What Say You, Caitlyn?



Fake Voter Fraud and Fake Bathroom Predators – Brought to You by the Fake Patriots Who Benefit from Fake News

See a pattern?

The author of the so-called bathroom bill said she is working on potential changes after listening to people “from all walks of life,” emphasizing that her measure is aimed not at the transgender people it would affect but at men who might assert a right to go into women’srestrooms for perhaps nefarious purposes.

“It’s really not about the transgender.[“]

Memo to Senator Kolkhorst: If you want people to believe your christianist anti-trans BS, you might want to avoid using St. Barney Syntax.


LBJ’s “Daisy Girl” Is Alive And Well…

…and she wants everyone to stay that way.

I Dare Call This Treason

“As a matter of constitutional law, the Senate is fully within its powers to let the Supreme Court die out, literally,” wrote the Cato Institute’s Ilya Shapiro in a column Wednesday on The Federalist.

Any questions?

In the Immortal Words of Brigadier General Taylor…


THAT’S funny!

The Donald Trump Story


Clearly, Donald Trump Has Passed Some Time by Playing a Little Solitaire

Wake up people! I’ve been dead for 40 years and even I can see that Donald Trump is the real Manchurian Candidate. Some people felt sorry for Raymond Shaw. Trump? He’s Mrs. Johnny Iselin – without the warmth.
– The Ghost of Laurence Harvey