’ a brat named ‘Honey Boo Boo’ or anyone named Goober.

Now, Ms. Blah is alleged to have ‘apologized’ of sorts.

Lets refer back to the original remarks:

Though its hard to tell, I think the tweet snipped in here was supposed to be an apology and/or clarification – though it shouldbe filed away in Mitt the Flip’s binders of women:

One of the confused points she has kept trying to make is that she is not actually accusing the trans woman from Olympia of doing anything sexually inappropriate. Yet nevertheless she feels the need to tweet the following (which has apparently since been deleted):

Who is this asshole predator she is talking about? Who, in particular, is she accusing of being a predator?

At this point, I’ll turn things over to leftytgirl, because that above apparently preceded Ms. Blah’s ahistoric nonsense about (Ms. Blah being involved in the expulsion, from a T-inclusive gay movement, of) NAMBLA:

Roseanne Barr is calling a specific trans woman a sexual predator based on no evidence whatsoever.

Roseanne Barr must either be a bit confused or else simply incredibly non-self aware to be able to tweet accusations that a certain individual is a sexual predator and then be able to take offense at having that fact being pointed out to her less than twenty-four hours later.

That’s right everybody, Roseanne Barr apparently thinks that supporting trans women’s right to go to the bathroom like any other woman is on par with supporting the disgusting pedophile organization NAMBLA. There’s really not even much to say after that little nugget of pure hate.

Perhaps, but I’ll let Kelli Busey sum it up:

In the grandest of Radfem traditions Barr works her anti trans agenda by associating us with of all things [] pedophilia.

A common tactic of our most vile haters.

I hereby declare the war that Ms. Blah declared to be over and that trans women – simply by virtue of living in reality – have prevailed.  To bastardize Fairport Convention:

This woman called Barr has had her day, and soon she’ll be forgotten….

Now, lets pay attention to the even-more-serious shit – whatever it may be – that the radphlegm trans-exterminationists were likely cooking up while we were spending precious time dealing with some relic from the Bush I years who, on her best day, made Pauly Shore look like Bill Hicks by comparison.

A Nestene Auton With a Dried-Out, Overblown Wig?

Or an over-entitled, 0.00001%-er who thinks she’s too good to be criticized?


Or both?

Spiro Agnew – But Without Any of the Redeeming Qualities


Mitt the Flip is looking – visually – more and more like Screw You Agnew.

And as for all other respects?

Well, as Josh Marshall says, “this is when you learn they’re not ready.” Or at least when your suspicions become manifest.

The roof has caved in on Mitt Romney, beyond even Chuck Todd and Peggy Noonan’s criticism of his mishandling of his response to the murders of American diplomats in Libya and Cairo. Now it seems that everyone involved in the diplomacy business are pronouncing him unfit:

“They were just trying to score a cheap news cycle hit based on the embassy statement and now it’s just completely blown up,” said a very senior Republican foreign policy hand, who called the statement an “utter disaster” and a “Lehman moment” — a parallel to the moment when John McCain, amid the 2008 financial crisis, failed to come across as a steady leader.

So what’s the line now on when Romney will withdraw as the Republican nominee?

Friday – during standard ‘document dump’ time?

Keep a look out for printers who suddenly get a bunch of orders for ‘Ryan-Christie’ materiel.