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Pic of the Day: Dec. 19, 2012 (Special ‘Suthun Ghosts on the Move’ Edition)

A MARTA train station (probably Peachtree Center, but I don’t recall for certain) in Atlanta, Georgia – Labor Day Weekend, 1986 (during a break from the festivities at ConFederation, the 1986 WorldCon.)

Pic of the Day: Dec. 12, 2012 (Special Cthulhu-ish Trees Edition)

20121212 - 02

Columbus, Texas (no van, but down by the river nevertheless) – 1993.

Apparently Carnival Cruise Lines is Run by the Same Republicans Who Tried to Rationalize Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock

Part of me hates having to write about this at all – much less again – given that, usually, when “drag” pops up in LGBT discourse it is being used to smother trans people via use of some token drag presence to ‘prove’ T-inclusiveness.  The idea of any cruise make me nauseous – but not from seasickness; and the idea of a cruise featuring 30 or so of the stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race makes me want to go back in time and allow Torquemada to have his way with me.

I look so good flayed and in boiling oil, after all – call it Gangcatholic Style (apologies to PSY.)

Of course, the spectacle of The John seeming to give a damn about whether or not gay men in drag are covered by the trans-inclusion language of gay rights laws is well….

making 2007 roll over in its grave (which, I think, might be located somewhere in Oz.)

I, however, am posting again because of this – from Daily Kos:

That drag on the “Drag Stars At Sea” cruise was banned for everyone but performers on stage was late-breaking news to cruise-goers and came as quite a surprise to many. The travel agency who collaborated with Carnival on marketing this cruise, Al and Chuck Travel, who seem to be a major sponsor of the reality show Rupaul’s Drag Race, tried some damage control on their Facebook page, saying it wasn’t discriminatory toward drag, merely all “costumes” gay and straight.

Carnival was however comfortable hosting an elaborate Halloween costume contest on previous cruise among a handful of other examples drag travelers found.

The agency’s response included this strange declaration:

Finally, Drag Stars At Sea is a cruise venue for you to meet the stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. Just as you would not go in costume (other than on Halloween) to a club to see them perform, neither should you on the GLORY.

This is why I suspect a connection to the 2012 Republican senatorial campaign efforts – not the de rigueur racism, generalized misogyny and overt embrace of rape, but the overall disconnect from anything remotely connected to reality.

I can’t stand bars – and, yes, that includes drag bars.

However, I actually have been inside a few.  And, though its probably been at least 5 or 6 years since I’ve set foot in one for any reason, I suspect that nothing has really changed about bars in general ordrag bars specifically during that time.

So, I’ll repeat: I actually have been inside a few – which would appear to be something that whoever wrote that publicity disaster can not say.  As the author of the DKos piece remarks:

I don’t know what his perspective is, but from my perspective, lots of people feel moved to dress in drag to go see a drag performance.

Alas, however, it gets better (or, perhaps, worse from Carnival’s position.)  From the comments:

Just as you would not go in costume (other than on Halloween) to a club to see them perform, neither should you on the GLORY.

No one would EVER do that!

Except Star Wars fans…and people lining up around the block for any one of the Marvel Comics-based films…and little girls at Disney Princess shows…and folks attending screenings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show (some of them – gasp – in drag!)

I sense a stinging inclusion-rejoinder coming from Trekkies and Whovians, but I digress….

I recall seeing a documentary about Rocky Horror some years back – possibly on its 25th anniversary – and part of it was filmed at either a screening of the movie or some special gettogether to mark the anniversary (I have no idea if there are Rocky Horror-specific conventions or not.)  Tim Curry walked onstage – wearing a very nice three-piece suit, looking as thoroughly male as he’s ever looked or ever could look.  He looks out at the crowd and remarks, “My god! I’m the only one here who’s not dressed like me!”

I might be off by a word or two on the quote, but you get the idea…

unless you’re as clueless as the Carnival folks.

Right now, I’m wondering if any of the bloviating (however justified it may be; keep in mind that a significnt amount of the anger over this is because Carnival decided to announce its City of Houston Ordinance No. 28-42.4-esque policy after many, many people had booked and paid for the cruise) will lead anyone who might be in a position to do so send a crew of trans women onto the cruise – people in various stages of transition, from beginning crossdresser to fully-transitioned – to announce their status (along with whatever sorts of legal identification their states of residence might saddle them with; I’m sure someone from Ohio or Tennessee could be located) and demand to know the applicability of the policy to them.

I have the utmost confidence that HRC will put one of its many attorneys who are trans women on that right away…

or not.

That Sound You Hear is Chris Carter of The X-Files Saying, “Doh! I Wish I’d Thought of This Instead of the Plot for that Redneck-Incest Episode from 1996”

From Reuters:

A woman in Sweden has been charged with engaging in sexual activities with a human skeleton and could face jail time for disturbing the peace of the dead, a Swedish prosecutor said.

Police found a full human skeleton, skulls and a box containing other human bones by chance after responding to a call saying a shot had been fired from her flat in the city of Gothenburg.

They also discovered CD-ROMs titled “my necrophilia” and “my first experience”, and photographs of the woman engaging in various sexual activities with a skeleton, a court document on the prosecutor’s website showed.

Countdown to the radphlegms finding some way to blame this on trans women in 3…2…1….

Pic of the Day: Nov. 21, 2012 (Special Sci-Fi Xmas Tree Edition)

San Antonio, Texas, Dec. 1998.

The only reason I’d post something remotely christian-ish – even simply to the degree in that pic – is that the image is of the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, and this gives me an opportunity to plug Lone Star Con III: The 71st World Science Fiction Convention, which will be held there next year.

LSC2 took place in 1997 – early on, using a lil’ sketch of mine as one of its informal logos – and the late-Saturday-night entertainment (via satellite) was the breaking news of Princess Diana’s death.  So, contact your bookies now to place your bets as to which member(s) of the British royal family will die during LSC3.  Conventional – and actuarial – wisdom would say QE2, but my money is on Chuck, which would complete the (Up) Chuck & Di death bookends.