TERF Infiltration of ‘Progressive’ Organizations

From Atlanta Progressive News:

Maya Dillard Smith, Interim Director of the Georgia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), says she has left the organization due to a disagreement she had over its participation in recent litigation over the use of public restrooms by transgender persons.

[A]fter the U.S. Department of Justice (USDOJ) issued new guidance that transgendered persons have a Federal Constitutional right to use restrooms consistent with their gender identity, the State of Georgia and ten other U.S. States have sued the USDOJ.

However, Dillard Smith, rather than agreeing with the ACLU on these matters, saw herself more on the side of the State of Georgia.

In a statement she accused the ACLU of being “a special interest organization that promotes not all, but certain progressive rights.  In that way, it is a special interest organization not unlike the conservative right, which creates a hierarchy of rights based on who is funding the organization’s lobbying activities.”

Dillard Smith argues that transgender rights have “intersectionality with other competing rights, particularly the implications for women’s rights.”

At the very least this demands an investigation into the number of trans women who may have applied for employment with the ACLU overall – not just Georgia’s – and who, ever so mysteriously, never were even invited in for an interview.

But perhaps this will spur some journalists out there to do some investigation into the degree of transmisogyny that has existed – and which continues to exist – in so-called ‘progressive’ and so-called ‘LGB(T)’ organizations.

One of These is Exactly Like the Other


[Pat] Robertson is objecting mightily to being described as a former television evangelist. He wants to be called a “religious broadcaster.” He is telling reporters that labeling him a “former television evangelist” is a “bigoted slur”….


‘TERF is a slur’

I have no intention of linking to the second one.  Google it if you wish.


As if there was ever a distinction between the two, let it be clear: There no longer is one.

As Autumn Sandeen summarizes:

The religious right and TERFs are cooperating again towards morally legislating trans people out of existence.

I have no intention of linking to the website of the ‘family’ organization involved, but pay attention to who is being plugged in the video – and thereafter fumigate your computer.


A Question for Times Like These

Has NCLR or NLGBTQTF ever explicitly stated that they fully, completely and unconditionally acknowledge trans women to be women and trans men to be men?

And no, I am not asking if they ‘support equality for trans people,’ which (1) even if a given utterer intends that to mean what it seems to mean, is extremely questionable as to both at this point, (2) can mean pretty much anything that the utterer in question wants it to mean, so it really doesn’t mean crap no matter who says it and when, and (3) does not answer the question of whether they fully, completely and unconditionally acknowledge trans women to be women and trans men to be men.


Has NCLR or NLGBTQTF ever explicitly stated that they fully, completely and unconditionally acknowledge trans women to be women and trans men to be men?


Right now, I’m smelling a lot of emptiness, incompleteness and a lot of conditions.

I Couldn’t Have Said it Better Myself


Basically, Zoey Tur just handed right wing zealots the ammunition they need to push through the anti-transgender bills in Florida and Texas. Zoey misgendered and disrespected the gender identity of the trans woman at the center of this, who did absolutely nothing wrong.

Apparently, Republicans Only Believe in SOME Kinds of Tort Reform

You know, like eviscerating the ability of people who suffer real, actual injuries to sue (even after having gotten rich off of such suits), while on the other hand….

A bill introduced in the Texas House today would award cisgender students who shared a bathroom with a trans student $2,000, in addition to legal fees, for any ‘mental anguish’ the cisgender student suffered.

Rumor has it that the devil is in the details, as the specific language of the bill specifies that, despite only being applicable to Texas, all legal fees are to be split between Barney Frank and a well-known exterminationistic payday-lender-defender lawyer in Maryland.

That last paragraph may be sarcastic…

or it might be appropriate.

Memo to the Attendees of Creating Change 2015

Did the conference’s director explain to you the rationale behind her being able to maintain (apparently-permanent) employment with an allegedly trans-inclusive organization despite having a history that includes this?

Radical Lesbian Separatism in LGBT Activism: Hyding in Plain Sight?

[B]efore Hyde was a community activist, she was a essentially a promoter of women’s music events and a self avowed lesbian separatist.  It would also appear that Hyde was one of the signers of the “Letter to Olivia” piece:

In a time when the transgender community is being attacked and their human rights being called into question, our community leaders need to provide leadership. While Hyde may have given up lesbian separatism as a “political principle“, having a history of advocating for the firing/not hiring a trans woman is something that needs addressed.

When non-trans women encourage employment discrimination against trans women, they’re rewarded with permanent employment in Gay, Inc.

When trans women challenge the Gay, Inc. hegemony that includes ongoing countenancing of trans-exterminationism, we are blacklisted.

Did Creating (Alleged) Change have a plenary panel about that?